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FOX News wins Media Man 'News Outlet Of The Month' award

Fox Business wins Media Man 'Business Website Of The Month' and "News Media Website Of The Month' award

Tyrus wins Media Man 'Broadcaster Of The Month' award - December 2022 and January 2023

News Corp: News

Casino news and poker down under heating up

Wrestling Inc wins Media Man 'Wrestling Website Of The Month'

Web Is Jericho vs and the rest

Rebel News wins Media Man 'News Outlet Of the Month' and 'News Outlet Of The Year' award

Media Watch: LOCKDOWN HELL! - Daniel Andrews grilled over Melbourne’s coronavirus outbreak. Plus, Pauline Hanson gets dumped by Today

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WWE News

Pro Wrestling

WWE @WWE breaks all-time Survivor Series records for viewership, gate and merchandise sales

STAMFORD, Conn., November 28, 2023 –

WWE announced that Survivor Series, which emanated from Allstate Arena in Chicago, set new records for the highest viewership, largest gate and best merchandise sales in the event’s 37-year history.

Viewership for Survivor Series was up 44 percent versus the previous record set in 2022. With 17,138 in attendance, the event broke the previous Survivor Series gate record set in Brooklyn in 2021.

In partnership with Fanatics, Survivor Series broke the premium live event’s all-time merchandise record. Sponsorship revenue was up 24 percent versus 2022.

In addition, the surprise return of CM Punk after nearly a decade away from WWE further drove massive digital engagement. Punk’s comeback moment has more than 71 million views across all platforms, making it the most social post in company history.

WWE YouTube Channel

CM Punk IS BACK! See the epic Survivor Series return: Survivor Series: WarGames 2023 highlights

(Source: WWE)

#SurvivorSeries #WWESurvivorSeries #WWE #CMPunk #AllstateArena #fanatics #wrestling #prowrestling #wrestlingnews #records #recordbreaking #popculture #socialmedia #trends #trending #media

Wrestler CM Punk's return helps WWE crush social media record - Novemeber 28, 2023

WWE crushed its social media record over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, with the return of wrestler CM Punk at Survivor Series garnering more than 71 million views across all of the sports entertainment company's platforms.

Survivor Series, a premium live event that's been held for 37 years, took place at the Allstate Arena in Chicago on Saturday. While WWE's fervent fans had been talking about the possibility of CM Punk returning to the organization for weeks, his appearance at the WWE event after nearly a decade away from the company surprised nearly everyone, and many took to social media to talk about it.

WWE said Tuesday that the comeback moment has more than 71 million views across all platforms, making it the biggest social post in company history. The previous record was a handheld video last year from Logan Paul as he jumped from the ropes during a match. That video garnered more than 40 million views across Paul's and WWE's social platforms in less than 24 hours.

WWE, which is part of TKO Group Holdings, said that Survivor Series' sponsorship revenue climbed 24% from a year earlier. Viewership increased 44%, eclipsing the record set last year. There were 17,138 people in attendance for the event, breaking the record set in Brooklyn in 2021.

Earlier this month, WWE announced that it is collaborating with the Big 12 for the conference's championship game Saturday as the company further strengthens ties with outside sports organizations.

As part of the partnership, the game's most outstanding player will receive a custom-made WWE championship title belt, and a co-branded WWE X Big 12 logo will appear throughout the stadium and on the field. The Big 12 Conference and WWE will also collaborate on a Big 12 championship merchandise line, which will be available online and at the stadium's team stores.

The Dr. Pepper Big 12 championship will be held Saturday at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

WWE breaks all-time Survivor Series records for viewership, gate and merchandise sales

STAMFORD, Conn., November 28, 2023 – WWE announced that Survivor Series, which emanated from Allstate Arena in Chicago, set new records for the highest viewership, largest gate and best merchandise sales in the event’s 37-year history.

Viewership for Survivor Series was up 44 percent versus the previous record set in 2022. With 17,138 in attendance, the event broke the previous Survivor Series gate record set in Brooklyn in 2021.

In partnership with Fanatics, Survivor Series broke the premium live event’s all-time merchandise record. Sponsorship revenue was up 24 percent versus 2022.

In addition, the surprise return of CM Punk after nearly a decade away from WWE further drove massive digital engagement. Punk’s comeback moment has more than 71 million views across all platforms, making it the most social post in company history.

Pro Wrestling


WWE YouTube Channel

Ilja Dragunov vs. Nathan Frazer: WWE NXT highlights, Nov. 28, 2023

Eddy Thorpe vs. Bron Breakker - Iron Survivor Qualifying Match: WWE NXT highlights, Nov. 28, 2023

Breakker is one step closer to becoming a three-time NXT Champion: WWE NXT exclusive, Nov. 28, 2023

Brooks Jensen vs. Lexis King: WWE NXT highlights, Nov. 28, 2023

Kelani Jordan vs. Kiana James - Iron Survivor Qualifying Match: WWE NXT highlights, Nov. 28, 2023

Tony D & Stacks retain the NXT Tag Team Titles: WWE NXT highlights, Nov. 28, 2023

Andre Chase addresses the allegations against Chase U: WWE NXT highlights, Nov. 28, 2023

Alpha Academy challenge The Meta-Four: WWE NXT highlights, Nov. 28, 2023

Roxanne Perez and Kiana James come to blows backstage: WWE NXT highlights, Nov. 28, 2023

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph and Booker T

Media Man: Solid thumbs up. Standouts include Lexis King, Bron Breakker, Eddy Thorpe and The Family. King and Breakker sure look like future champions. Very good storytelling and in-ring action.

