Violent crime wave in South Eastern Suburbs

Violent crime wave in South Eastern Suburbs Beaches, by Greg Tingle
- 13th May 2003

A member of The Bra Boys (1 of several gangs in the Maroubra area)

The Lexo Boys and LRA (Lexington Republic Army) are the scourge of Maroubra's Lexington Place shops

*The crime wave continues with a body of a Sydney crime figure found on the 9th August. Weekly bashings and stabbing in the Lexington Place shops area continue, and a baby and its father was bashed on the 18th August 2003.

Welcome to Reality TV, Maroubra Style!

As featured in the news of Sydney's TV and radio stations, newspapers, and the website of Greg Tingle, Mediaman.

A recent string of gang activity and crime has reestablished Sydney's South Eastern Beaches as another one of Sydney's haven for gangs and a place to be feared!

In the past three months there has been a wave of violent crime and attacks occurring in the region, culminating in the recent attacks on people of Oriental appearance at Maroubra's Lexington Place Shopping Centre, which happens to be just 600 metres from Bob Carr's front door.

The 'Bra Boys frequent the beach area. Lexington Place has its Lexo Boys or otherwise known as LRA (Lexington Republican Army), which consists of 40 persons of interest to the police, with an average age 12 to 18 years. There are older members up to 44 years!! You will see the graffiti tags "LRA", "Lexo Boys" and "born & raised in lexo" on many buildings in the area. Another favourite is, "Mull Up 2003".

Lexington Place Shops are situated at Maroubra South in the centre of an unsightly outdated Department of Housing Estate, built after WWII, with some recent private development, a stone's throw from Maroubra Beach.

The Police and Community Services agree the large concentration of tenants contributes significantly to much of the trouble and gang activity and epidemic use of illegal drugs. This long established gang activity is on a much broader scale covering 2 sometimes 3 generations of tenants. One may pose the question, Carl Scully, Minister for Housing, what are you doing about this?

Members of this dangerous gang include public and private tenants and all are known to the Maroubra and Mascot Police. Some may say the names D. Mitchell, M. Hollows and J. Baker come up time and time again! (notice the whole names are not disclosed, but to date we refuse to let these scum go completely without accountability and mention). You did the crime, now cop it sweet! (wording in white text is by Greg Tingle, founder and editor of Mediaman).

The 'gang leader', who's been around for almost 40 years, is known as "Cap" (captain) and "Yeah Cap" is another familiar tag seen on shop walls. (name stay's - plenty of folks who have the nickname, Captain)!

In April 2003, after the particularly nasty robbery and bashing of a family of 3 in their Mini-mart Store, D Mitchell was sent off to Bundaberg, QLD, by his mother for a while,was that because he was detained at the scene of the crime by one of the victims?

D. Mitchell aka "Fonz" is over 18 years and with his history and violent nature, local residents believe he should be behind bars.

The collective bunch of hooligans is credited with the verbal, physical, racial abuse and daily stealing from the shopkeepers and breaks-ins at residents' homes.

On the 14th and 15th of this month, the Xu family, of oriental descent, were all seriously hurt during a bashing by this gang aka (LRA or Lexo Boys).

At approximately 4pm on the 14 April 2003, the father and shopkeeper, Wei Xu, was confronted by a violent shop invasion of approximately 10 youths, when they trashed the shop as a diversion to steal a recent delivery of cigarettes being counted by his son at the counter. His wife, Ming Gong was dragged outside the shop, attacked and knocked unconscious and later taken to hospital with severe bruising on her throat, arms and body. The son was struck on the head with a wooden mallet and viciously punched. The father detained D. Mitchell but was asked to release him when the police arrived. The next day at approximately 3 PM, the son, Xi Jun Xu, was bashed over the head with a chair by D Mitchell after Xi was walking home past the Lexington Place Takeaway Shop. He was returning from a University exam he couldn't cancel. When Mr Xu went to the rescue of his son, he was kicked and punched by the gang of approximately a dozen youth, and knocked unconscious. The mother ran down to protect her husband's head and she was again beaten until unconscious, for the second time in as many days. For this latter incident all were hospitalised.

Finally a passer by broke up the scene. The residents called the police, but no one was charged for either, even with definite witness identifications. One asks the question, "WHY NOT?" On the 23 April the mother was hit with a missile from a 'slingshot' type implement.

