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Casino Affiliate Programs vs GPWA vs Affiliate Guard Dog vs Commission Junction vs new media publishers in-house negotiated advertising, media and promotions; Australia-wide and developments

Alternative article title: Media, online media, advertising and brands: Media, social media and business minefield

An inside look into the business. Developing news story

The media, advertising and gaming sectors have always been a minefield, so factor in the age of the internet and social media, and you can just image.

It's a battle for supremacy as you have millions, billions or trillions of web publishers and their websites, advertising agencies and others competing in battle for advertising dollars and media campaigns, and then you have what has been described as a mega duopoly Facebook and Google, and then you have YouTube (owned by Google), Instagram, Snapchat and others. Then there's the podcasters. A few of our favorites for the record are The World's Most Dangerous Podcast, Chris Jericho's 'Talk Is Jericho' and the Marvel Podcast. Oh, blogging is still a thing and Richard Branson (Virgin Group) regular blogs are always good value. The blogging realm is very much over saturated, but there's still a few gems to be found in the mix if you look hard enough.

There's also the likes of DoubleClick by Google, and then you have the established affiliate program Commission Junction aka CJ, which is known to not offer particularly generate rates for web publishers.

Then there's the app brigade, pushing out apps for all manner of things, and then you have the once very controlling and lucrative Australian and international newspapers, then there's the magazines (what's left of the few hard copy offerings), and then you've got lifestyle bloggers and everyone else who wishes to call themselves an influencer... a term that I'm a bit over.

News media is influential, however I would say not nearly as influential as they used to be, especially if you want to talk pre internet.

:Let's face it - anyone with a smart phone and a couple of social media accounts can call themselves and be a publisher and broadcaster these days, but only a select few are doing it properly. The Media Man group does not have all the answers on the social media side of things either, but we have a few clues.

For the record, the Media Man group has always been a media company, that specialized in creating and running media campaigns, project management, talent management, with a good dose of advertising campaigns (usually online advertising), and last but not least, news stories, under the journalism umbrella. Online exposure and our relationships with other medium and large media companies have been a strong point for us.

Our website portfolio, because we know your curious, is:

Media Man Int Media Man Australia Australian Sports Entertainment Casino News Media and Greg Tingle Promotions. We also have a few more websites in development that we may re-launch should business needs and conditions warrant it. Most of these brands have social media accounts attached also, as various clients and associates over the years suggested that we start to ramp up our own social media presence.

What business verticals are we most involved in, and where does the future lay?

Over the past decade plus many of our media, publicity and advertising campaigns have been for:

Sports, extreme sports, martial arts, pro wrestling

Gaming, casino and e-sports, land based and online

Hotels and resorts

Food and hospitality

Arts - creative arts i.e: body models, human statues, bodyart, look-a-likes, photography / photo shoots

Technology services i.e. Messages On Hold / Message Vision, App campaigns and more recently, personal technology (smart watches etc).

Community events i.e. Carve Pro, Maroubra Fun Run, City2Surf (The Sun-Herald)

Ambush marketing - primarily most of our involvement and projects concerning this type of marketing was via Messages On Hold aka The Messages Group. One may stay that ambush marketing was somewhat of a front runner into what is now know as viral media campaigns. MOH founder Kym Illman development the famous X For Prime Minster online campaigns.


Why gaming and casinos?

If you didn't already know, the gaming and casino sector is traditionally some of the world's most lucrative business sectors. Now, James Packer's Crown Resorts firm is not as profitable as it once was, but its still a good business. In Las Vegas the likes of Wynn Resorts, MGM and others do quite nicely. Did you know that the world famous UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) MMA brand was largely built on money generated from Station Casinos!


What's this Casino Affiliate Programs vs GPWA vs Affiliate Guard Dog war about?

Every gaming brand wants to be the best, the most popular, and have a great pool of players, and a great looking bottom line (financials). Got the picture. Affiliate programs aka affiliate marketing is just another type of marketing which has been adapted for the internet. Brands connect with customers (players) via online publishers. Customers join up via websites, and the internet publisher earns a commission. This business model has also enjoyed some success in various industries but was arguably popularized in the gaming sector. Gaming and casino forums were born and became hang out sites for webmasters and others looking to become more knowledgeable about the gaming and casino affiliate sector.

What's happening in the world of media, new media, social media campaigns and advertising agency world now?

