Mask: last scene in Sydney

Mask: last scene in Sydney - 9th April 2004
(Credit: The Daily Telegraph)

SYDNEY has finally been unMasked.

After 17 weeks of filming at numerous locations around the Harbour City, the cast and crew of the film The Mask II have packed up and gone home.

Those who worked on the film celebrated their wrap party on Sunday night at Home nightclub after shooting their final scene at 1.45am earlier that day.

The shoot, which involved 1500 extras and 400 crew, saw Sydney streets, beaches, landmarks and cars transformed to become a Mask-influenced world.

Burwood became middle-America, Wattamolla Beach in the Royal National Park became a deserted island, the W Hotel became a cartoonist's workshop and a Holden Monaro became a flame-spitting supercar with plenty of bite.

The film, starring Alan Cumming and Jamie Kennedy, is the sequel to the 1994 hit The Mask and is due out in February.

As well as livening things up around town, Minister for Small Business David Campbell said the film had contributed more than $50 million to the state's economy.

Co-producer Stephen Jones thanked residents of Appian Way in Burwood where two house facades were built on a historic tennis court complex.

Jones also praised the locals who helped create the Monaro supercar.

"They did a great job, and the car is now being shipped over to the US where we expect it will be used to promote the film," he said.


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