LinkedIn News Wins Media Man 'News Aggregator Of The Month' Award Again

LinkedIn News Wins 'News Aggregator Of The Month' Award Again


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LinkedIn News

LinkedIn News Australia



LinkedIn News Australia: If video killed the radio star then has the internet terminated the TV host?

If video killed the radio star then has the internet terminated the TV host?

The availability of information online has pulled eyeballs away from the most coveted spots on Australia’s free-to-air channels.

According to data from OzTam, the breakfast TV slot has seen huge drops in audience numbers, with average weekday metro numbers at Seven Network's Sunrise down by 28%.

Interestingly, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)’s News Breakfast has seen a steady rise of viewers during the last decade.

Across the board TV viewership has massively dropped. Seven’s average all-day audience is down by 24% while Nine’s fell by 28%. Network 10's all-day viewership sunk 38% in the past decade, while the ABC shed 22% of its daily average metro audience since 2011.

Is this change reflected in your house? Do you find yourself in front of the telly of a morning watching Karl Stefanovic or the Cash Cow, perhaps you’ve found greener pastures elsewhere? Let us know in the comments.


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LinkedIn News Australia


Greg Tingle

Speed reading the Google News alerts. Then speed reading Sky News Australia, Sydney Morning Herald website, and often speed reading TMZ, VT News / Valuetainment and Fox News. Then speed reading some pro wrestling and MMA websites, and then checking my own newsfeeds. Before that morning exercise and meditation so I can deal with the news media overload! The speed of news!

LinkedIn News - 22nd October 2022

LinkedIn News

Here is your Wrap-Up with John C Abell where you get the news that's sparking today's top professional conversations.

Thanks to Martin Fallas for contributing to the conversation on middle manager stress

And tell us: Should Musk merit special government scrutiny?

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Greg Tingle

LinkedIn News has become the online go-to for me in news coverage, along with LinkedIn News Australia. Many moons ago I worked directly in the Australian subscriber television business for Optus Vision for years, specializing in PPV, sports, bundling, ethnic channels and retention. I stopped watching terrestrial television and nightly news years ago. Can't be too many Aussie's watching anymore. I bet a good percentage have ended up on LinkedIn News, as I have. YouTube has a good offering of channels and balance of viewpoints also, without bombarding the consumer with advertising. LinkedIn News wins our Media Man "News Aggregator Of The Month' award again! Google News is runner-up. And Elon Musk and Twitter remain one of the biggest news media stories in Australia and globally. Netball Australia is the biggest sports related news story by all accounts, and because they lost a $15 million dollar sponsorship deal from Hancock Prospecting. It's cliché, but "Go Woke, Go Broke". Almost as popular as the motorsport and politically inspired "Let's Go"! Thanks to research from LI's John C. Abell and associates. Tune back in again tomorrow if you like. The 24/7/365 news cycle continues!



Liinked In News Wins Media Man 'News Aggregator Of The Month' Award Again -
September and October 2022



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