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Models, Modelling, Brands and Fashion and The Media, by Greg Tingle

Attention: Models - Have you had contact with Charles "Fantasy Island" Gant or Danny "The Hustler" Sy Laagaia? Were you promised a spot in Ralph, Zoo or FMH, and it turned out to be complete B.S? Were you lied to? Were your ripped off? Mediaman is collaborating with Australian current affair programmes and will be blowing the lid on some of the not so nice elements of the industry. Contact Channel Seven or Network Nine directly, or tell us your story.

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The headline has got your attention, right?

Yes, "hot" models sell and attract the public eye, with the effectiveness that most other mediums would "kill" for...ok, there have been some killings in the modelling business, but that's another article for another time.

In the highly competitive world of modelling, fashion and let's just say it - Marketing, companies and the key players are grasping for every edge they can muster - in the case of this snappy piece, the Internet "space".

Ok, we know "sex sells", or so we are told so many times.

This author suggest that "Sex Sells" best when backed up by the right product, personality, and PR (Public Relations) company. Who would this author suggest? I'll give you 1 guess!

Anyone reading this article on this high powered subject of modeling and fashion has not stumbled upon this article by accident. Sure, it's not published in the newspaper, (nor is any edited version of it), but don't be surprised if or when, a closely related cousin of this article pops its head up!

What's Branding got to do with all of it? Well, how does one decide what brand image they want to present to the world? What's in a name? Have you heard of COKE?... Answer - sometimes a heck of a lot, and it's been known to be a "make or break" factor.

Next - Media. What has The Media got to do with all of this?

The media is powerful, whether we like it, or not (and sometimes this writer doesn't like it), as much as The Media has been good to MMA.

Media needs to tread a cautious line at times. What brands, models and the like will "the media" choose to support? Why is it that some newsworthy items end up "binned", and don't even make print - not even a few lines? Why is it that some celebrity (or want-to-be celebs), get their name and photo in the papers "every time"? What is this "A-List" talk all about anyway?

Politics play a significant role in the modeling and media business, as they do in most verticals.

The question needs to be asked - how do you, the reader, the marketing whiz to be, use this to your advantage?

As in many things in life, employ the KISS principal - create the right product, do the branding correctly, choose the right name, get the right models, and do your darnest to ensure that the right sections of the industry, and media, give you a run.


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