The daily habits of these 'Lexo Boys' include; shoplifting, offensive graffiti, drug dealing and drug use, attacks on individuals and shops and harbouring of weapons The area is a "no go zone" for the elderly and frail, Mums with prams… c'mon even the average man in the street is at risk here, much the same as Redfern's "Block"!

A murder of one brother and malicious wounding of another, by machete knife was committed at Lexington shops in April 2001.

At least there is one positive note; on 31st June 2001 the 1st Community Lexington Place Working Bee took place, an event organized by Community Initiatives Group founder, R. Leoni. It was attended by over 60 people, including Premier Bob Carr and Michael Daley, (Randwick City Council Deputy Mayor).

Within 30 minutes of the officials leaving, a left over can of paint was dumped over the head of "Annie", a shopkeeper, by a man known as "Dicko" another local Lexo Boy, who is well into adulthood.

Maroubra resident, Y. Morgan, said, "All of the Asian shopkeepers have been terrorised daily, but just lately it is unbelievable. These criminal people can't be human".

In streets off Lexington Place, townhouses are selling for as high as $500,000+ to new homebuyers. Locals say that if potential buyers, knew of the trouble in the area, they would most likely buy elsewhere. The same goes for the shops. The Lexington Place Shops have a high rate of turnover and in recent years generally are being bought by persons of oriental descent, who don't know the history of the area. It's very much a case of "buyer beware".

Other local gangs which identify with their local Housing Estates include Coogee's "Elfo Boys", "Duffo Boys", Estate opposite Duffy's Corner Anzac Pde, "Matto Boys" from Matraville, "The Nama Boys", Chifley Estate, "Mala Boys" from Malabar and Bilga Crescent, and "Lapa Boys" from La Perouse.

The Lexo Boys have also recently targeted R. Leoni, affectionately known as "the community lady". The walls of Lexington Place shops have been continually graffitied with expletives including 'F**** off Leoni', 'Leoni the Martyr' and 'Rest in pieces.'

The recent gang activity won't help Bob Carr's commitment to encouraging new development in the whole of the Maroubra area. These projects use the terminology, "revitalization", or as some spin-meisters are saying, "Just another word for over development."

Is law and order somewhere on Bob Carr's agenda? It is time something is done about this local shopping centre, Lexington Place as many elderly rely totally on this set of shops staying open!

*Greg Tingle is a member of the Community Initiatives Group, based at Maroubra.

*Greg Tingle is a journalist, TV presenter, PR Man and concerned, fromer resident of Maroubra. Greg is also a web author, and operates Mediaman

*The information contained in the above article is believed to be truthful, and has been communicated to the owner of this website, by members of the Maroubra community.

*This issue has attracted some media coverage, including Radio 2GB (Alan Jones), on the 29th April 2003, which was facilitated by Greg Tingle. On the 7th of May 2003, The Daily Telegraph and Maroubra Police attended on-site.

*The Southern Courier (the area's local newspaper), finally ran the story (front page) - "Crackdown on suburban crime", on Tuesday 13th May 2003.

The article quotes include:

"Local angst has forced the premier to initiate a crime-prevention plan in our troubled suburbs".

"Mr Debnam (the Opposition Police spokesperson and Liberal MP for Vaucluse) asked Mr Carr is he was aware of the distress of shop owners and the local community around Lexington Place shopping centre resulting from the ongoing criminal and antisocial behavior of a teenage gang".

"Mr Debnam said he had learned of the problems in South Maroubra on talkback radio which prompted him to visit the area on the weekend of May 3 and 4"...

*Greg Tingle (Journalist and owner of this website, Mediaman), organised the call to 2GB (Alan Jones) from Maroubra resident, and head of the Community Initiatives Group, Rozita Leoni. Greg had been campaigning for a cure to the Lexington Place crime problems for many months.

+Greg Tingle would like to give a public thank you to Alan Jones and the entire 2GB team. The Daily Telegraph's Mark Skelsey has also been helpful.

*Victims of the crime wave and concerned residents met with Clive Small at Maroubra Police Station on the evening of 15th May 2003. We have been told that action has and will be taken. A solution being considered is to split up the crime gangs, but moving some of the Department of Housing tenants out of the area, which will assist in breaking up the crime network. This method has some success when implemented in the same region approx. 5 years ago.

Information received form Bob Carr's office on the 19h June 2003 - read below.

Whole of Government crime prevention plan being implemented

*On the 5 May 2003 Bob Carr met with Superintendent Dave Owens, Commander, Eastern Beaches Local Area Command to discuss public safety issues including the problems at Lexington Place.