Simple - lots of changes are afoot. Publicity companies and media agents will always exist. Social media appears to be here to stay. Media staples such as Television, Radio and Newspapers are not going to go away, however they will continue to reinvent themselves. Example: Media campaigns via and generally have a greater reach than those that would be just a print only medium. One of our previous campaigns for an up and coming movie got just a modern mention in the hardcopy edition of the Daily Telegraph, but via their website got about 1000 words and 7 photos featured. Granted, we had an existing relationship with the newspaper, but you get the idea.

Future Trends?...

No, we are not referring to our friends over at Future Trends Group, but G'day and thanks to Craig Rispin at FTG anyway. We mean what is next? The next big thing... what's hot. If you believe the hype blockchain is likely to be a more widely accepted and embraced business system and tool than the often hyped up Bitcoin. Now don't get us wrong, we love Bitcoin, but there is an awful lot of speculation about an upcoming bubble or crash. Could be just talk, but who really knows. Even the Australian Securities Exchange aka ASX is having a very close look at Bitcoin and is tipped to be making numerous public comments on the somewhat controversial crypto currency.

Personal technology is a growing trend. Witness the popularity and massive growth of Fitbit. The World's Most Dangerous Podcast has been offering up a lot of coverage on the subject and don't be surprised if you see Ken Shamrock smartwatches down the track. Technology protection solutions such as those offered up by Sydney based Seaquatix look pretty solid to us. Who wouldn't want to protect their personal tech when training, visiting the beach, doing extreme sports and such. GoPro is a mega hit with sports, fitness and broadcasting professionals. No surprise. Clothing incorporating technology is gaining in popularity. This will make the Google dress that celeb Pamela Anderson wore years ago look positively primitive. Google VR glasses might become cool again. Early attempts by Google with the Google Glass element were not received well, and went down like a lead balloon.

Drones - these somewhat controversial flying devices are often used to cover extreme sports, as well as event such as surfing, and are now a staple of the entertainment, movie and documentary industry. Drones are all the rage on social media also with numerous Facebook and Instagram publishers keeping up up to date.

Bikini mania and bikini bloggers. A Bikini A Day is the world's most popular, and then there's spin-off Monday Swimwear. These days just about every fair dinkum bikini model is promoting one of more bikini labels

Online men's magazines seemed to have replaced many of the traditional men's mags. RIP Hugh Hefner. Playboy VS Penthouse VS Private Media could be a future article perhaps.

Apps are hear to stay. Witness the mega popularity of apps such as Uber, AirBNB, Google Play, iTubes and even WWE Network. Every week or so Fishburners Sydney gets more pitches concerning app based businesses. Got to love Glamazon and PawSum is pretty cool too. Bondi Bubble App was one of the most fan app campaigns that the Media Man group has been associated with. Our friends at Facebook are set to unleash more video content and all sorts of surprises over the next 12 to 24 months. No spoilers.

Business systems are a mainstay. Blockchain, with the component known as Bitcoin, are a system, and one that doesn't need a bank. Little wonder of their popularity. The internet is a system of accessing and often using information in a virtual and instant type environment. From your keypad to anywhere in the world. No surprise on its ongoing popularity. Internet streaming giants such as Netflix have a streaming video / movie / television program broadcasting platform. The world loves instant and niche entertainment.

Robots and driver less cars and trucks. For better or worse, this is a growing sector. Military are particularly fond of incorporating more robots, drones et al into the operation. The negative includes thousands of people loosing their jobs. Are there no more car manufactures left in Australia already?

We live in a world of Now. You have just read this article Now. You didn't need to wait another day, let alone a week to get the news. No need to check your letterbox for newspapers these days, unless of course your getting a hardcopy sub from our friends at Fairfax Media (The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Australian Financial Review et al) or News Limited (The Daily Telegraph, The Courier-Mail, The Australian etc). This news item was free too. You may or may not have clicked on an advert or promo. The internet is a numbers game. Like in all forms of business a product and / or service have to move for income to be generated - well, as a general rule anyway. You always have to keep the advertisers, sponsors and media partners happy.

Wrap up.... again, it's just folks. We wanted to get something live as these are pretty hot topics. A couple of quotes come to mind... Internet is like electricity (James Packer), and, Bit will not beat slow any more. It will be the fast beating the slow (Rupert Murdoch). Keep checking for updates.

While you are waiting for the updated article, be sure to check our our other news items on related matters. Keep scrolling down.

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