My Wim Hof Method journey from the internet to Maroubra Beach, The Matrix and beyond; Physical and mental strength for life

My Wim Hof Method journey from the internet to Maroubra Beach, The Matrix and beyond; Physical and mental strength for life, by Greg Tingle - 2021


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Greg Tingle and Marlena Davis

by Greg Tingle

As a media agent with a background in journalism, publishing and big tech, a lot of information comes across my desk and into my head.

Once in a while something really captures my imagination, heart and soul, and the Wim Hof Method certainly fits the bill.

I’ve been reading bits and pieces about this Wim Hof superhuman character from Holland for a number of years and in my own mind I put him into my “interesting alternative health, well-being and sports” file - in my mind. Every now and again Wim would turn up on my YouTube or other social media feeds, sometimes in association with the likes of Russell Brand and Joe Rogan, and I would just tuck him away for future research required.

Then a few years ago, on one of my Summer Coogee Beach to Maroubra Beach coastal walk runs from my headquarters, when I reached the north end of Maroubra I saw a few tribes and groups of folks - some hardcore surfers from the ‘Bra Boys, a beach culture type church group, where I know a few good folks, and then I saw a icebucket (now better classified as an ice bath tub) from afar, and I jogged over to further investigate… No, it wasn’t an illusion, it was the authentic Wim Hof Method folks I had been reading about for a few years.

Ok, so Wim himself wasn’t there, but there were approximately 20 beautiful and vibrant spirits abound, all under the guidance of the Australian (and Polish background) “Ice Queen” herself, Marlena Davis. The “Ice Queen” is a picture of health as you might imagine and if there is a ‘Miss Mind, Body and Spirit”, she certainly gets my vote.

I introduced myself to the group and then recognised my long time yoga and weight training P.T, James. Then I really knew that this was exactly where I was meant to be on this blessed Sunday morning on Sydney’s eastern beaches.

Much of the group had gathered around the ice bath and a few were lining up to jump in and sit in the freezing ice! Why do you ask? For health benefits, to feel alive and just to be! So, naturally I asked the tribal head, “Can I have a go please”? She asked how was my health, any existing health conditions, what do you like about it and so on. I advised that I’m into beach culture, sports, the mind, body and spirit sector and that I’d been hearing about it for years. She advised me to meet them again on the upcoming Sunday morning at the beach after I had researched the Wim Hof Method some more, and so I did.

Fast forward a week or so, I met up with the tribe again and awaited my turn after some relatively basic breathwork exercises, I jumped in and it proved to be a few of the most unique and rejuvenating minutes of my life. I was totally sold. Furthermore, those few minutes have long endured and expanded my mind and consciousness of what can be possible in life. Call it a ripple or flow-on effect.

Over a year has passed from the Utopian-like Maroubra Beach ice bath gathering, and I’m fresh off the Wim Hof Maroubra Beach (Sydney) home studio and retreat 5-hour course that Ice Queen and certified instructor Marlena Davis conducted in the season of winter no less.

I train at the ocean’s shore at least 6 mornings per week, so I’m already somewhat conditioned to cold and extreme conditions. Lucky me, but on a practical basis, that also minimizes the chance of my body having any adverse reaction to the ice cold water.

For the uninitiated, the Wim Hof Method is about becoming the best version of yourself, and this can include as the brochure states; Happy Strong Healthy. There are physical and mental / physiological elements. A strong mind and a strong body are linked to many elements of a successful life, keeping in mind that success can mean different things to different people. My late father achieved great success in trucking and then into property, however his health went into decline in his later years, and this negatively impacted both his business success, as well as costing him health success. I learnt that lesson from my late father many years ago, and that expanded my mind to be open to new ideas and concepts to help have a happy and successful life and career. Success is about a state of mind, achievement, accomplishment, expanding one's horizons and you get the idea.

Sometimes in life a person can get into a rut, get “stuck”, or just feel the need to expand their horizons and challenge themselves by stepping outside their comfort zone. Of course there are numerous ways this change up can be achieved, and the Wim Hof Method is one of dozens if not hundreds of ways to move forward. For me it built upon my strong connection with water, including cold and refreshing water, as well as plugging into the spiritual and peaceful nature warrior that is at my essence. I’d already been making solid progress via beach yoga, meditation, jogging and seeing the white light in the sky, however the Wim Hof Method has certainly ramped up my game. The beautiful spirits, sense of community and supporting environment also add to the perfect formula to move forward with one's life.

Ok, so in plain terms, according to the official course plan and materials, what benefits might one expect to gain from the Wim Hof Method, as per blueprint:

Increased energy

Better sleep

Heightened focus and determination

Improved sports performance

Increased willpower

Greater cold tolerance

Reduced stress levels

Greater self confidence

Faster recovery

Enhanced creativity

Stronger immune system

What happens at the Wim Hof Method workshop?

Introduction to course

Participants compete application paperwork to ensure they are ready to commence in a safe fashion

Overview of who is Wim Hof and who is Marlena Davis, the Sydney based accredited instructor

Participants form a circle and explain why they are there, their background, and what they aim to achieve by doing the course

The instructor gives theory and then practical exercises on breathwork

Safety elements are revised a number of times, advising where and when to do the breathwork exercises, and where to not (such as in an ocean diving environment, or just before or during driving a car, just for example).

Follow ups to reap ongoing benefits from the Wim Hof Method

Maintain communication with the Him Hof Method community, including outdoor meet-ups and get togethers

Social media forums and updates

Sharing of successes and steps of one's personal journey following the program

Aim to do 3 to 4 rounds of breathwork once a day, if possible, This can help set your day up for overall success

Read course related books such as Breath and read the news items on leaders such as Wim Hof and Marlena Davis

Incorporate elements of the course teachings into your lifestyle and overall life approach

Remain and build upon self motivation, to continue on with teachings, despite various life distractions that we all typically have

Adopt a can do attitude, and focus on what is possible

Continue to eat healthy foods, as we do at the Wim Hof Method group and gatherings

Of course, my scribe is documenting some of my own personal journey with the Wim Hof Method. I of course wholeheartedly recommend that you the reader take a further deep dive into the world of Wim and see if this is just what you needed to progress in your life journey, but perhaps didn't realise it before now.

You can examine the Wif Hof Method websites and social media channels for more information on the ‘Iceman’ and ‘Ice-Women’ and the amazing teachings and tribe.


“If we always choose comfort, we never learn the deepest capabilities of our mind or body” - Wim Hof