#WWENXT #NXTDeadline #IronSurvivor #BronBreakker #Dog #EddyThorpe #LexisKing #King #BrooksJensen #IljaDragunov #NathanFrazer #TheFamily #TonyD #Stacks #ChaseU #highlights #moments #videos #TB #prowrestling #wrestling #USANetwork #combatsports #entertainment #popculture #broadcast #broadcasting #trends #trending #buzz #media

Image credit: WWE NXT

Pro Wrestling


WWE Official YouTube Channel

Wes Lee vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Cameron Grimes vs. Bronson Reed: WWE NXT, Nov. 28, 2023

"The NXT Universe showing their love for all these former North American champions, and that Dominik we do have to thank you for"... Vic Joseph @VicJosephWWE

"Oh Yeah". You know what I would say on that..Great scot. Oh, Yes. I love this big man, Bronson Reed" Booker T @BookerT5x

"Johnny Wrestling" - NXT fans

"And Bronson Reed is becoming a one man wrecking crew here in this NXT main event" Vic Joseph

"Seek, destory, conquer...finally the big man's down" Vic Joseph

From what I remember, I've beaten Wes Lee already. Mummi gave me a little bit of extra lunch money" Dominik Mysterio @DomMysterio35

"If that happened to you Mummi wouldn't be very happy would she" Vic Joseph

"Even you have to admit the courage of Wes Lee" VJ

"He's just lucky, definitely lucky" DM

"He's like a little rabbit..haslike a little rabbits foot on him" DM

#WWENXT #Fatal4Way #NXTDeadline #MainEvent #WesLee #JohnnyGargano #CameronGrimes #BronsonReed #Aussie #AussieDestroyer #AussieTsunami #DominikMysterio #DirtyDom #prowrestling #wrestling #combatsports #video #highlights #moments #entertainment #popculture #broadcast #broadcasting #USANetwork #NorthAmerica #NorthAmerican #NXTNorthAmerican #trend #trends #buzz #TV #media

Image credit: WWE NXT

Pro Wrestling

via All Elite Wrestling @AEW Official YouTube Channel

Will AEW World & ROH Tag champ MJF seal his legacy at World’s End vs Joe? 11/29/23

After last week’s violent confrontation, Wardlow takes on AR Fox! | 11/29/23, AEW Dynamite

HUGE 2nd round match-up between two front-runners! Strickland vs Jay White! | 11/29/23, AEW Dynamite

The Patriarch Christian Cage responds to Adam Copeland’s challenge! | 11/29/23, AEW Dynamite

TBS Champion, Julia Hart, takes on Emi Sakura in a House Rules match-up! | 11/29/23, AEW Dynamite

Dante Martin returns to Top Flight to take on the Hardys & Brother Zay! | 11/29/23, AEW Dynamite

Who scored his first AEW Continental Classic points? Briscoe or Rush? | 11/29/23, AEW Dynamite

Round 2 UNDERWAY! Continental Classic rolls on as Moxley takes on Lethal! | 11/29/23, AEW Dynamite

The Icon Sting & Ric Flair announce where Revolution will be held! | 11/29/23, AEW Dynamite

Week 2 of the Continental Classic Heats Up! | AEW Control Center: Minneapolis, 11/29/23

#AEWDynamite #MJF #SamoaJoe #AEWWorldsEnd #RicFlair #Sting #ChristianCage #AdamCopeland #RRatedSuperstar #JonMoxley #JayLethal #TheHardys #TopFlight #SwerveStrickland #JayWhite #JuliaHart #EmiSakura #prowrestling #wrestling #entertainment #popculture #broadcast #broadcasting #trends #trending #TrendingNow #buzz #TV #media

Media Man says "Strong thumbs up. Loving the never say die attitude by AEW. Strong leadership behind the scenes by Chris Jericho and great enthusiam by vets String and Ric Flair. Keep up the good fight!"

Image credit: AEW

Pro Wrestling Ratings

WWE @WWE RAW by the Numbers

Peak viewership for WWE RAW

Opening segment between Randy Orton and Rhea Ripley (of Judgement Day)
2,058,000 viewers (commercial-free hour)

CM Punk in-ring promo at the conclusion of the red hot pro wrestling aka sports entertainment themed show. Witnessed 1,768,000 viewers tune in.

WWE lead announcer Michael Cole @MichaelCole is blessed to have so much great talent and stories to work with at present. After decades behind the mic Cole is finally getting more credit to the great job he does every week, some in front of camera, and some behind the scenes.

At the very end of Punk's promo his last words were "I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to make money".

That quote can be taken with a viewers/readers own interpretation ala "interpretative art", as wrestling legend John Cena calls his Instagram posts! Needless to say that WWE's social media accounts have been on fire since Survivor Series with the WWE putting the news into the public domain. The news summary can be located on the WWE website in the news section.