Since then senior staff from the Premier's Department have met with local police and representatives from the Departments of Housing, Education, Community Services and Aboriginal Affairs, and Randwick Council.

The package will be designed to tackle crime levels, street safety, youth gang activity, school attendance and retention, and drug and alcohol abuse.

It will also be designed to improve the coordination of government services, particularly family support services.

You may be interested to know that community safety in the area has been strengthened by the recent allocation of 18 additional police into the area's two Local Area Commands. These police are in addition to the 23 probationary constables assigned to the area in December 2002.

I have taken the opportunity to refer your letter to the Minister for Police, the Hon John Watkins MP, for his attention.

Stay tuned for updates.

Editors comments: It's great to see that the issue is now being taken very seriously.


Letters received from residents of Maroubra

20th May 2003

I just read your article on Maroubra, Lexington violent crime.

I have two more victims to add to the on growing list:

Just before 10:PM on Friday 18/07/03 My twin Brothers got off the Bus at corner of Fitzgerald Ave. and Anzac Parade to go to Astoria Crt when a gang of ten threw a beer bottle at them then violently attacked them , they managed to get inside the house and call an ambulance the police also arrived but could not find the gang.

The Police visited them at the Hospital 2 hours later and told them they could go into the Police station when they are feeling better and give a statement.

My Brother's thought they were going to be killed , they both have many stitches all over their face's not a pretty sight at all.



20th May 2003

A stabbing!

Yes your worst scenario has happened Greg.

Friday night approx 11 PM Astoria Circuit.

A resident of 15 Astoria was seen being chased by the gang of kids into the building. Astoria is the main thoroughfare from Anzac Pde bus stop from the city / Maroubra Jct.

The man was holding his side, stumbling towards his building.

The kids were making so much noise swearing and screaming out obscenities to the man. Neighbours were awoken by the noise. The youths were at the entrance of the building and it was clear to one of the other tenants (who has been involved in our community consultations) there were 5 or 6 youths (one a tall dark skinned (Aboriginal/African) and they all were armed with knives!

They were waiting for the man to emerge again and as the person who saw the scenario stated, he would have definitely be killed.

The police were called and although the kid's noise was so loud all the way onto Yorktown Pde and into Coral Sea Park by the time the police attended 20 minutes later, there was no evidence and no arrests made.

We have been told we have the most heavily policed area now yet the police were not on the Estate. They were seen racing along Fitzgerald Ave from Maroubra Junction approx 11.30 - 11.40 PM. How many cares were on that evening and available? One would have needed to head them off from Lexington Place and one to attend the scene of the crime. To be told there was no evidence except a wounded elderly resident has put fear in all the residents. Even our informant's father is totally paranoid now his son screamed out from the window at the kids, that they/their car may be targeted. He has also seen the kids attempt to hit a visitor with a brick at his car.

3 months on we have escalating, violent out of control kids!!

The police (Owens) says we have enough resources and are satisfied with our current facilities. Well we the residents exposed to this criminal youth crime disagree!

3 months later the gang is still free and able to bring fear into our lives. Only 2 of the 10 have been charged. For Ying and John's bashing again only 2. So the bulk of the gang is out there with these 4 charged youths (1 girl) as well still free still in control.

What next.......!!!!!

Ms X


Sent: Thursday, July 10, 2003 5:29 AM

Subject: Re: Fw: More crimes 03 July 03 - potential solution control it or demolish the center
Letters to the Editor in Courier/Telegraph and Sun Herald. Department of Housing enquiry/ last two weeks in Telegraph (one was from page) last weeks four pages. The Sun had an article querying Bob Carr's big gun (Community Solutions - Bob's big gun for Maroubra) on Sunday. If you have both emails on file can you email them to me also?

The car story was one car taken away by the police and one burnt in Coral Sea!!!. When the police attended they drove very slowly with flashing lights on (warning the kids they were coming) and then when they stopped, got out waving flash lights around in the trees.

Kids are young and fit they can be across Coral Sea Park in a couple of minutes hiding in the trees on the edge.

They have a couple of 'safehouses' on the other side of the park (Yorktown Pde).

Why don't the police come by two cars one at Yorktown and the other Midway.

If you want to see something disgusting, the flats (DoH special needs are a haven for the kids (mattresses under stairwells and another escape route for the youths). The aged and disabled are really too afraid to venture out of their flats. These are the units opposite Ying's home.

I have never been in there, but this is another place they go after throwing stones/bottles at Yings.
Do you have the email address for the Shadow Minister for Department of Housing? Also email for Andrew Tink (patron of The Shack in Epping?)

At Coral Sea Park is it possible to have the sports lights on 'dim' during the night in the Park? There are four spot lights on each pole. Just one light on each pole (4) would at least improve security and safety.
I have sent this information to Randwick City Council.
Ms X


Hi Peter

Thanks for reading my ideas and comments, and asking the question.

If anyone has discussed installing video cameras for Lexington Place and other "hot spots" of Maroubra, in that same way as has been done in Sydney's CBD and parts of Redfern, I am unaware of it.

To me, its a "no brainer".

I would suggest install the video surveillance cameras (heavy duty and "thug proof"), in secret locations around Lexington Place as art of a pilot project.

Let's capture some of these undesirables on film and in the act etc, make some more positive ID'S, lock them up, and send a message that the Government and the people have teamed up, and that these criminals will not be tolerated by society.

Short answer: I think I am the only one that has mentioned this idea.

Other option: demolish the Lexington Place shops and get rid of the undesirables. It is / they are a scar of Maroubra, and the great state of NSW.

I look forward to following the progress of my ideas.

Best Regards



3rd July 2003

Friday night - Ying's family home attacked with beer bottles and stones. Police called a few times over the next 4 hours. When the kids came and attacked they disappeared into the park only to turn up again after the police drive by or stopped for awhile outside her home. the kids have said we will drive you out of here!!

Ying's husband is ready to rent elsewhere and has no confidence in the govt, the package, the police anybody. He is really fed up!



3rd July 2003

Gang attack Lexo yet again.

Peter Ying may have already informed you by phone.

1. Ben & Louie's Payless Supermarket,
2. Zu family South Mart,
3. Chris & Cathy Zhu's Lexington Pl Fruit Shop

have all been terrorised by the gang earlier today.

They enter the shops as a group and move through the shops. The shop keeper can't be everywhere and the kids use this to their advantage. The police were called and stated there was not enough evidence. A video they say is not clear enough. Sweets,chocolates and drinks were taken.

Faisal one of the victims (bashed and had phone stolen in Coral Sea Park earlier this year) who has
also been to the 13/06 and 30/06 Community Meetings was bailed up again yesterday by three of the youth gang and was punched and strangled (hands around his neck), this was also reported to the police.

So that's threats to Reg and Newsagents and being targeted Tuesday

Now this is only two days after Clive Small, stated put your faith in the 'package'.



Mediaman says:

19th July 2003

Sorry to hear it.

I wish I could say I was shocked or surprised.

Two days ago I witnessed a crime myself, on Marine Parade, 2 doors down from my place.

I heard noises like a "space age" gun at 6am in the morning, looked out the window, overlooking the beach, and someone was shooting a fire flame fire ball type guy onto 3 cars in the top part of the beach car park (near the big roundabout), where I live.

I could only see the gun and the flame balls coming out. They were aiming at the cars body, tires and fuel tanks, but the look or it, and the shooting went on for 20 seconds.

If there was petrol on the ground, I am confident that the 3 or so cars would have gone up in flames.

Not bad for a Thursday morning, 6am at Maroubra Beach.

Makes me sick when I read in newspapers about the "revitalization" of Maroubra and Matraville area etc.

In a way I am glad we have the Bra Boys - keeps the wowsers and show-offs out of the area.

At least Maroubra is not a "I'm better than you", "keep up with the Jones'" area.

I still will move to the country, some 300kms north of Sydney in a month or 2 - Maroubra, but to a greater

Publish and use what you like from this.

Oh - I still think video camera OR demolition of Lexington Place Shops are the way to go.

Wonder what the update on South Maroubra shops, Walsh's etc is?

I am surprised more "vigilante" stuff is not going on in Maroubra, or maybe it is, and we are not hearing
about it.

I'd be dammed if I would let anything happen to my family, and when "the law" can't protect you
adequately, you need to protect is not a crime, it is indeed survival, if you wan't to live in
this place called Sydney!

Best Regards



5th July 2003

Lexington Place will likely to be a major thorn in the side of the Governments latest "get tough on crime

Sorry, but this kind of activity some 600 meters from the front door of the NSW Premier sends the wrong

Ah, the truth can hurt politicians can't it now!

Kind of makes me appalled.

The Government doesn't seem (or doesn't) get it.

Lock those bastards up (the "kids").

If they are old enough to do the crime, they are old enough to do the crime, as the old clite goes.

