Online betting community goes live

Online betting community goes live - 7th May 2008
(Credit: Net Imperative)

Pikum, a community-based online betting game has been launched with the financial backing of Virgin USA.

The game, which is similar to pool or an office sweepstake, pits friends against each other to determine who comes out on top when predicting the results of major sporting fixtures such as Premier League football matches.

Pikum lets players stake cash or just play for fun by using the site’s currency, known as ‘Pikles’.

Players are able to invite friends to join their game- the more people playing the larger the prize pool, and every game has at least one winner, which means that players play each other rather than the ‘house’.

Sir Richard Branson, founder and president of Virgin, and sports presenter Helen Chamberlain, are some of the first to test drive the online game.

“Pikum is a completely new way to make bets, it’s web-based and innovative; you can have fun making bets against your social network, not just the house” commented Branson.

On its launch, the online betting game will be open to a select number of individuals who have been hand picked to participate.



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