Julius Ceasar themed body painting at World Series Of Poker event in Las Vegas

Making Of Phil Hellmuth Body Paint Models - WSOP 2009 - Skin City Body Painting

Surrounded by dozens of women, trumpeters and cheered on by his fans, Phil Hellmuth arrived dressed up as Julius Ceasar at the 2009 WSOP Main Event.


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Uploaded on 16 Jul 2009
Behind the scenes look at bodypainting the models for Phil Hellmuth's Grand Entrance to the World Series of Poker 2009 at The Rio Casino, Las Vegas. Bodypaint by: Robin B Slonina / Skin City Body Painting. Bodypaint Assistants: Kelly Belmonte, Natasha Chamberlin, Ragen Mendenhall, Krystle Randall, Alex Stosic. Hair: Whitney Reck. Makeup: Stephanie Aguilar. Models by Cool Blue Talent Agency: Bobbie Bisbee, Jennifer Borgsdorf, Amber Bugg, Courtney Krietzburg, Julia Lopatkina, Tala McDonnough, Katharyn Munoz, Kasia Teele, Joanna Wronska, Alexandra Zevalking, Svetlana Zimnitsa. Special Thanks: TBT Agency, Phil Hellmuth, UltimateBet. Music: "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga