Mediaman indeed

Mediaman indeed! by Miller Markson

Mediaman is a dynamic media, public relations and publicity company.

Based "down under" in Sydney, Australia, director (broadcaster and promoter), Greg Tingle is taking Australia and the world by storm. This may sound like a tall order, but "the man" is up for the challenge, and more importantly, he's winning.

The brand, Mediaman, stands for results, publicity, getting noticed by "the right people" and integrity! Yes, a media and pr company with real integrity - WOW! This is the only old-fashioned aspect of MMA, other than their work ethic, of course.

Director, Greg Tingle says, "We effectively work with every form of media - print, television, radio and web. It's important to use both old school and new age techniques. This delivers the all important, blanket cover. Another famous Australian media personality, Derryn Hinch, once told Greg, "You can't escape me", meaning that "The Human Headline" Derryn Hinch and his work are just about everywhere you look - in all forms of media. Greg's company slogan (which is of course trade marked), is "Putting your name out there!", and he certainly does.

MMA invites all potential clients (and journalists) to do their research on the company before they commence an official agreement. So confident is Greg (and his clients / associates) of his ability, MMA actually has a "living, breathing" portfolio of much of his work available for worldwide viewing on the website Articles, interviews, press releases, multimedia, the latest news…it's all there for the critique and interest of everyone.

Greg has "only" been in the media and publicity "space" for 3 years; although his background in sales, marketing and technology has proved to be invaluable. Even before Greg officially entered the media business in 2001, he already had his finger in a few media pies. The odd comment regarding technology issues was posted to online media and news outlets by Greg, and his exploits and accomplishments in the Australian Defence Force were well regarded.

"The Sydney Olympics in 2000 opened a lot of doors for us", Greg explains. Legendary Australian broadcaster John Laws took the call from Greg as the Sydney Olympics were just hotting up, and "this nice young man", as referred to by Laws, was complimented so much by the media guru and his friends regarding the interview, that he thought, "I'd better do something with this media business".

A few years later, Greg made believers out of the Australian government, securing a grant for "x" thousand dollars. Greg elaborates, "Now we have the expertise to successfully attain government grants, we are assisting others to do the same thing. It's a time consuming process, but well worth it to achieve the end result. As far as MMA is concerned, raising both government and private capital forms a small, but important part of the picture.

Greg has recognised the need for his company and brand to reflect some of his natural interests, and to draw upon his vast network.

By no coincidence, much of Media Man's work is in the entertainment and sports sector, and Greg is also well known as an outspoken media and advertising industry critic. It's also not surprising that Greg's clients, affiliations and "inner circle", include some of Australia's and the indeed the world's key media, entertainment and sports figures.

Early in the peace, Greg saw his knowledge and contacts in the professional wrestling business, being of huge benefit. "Pro wrestling has always been a staple in the entertainment industry, and is known for its ability to put bums on seats, and for big merchandising pay-offs and television appeal", Greg states emphatically. Tingle is the PR man for AWF Pro Wrestling, and the Australasian representative for Wicked Figures (they scored the official World Wrestling Entertainment die cast figure deal). Greg also promotes Johnny Valiant, legendary wrestling personality and comedian, who in conjunction with his U.S. agent; Evan Ginzburg, is a serious player in the Hollywood scene and well known for his recurring role in the TV hit series, "The Sopranos".

Professional wrestling is not the only "out there" project that Greg works on. Mediaman is not afraid to be seen as a little different. Greg elaborates, "Bikie movies are all the rage right now, and we promote both 'Cosy Cool', an Australian cult film classic, and 'Brothers At War', a 9-million dollar feature film, which chronicles the infamous Milperra Fathers Day Massacre. These movies compliment our work with many Australian and international movie directors and producers, and tie in nicely with our deal with the International Movie Makers Market (IMMM) and Filmfestivals Entertainment Group (FEG). Film making and film investment is too good an opportunity not to be involved, especially considering the way other traditional investments have been performing lately".

As part of the process of receiving formal media qualifications, Greg's academic requirements; further "forced" him to develop and fine tune the business plan and brand of Mediaman.

The branding process included the revamped website, t-shirts, and the good old-fashioned business cards. All of these mediums carry the distinctive black and gold colour scheme, and the bold MM logo.

Mediaman is currently developing mobile phone logos and coffee cups. "You need to be in peoples faces", Greg states.

Tingle confidently adds, "Our success is our clients' success, and vice-versa. It's all about win-win".

There's no disputing that this energetic maverick means business.


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