Mask 2: Son Of Mask - Lead Cast

Mask 2: Son Of Mask - Lead Cast - 28th March 2004
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Despite the success of the epic LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy, New Line has been looking to refocus their slate of films on lower-budgeted genre films that could potentially turn a much higher profit (the type of films that made the studio what it is today). As such, they looked to sequalize two of their earlier hits, both Jim Carrey comedies. You may know that DUMB & DUMBERER, the prequel to DUMB & DUMBER hits theaters this summer and now it looks like they've found their star for SON OF MASK, a follow-up to Carrey's successful turn as the antihero Mask. Jamie Kennedy, whose first starring role in a film, MALIBU'S MOST WANTED, is set for release this April, is in negotiations to play the lead in SON OF MASK, that would likely follow not the further adventures of Carrey's Stanley Ipkiss, but a new, younger character who happens upon the magical mask. The project is expected to begin filming this summer while Kennedy is on hiatus from his WB series "The Jamie Kennedy Experiment." While Jamie Kennedy looks to fill the mighty shoes of Carrey, the bigger question is who can fill in for Cameron Diaz? Umm, no one.

Media Man Australia notes from the set of Son Of Mask (FOX Studio's, Sydney, Australia)

Whilst working on the set of Son Of Mask, we met some wonderful people including:

Jamie Kennedy

Nicole Sero (who is off to LA on 1st April 2004)

Silvia Brasil (Ms Brazil)

Sarah O'Connor

Adam Brandon (Toast & Jam)

We would like to thank our agent, Q Casting

News from the set

On the 31st March the club scene was show. Unfortunately Jamie Kennedy injured his leg (looked to be shin), on the steps, and his "double", Alan Cumming, filled in. Jamie received a standing ovation and "clap off" for his ability, guts and goodwill. Jamie was humble and friendly, and was the entire crew.


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