Australian Government and Crime Authorities - I think you need to put surveillance all over the Lexington
Place area (much like to did with Sydney's CBD and parts of lovely downtown Redfern (what a hole that
place is).

Perhaps the Government is afraid that video cameras of the Maroubra Lexington Place area will be stolen on vandilized?!


If you can't control the DOH and Lexo shops, demolish these unsightly scars on our otherwise beautiful 'Bra.


What a great thing freedom of speech is : )

X - spread this message around town.

Looks like the Telegraph and Sydney Morning Herald and the radio stations will have some more Lexo news to report on soon, in this version of Maroubra Reality TV!

Best Regards



Lead article published at:

Inside Politics Inside


Lexington Place Action Committee

Community Initiatives Group (original website)

NSW Police

NSW Police (Eastern Beaches)

Members of Parliament (Bob Carr profile)

The Southern Courier (the Southern Courier is the local newspaper)

Australian Federal Police

NSW Hansard Articles - Consideration Of Urgent Motions

Maroubra Chamber of Commerce .com

Maroubra and Districts Chamber of Commerce Incorporated

Community Builders NSW - La Perouse/ Maroubra


Newspaper story links

Fifth man charged with police attack: Herald Sun

Trio to fight case over fight with police: Sydney Morning Herald

Random bashing leaves family broken - Sydney Morning Herald - 6th October 2002

Night the thin blue line ran into the Maroubra stomp: SMH, 24th December 2002

Clifftop Murder, by Tony Wall - The Daily Telegraph: 9th August 2003

Baby's brave fight - The Daily Telegraph - 18th August 2003

Let's help save this guy - The Daily Telegraphy - 18th August 2003

Seizures for baby hurt in dad-bashing - The Advertiser - 18th August 2003

Attackers 'didn't know' about baby - News Interactive - 18th August 2003

Streets of fear - The Daily Telegraph - 19th August 2003

Gangs roam streets - The Daily Telegraph - 19th August 2003

Attack of conscience - The Daily Telegraph - 19th August 2003


*and to the doubters out there, that implied this is a "media beat-up", get your head out of your *rse. This is real. Members of the community have asked me to publish this. (Some members of the media have been slow to report on the crime wave in the Maroubra area). If you want to find out first hand the Maroubra crime wave is, move here!


Greg Tingle (note, a real name and person, not hiding behind some editor).

Check checking weekly for Maroubra's version of "Reality TV".


Crime Rates (from the Greenleft website)

In fact, according to the Australian Institute of Criminology, Vietnamese Australians have a significantly lower crime rate (including violent crime) than other Australians. As for Cabramatta being the “crime capital”, its rate of 2.44 burglaries per 100 population is comparable to Campbelltown (2.69), Liverpool (2.56), Maroubra (2.43) and Kingswood (2.37), to name just a few.


Maroubra residents had enough - report by Greg Tingle - September 2003

Maroubra residents once took their complaints about crime in the local suburb to the local police, council and local "rag" (newspaper).

Now, disillusioned, Maroubra residents have started to take matters into their own hands.

Locals now directly contact contact Australian and international media outlets such as newspapers, radio stations, TV stations and news media websites, to ensure their voice gets heard.

Residents told talk radio stations that it was no longer safe to walk the streets of some neighborhoods. Rozita Leoni, of a community lobby group leader, said gangs of males in their teens and early 20s were robbing people and intimidating shopkeepers and families in broad daylight.

'They get full of drugs or alcohol on Thursday, Friday and Saturday É we have this reign of terror,' she said.

'There's always been a generation of youth, it's just that this generation of youth now are very vicious, they have no conscience they're dealing drugs openly, they're bashing people.' State crime experts, however, insist that Elizabeth's (6 week old baby bashed) assault was an isolated incident.

'We haven't seen any increase in assaults in any area of Sydney in the past 24 months,' said Jackie Fitzgerald, a manager at the Bureau of Crime Research and Statistics for New South Wales state, of which Sydney is the capital. 'We're certainly not on the back of any crime wave. There will always be horrific incidents of crime, but they don't necessarily represent an upward trend.'

Mediaman disagrees with Jackie Fitzgerald, and will be contacting her office.

Maroubra residents, and indeed Sydneysiders are well aware of the level and frequency of petty and serious crimes.

