One-man News Media Websites

One-man news media websites:
a place in cyberspace? By Greg Tingle

24th March 2003

Nobody should doubt the benefits of web publishing, however there are some flaws – the least of which is the way articles and contributions are edited, and in many instances, examined by far few staff, which can result in potentially slanted articles.

I am not saying this is occurring, in the case of The McGill Report, in fact I doubt it, just that it is a possibility, and I am aware of one such style of website in Australia, which is for the most part is controlled by one individual, and no, its not my own website that I am referring to.

The individual who set-up and maintains the site I am referring to, was all but blackballed by the Australian media, and created the site as a way of retribution, whilst continuing in the news media business.

The “Blogger” System appears to be very fair to all concerned, and I have been considering including it in my online ventures. This is a system where all views are seen, at least in theory.  Blogger is using many of the features that Yahoo! Groups does, while adding to the interaction.

As long as there are plenty of news media websites to choose from, both traditional news conglomerates operated by media moguls, and the “journo” turn Web Author, or “Webby”, and they are affectionately known, the punter will be able to choose their news, and what they wish to believe and what they don’t, and make their opinion heard at the same time – hopefully.  Crikey, what did I just imply!