Recent known crimes in Maroubra in 2003 include:

13th September - Lexington Republic Army destroying stolen car at Lexington Place in broad daylight

9th September - Ambulance robbed while attending emergency

1st or 2nd September - police arrest trouble makers on Marine Parade, Maroubra Beach

9th August - murdered body found at Maroubra Beach cliffs

18th August - father and baby bashed on way back from shops

3rd July - more bashings at Lexo Place

*Researched from living in Maroubra, speaking to other community residents and leaders like Rozita Leoni, websurfing and reading papers such as SMH, The Telegraph, The Arab Times, Southern Courier, The Australian etc. (as incorrectly mentioned elsewhere, Maroubra crime is NOT A MEDIA BEAT-UP).


More updates:

9th August 2003

Mediaman heard this morning at a local cafe in Maroubra, that a body was found on the rocks at Maroubra Beach. It had gunshots in it. The body was apparently found yesterday.


Clifftop murder - republished without permission, but with full credit to The Daily Telegraph and Tony Wall


FOR three days, a huge pool of blood on a clifftop road at Maroubra had people puzzled.

Drag marks leading up to the cliff and more blood splattered on its ledges suggested someone, or something, had been thrown over it.

Yesterday, locals were shocked to learn that the blood was human and an apparent murder mystery was unfolding around them.

At 9.30am, police divers recovered the naked body of a man from an underwater cave off the Mistral Point headland at Lurline Bay, north Maroubra.

He had severe head injuries and is believed to have been shot.

Police had still not identified him last night. He was described as a 183cm-tall middle-aged white man of solid build with dark hair and a short, dark moustache.

It is understood that police are investigating a possible link between the death and the dumping of a car with what appeared to be a bullet hole in the windscreen at Kirrawee on Thursday night.

The Daily Telegraph has also learned of a possible link between the vehicle and an apartment directly opposite the cliffs where the body was dumped.

The apartment door was covered in police fingerprint dust yesterday and detectives are understood to have searched inside.

A neighbour said the occupant was a woman in her 20s.

"Someone told me that she was supposed to be an air hostess but an air hostess doesn't leave for work at 6pm and come home after midnight," she said.

The neighbour said the woman drove a silver 4WD. She has not returned to the apartment since the blood was found.

Police were first alerted to the large amount of blood on Marine Parade on Wednesday morning.

Police conducted forensic tests and spent two days searching for a body but because of a large swell were unable to send in divers until yesterday morning.

Some residents speculated there might have been a hit-and-run.

"I thought a dog must have been hit," resident Craig Brinkworth said. "But when I saw all the blood I thought it must have been a bloody big dog and why would you throw a dog over a cliff?"

One resident, who asked not to be named, said it seemed odd that people were able to walk through the crime scene until it was cordoned off again yesterday.

But Eastern area commander Superintendent Dave Owens said a full scene examination had already been completed by then.

He could not discuss whether police had made links between the abandoned car and the apartment for "operational reasons".

He appealed for anyone with a missing friend or relative, or anyone who had found dumped clothing, to contact Maroubra police.


Maroubra crime wave continues

Yes folks, Maroubra's reputation as a touch suburb continues, despite the local council attempting to pretty up the place.

Yesterday, Saturday 13th September, I drove to the infamous Lexington Place, to pick up my mail from the PO Box, and what did I see….the LRA (Lexington Republic Army) and "Lexo Boys" jumping up and down on a call, spray painting all over it with their L.R.A "TAG", pulling panels off the car, smashing windows etc (and guess what - I have photo's this time). After leaving the area I reported the crime Maroubra Police Station. The office said that someone had reported their car stolen. Aw well, I guess that's write-off folks.

Even the emergency services in Maroubra aren't safe. On the 8th September when an ambulance was called to an emergency in a Maroubra street, when the ambulance officers returned to the vehicle they noticed that equipment has been stolen including a defibrillator.

Defibirillator's are used to pass an electric shock through a person's heart, once the heart stops beating after they suffered a heart attack.

It is estimated that the theft cost the ambulance services $13,000.

More on the story at the ABC website

Here's another report from News Interactive

Ambulance robbed at emergency scene

9th September 2003

AFTER suffering an epileptic fit in her home, Lisa Hill was shocked to hear that while ambulance officers treated her, equipment was stolen from their ambulance.

Her seven-year-old daughter Madison Farmer called the ambulance to the Fitzgerald Ave, Maroubra home shortly after 3am on Monday after hearing her mother having an epileptic fit.

Ms Hill was not taken to hospital after the fit and was unaware of the theft.

"Why would anyone want to steal the equipment?" Ms Hill said.

A Zoll brand defibrillator valued at $13,000 and used to revive heart attack patients was stolen, as well as a portable radio, a small quantity of drugs and personal items belonging to the officers.

Ambulance officer Steve Cardy said when he and his partner Priya Titheradge returned to the ambulance after treating Ms Hill, they opened the doors and found the defibrillator and other items had been stolen.

"All the doors were closed but when we got back in the vehicle we found the defibrillator was missing and personal items," Mr Cardy said.

19th August 2003

JAI Abberton, the older brother of surfing star and Bra Boys member Koby Abberton, has been charged with murdering Maroubra standover man Anthony (Tony) Hines.

Hines' naked body was found at the base of a cliff near Marine Parade in Maroubra on August 8.

The discovery came two days after a local resident told police about a large pool of congealed blood at the edge of the street near the cliff top.

Abberton was arrested and charged at Surry Hills police station yesterday afternoon.

He made no application for bail, which was formally denied during this morning's brief court appearance.

Abberton was remanded in custody to reappear on October 7, when a police brief is expected to be handed up.

20th August 2003

Surfer On Murder Charges (Courtesy to Tracks Magazine / Buzz)

Jai Abberton, brother of Koby and Sunny Abberton, was arrested yesterday over the murder of fellow Maroubra resident Anthony Hines.

It is alleged Hines was shot in the head and thrown over the cliffs at North Maroubra sometime around the night of August the 5th.

Jai, a former NSW State surfing representative and a long time member of the Maroubra Boardriders, appeared in the central court yesterday charged with the murder.

Like his brothers Koby and Sunny, Jai is an accomplished big waves surfer, recently seen in this months Tracks taking on a huge bombie at a secret reef near Maroubra.

"Most of the boys are in total shock. No one can really fathom what has happen, there is a feeling of disbelief floating around at the moment." Maroubra based Tracks photographer Glenn Duffus said when asked what the general vibe was like in Maroubra at present. Duffus added, "there is nobody really surfing at the moment, I surfed this morning and it was unusually quiet, I think everyone is keeping low key at the moment."

Jai did not apply for bail and was remanded in custody where he will appear again in the Central Local court on October 21st.

Tracks will keep you posted on the news as it happens.

20th August 2003

Police to challenge bail for baby bashers

Police will seek to challenge the bail given to two men charged over the assault of a father and his five-week-old baby, amid anger that the men were freed yesterday.

Police claim one of the men, David James Betts, when told he had the wrong man, said: "F--- it, let's get him anyway."

Trent Benischke, 21, a Mascot spray painter, and Betts, 20, a Kingsford locksmith, were released on $1000 bail after facing Waverley Local Court.

23rd August 2003

Police chief out to collar the fear factor - courtesy SMH website - 23rd August 2003

The NSW Police Commissioner, Ken Moroney, has called for Australia's first comprehensive survey into fear of crime, conceding that unease over crime rates is a debilitating problem for some.

Mr Moroney also wants other government agencies enlisted in the fight.

Local government expertise could help deter crime through policies to improve street lighting and open spaces, he said.

The comments come after a spate of high-profile crimes in recent weeks, including the bashing of a five-week old baby and her father in Maroubra.

Mr Moroney, whose work performance is judged on "overall crime rates as well as perceptions", outlined high-visibility policing operations, public education and closer liaison with other government departments. Read the entire article

The Mean Streets of Maroubra:"Lexo Place" (home of the Lexington Republic Army)


Night the thin blue line ran into the Maroubra stomp

By Les Kennedy, Chief Police Reporter
December 24 2002

When Waverley police and a beach gang dubbed the Bra Boys decided to hold functions on the same night at Coogee RSL Club, it became the ultimate Christmas bash.

At least 30 officers are now "walking wounded" after a running brawl erupted between the gang and off-duty police just before 1am on Saturday.

It began on the first floor and spilt onto the street, with as many as 120 combatants spotlit by police helicopters buzzing overhead. Female officers were allegedly among those bashed.

Officially, it was described in a weekend statement by the city east region commander, Dick Adams, as a brawl that broke out "as people leaving a police Christmas function were accosted by a group of men who were attending a 21st birthday party".

Police now allege that many of the Bra Boys gang - the Bra standing for the last three letters of Maroubra - were in the first-floor bar area, where the birthday party was being held.

Their presence had been unknown to more than 80 off-duty Waverley officers who had booked the second-floor function room for their end-of-year party.

At least half the officers had left before the fight erupted, said one officer, who did not wish to be identified.

"The police copped an absolute flogging. They were outnumbered four to one. Even if we had been there we would be called victims today. There were too many of them."

The local area commander, Bob May, refused to comment yesterday, but confirmed the brawl was the subject of a major investigation by detectives from the eastern beaches command at Maroubra Junction.

Security video from the club has been seized by police and an officer from the professional standards branch is also investigating.

A police helicopter was sent to illuminate the street outside the club while dozens of police rushed to the club and tried to break up the fight, a source confirmed.

They arrived after female officers had tried unsuccessfully to call 000 and then phoned the main police switch, which issued a "signal-one" - officers under attack - alert.

Commander Adams's statement said only six off-duty officers were taken to Prince of Wales Hospital with cuts, bruises and facial injuries.

However, one is still in hospital with a broken leg, and one officer said: "There are about 30 hurt. You should see them at the station. Even the women copped it.

"A couple of blokes are getting x-rays for suspected broken jaws. Some of the girls had their heads slammed into tables. A couple of blokes had their heads slammed into cars.

"There are people here still traumatised by it. The next day some blokes were crying on the phone to their friends about what happened."

It is understood that one version of the fracas has officers leaving the second-floor party trying to intervene in an argument on the first floor.

Another has the fight erupting when a female officer and a colleague were dragged out of a lift on the first floor as they were leaving.

Four men, aged between 18 and 25, have been charged with offences ranging from assault to affray. One allegedly assaulted two policewomen, They will appear in Waverley Local Court on January 21.


NSW Legislative Assembly Questions and Answers for 8 May 2003 (republished from NSW Parliament website

118 REPORTING REQUIREMENTS—Mr Debnam to Minister for Police—
In relation to the Government reporting requirements under the Police Act (1990):

(1) (a) As required under section 222, was a review of the Act's objectives undertaken and tabled by 31 December 2002?
(b) If not, what is the timetable for completing your obligations under section 222 of the Act?
(2) (a) As required under section 223, have all annual reviews of the Police Commissioner's functions been completed and tabled ?
(b) If not, what is the timetable for completing your obligations under section 223 of the Act?

119 SOUTH MAROUBRA CRIME—Mr Debnam to Premier, Minister for the Arts, and Minister for Citizenship—
In relation to South Maroubra crime:

(1) Are you aware of the distress of the shop-owners and the local community around Lexington Place Shopping Centre due to the ongoing criminal and anti-social activity of a teenage gang?

(2) Are you aware the Village Shopping Centre employs a security guard each day to protect local shops?

(3) Are you aware a Lexington Place shopowner and his family were robbed and bashed on 14 April, bashed again on 15 April and attacked using a sling-shot on 23 April?

(4) Is there ongoing intimidation of some shopowners and do some shopowners live in fear of further robberies and bashings?

(5) Will you agree to fund a security guard from midday to midnight for the Lexington Place Shopping Centre or fund a police shopfront to operate between midday and midnight seven days a week in the vacant TAB premises at Lexington Place Shopping Centre?

(6) Are you aware that the identity of the gangleader and several gang members are well known to shopowners and the local community?

(7) Do you agree Maroubra police require additional resources to urgently investigate recent criminal activity at and around Lexington Place Shopping Centre and arrest and charge offenders?

(8) Were you aware the Maroubra Chamber of Commerce met Tuesday 6 May at Lexington Place to discuss Maroubra crime and you were not represented?

(9) What is the status of the promised community centre to be built on vacant land at the corner of Minneapolis Crescent and Midway Drive, South Maroubra?

120 PROCEDURES FOR REPORTING SECURITY INCIDENTS—Mr Debnam to Premier, Minister for the Arts, and Minister for Citizenship—
In relation to Premier's Department Circular no. 2003-03, "Procedures for Reporting Security Incidents":

(1) (a) Which individuals are members of each of the Cabinet Standing Committee on Counter Terrorism, the Chief Executive Officers' Counter Terrorism Group, the Police Counter Terrorism Coordination Command, the State Emergency Management Committee and the "special project group" of the State Emergency Management Committee?

(b) For each of the groups listed in (a) above, how many times have they met as at 7 May 2003 and how frequently will they meet in the future?

(c) What consultants or expert advisers have been retained to assist any of the groups listed in (a) above and what is the area of their expertise?

(2) Since the circular was issued, which CEOs have judged it necessary to inform their minister of a security incident and in each case, what was the date and nature of the information?

(3) On how many occasions has the NSW Police advised the Premier's Department and other appropriate organisations of credible information about a threat and in each case, what was the date of the advice?

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