Media Man: Pro wrestling history shows us that reality based interviews, promos, feuds and the like more often than not are the most successful for ratings, buzz, attracting new viewers, fighting for eyeballs, merch and so on. So far it appears that WWE has hit a home-run with CM Punk. At this rate more record breaking numbers are likely on the way. It sure feels like WrestleMania @WrestleMania Season has arrived early.


WWE @WWE YouTube

FULL SEGMENT – CM Punk returns to Raw for the first time in nearly 10 years: Raw, Nov. 27, 2023

Randy Orton tells Rhea Ripley that Daddy's Home

Logan Paul looks for his first challenger: SmackDown sneak peek

PS: WWE SmackDown in less than 24 hours. Fellow ratings grabber Logan Paul @LoganPaul is booked and considering his next potential challengers! More dream matches on the way. In the WWE the story never ends as Triple H has pointed out numerous times over the years.

Sources: Wrestlenomics, Figure 4, Wires, X (formally Twitter)

#WWERaw #SmackDown #CMPunk #BestInTheWorld #RandyOrton #TheViper #RKO #LoganPaul #TheMaverick #Maverick #MichaelCole #CoreyGraves #WadeBarrett #NickKhan #WrestleMania #prowrestling #wrestling #sportsentertainment #popculture #entertainment #showbiz #broadcast #broadcasting #socialmedia #trend #trends #buzz #media

Image credit: WWE

Sports Models Of The Month (Media Man Int)

Home grown Aussie beats Pro Wrestling and UFC @UFC connections!


Alexa Towersey
Jade Cargill
Alexis Kaufman
Brittney Palmer

Alexa Towersey

#sportsmodels #sportsmodel #modelofthemonth #modelsofthemonth #AlexaTowersey #JadeCargill #AlexisKaufman #BrittneyPalmer #UFC #AmandaSaccomanno #sportsbiz #sportsbusiness #sportsmarketing #fashion #Aussie #popculture #entertainment #trend #trends #buzz #media #mediaman

Image credit: Alexa Towersey

Advertisers, agencies, content creators and buyers flock to Media Man website network to place ads in niche and industry specific realm (Media Man Int)

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Disruptors Of The Month (Media Man Int)

Peter Thiel wins Media Man 'Entrepreneur Of The Month' award

Runner-Ups: Elon Musk, MrBeast and Logan Paul

#disruptorsofthemonth #disruptorofthemonth #disruptor #disruptors #PeterThiel #ElonMusk #MrBeast #JimmyDonaldson #LoganPaul #Maverick #TheMaverick #Prime #Entrepreneur #entrepreneurs #biznews #biz #cafenews #watercooler #trends #mediaforgood #X #Xnews #mediabiz #media #mediaman #mediamanint

Niche media, marketing and media campaigns the way to go, says Media Man agency (Media Man Int)

#nichemedia #nichemarketing #nichenews #nichecontent #creative #content #creative #creativity #ads #adnews #adbiz #creativeadvertising #creativewriting #copy #onlinenews #onlinecontent #campaigns #agency #agencies #buzz #GregTiingle #media #mediaman

Combat Sports News

UFC champ Sean Strickland holds alleged domestic violence suspect at gun point

UFC @UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland has held an alleged perpetrator at gun point after he attempted to hide out at his house.

An alleged domestic violence perpetrator picked the wrong home at which to try to hide out.

UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland posted a video on his Instagram page in which the alleged suspect sought to hide out at his house after apparently trying to outrun club security — and Strickland held the man at gunpoint, the NY Post reports.

“Here’s what I know….,” Strickland’s explanation of the event began.

“The guy was drunk stomping out a girl, a security guard seen it, he jumped in his car and drove off. Security followed him, hit a curb, completely shredded his tire, drove on the rim for awhile then jumped out and tried to hide at my house. I initially thought he was stealing my car..”

Strickland added that the suspect was arrested.

It’s unclear where the incident took place.

In a major upset at UFC 293 in September, Strickland defeated Israel Adesanya via decision to become the promotion’s middleweight champion.

Dana White immediately announced after the fight that Strickland and Adesanya would have a rematch.

In his professional MMA career, which began in 2008, Strickland has a 28-5 record.

Believe it or not, Strickland is not the first UFC fighter to point a gun at an alleged home intruder, as Jon Jones chased an alleged attempted car thief away from his home with a shotgun in 2020.

Last year, UFC welterweight fighter Kevin Holland spoke to The Post about thwarting a gunman at a sushi restaurant in Houston.

Holland said that he initially thought the gunshot was a champagne pop.

“As I go to turn around and look, I see one of the employees and some other people running with a look of biblical fear on their face,” Holland said.

“And as they’re running, I call my uncle Patrick Robinson and pulled him down. People were running everywhere. I looked over on the right side of the bar and noticed two guys wrestling with a gun.

“Then I get up, start running that way. I picked up a chair. I was going to smack the guy with a chair but I couldn’t see exactly which person it was. I put the chair down, and realised the person on the bottom was the shooter. I helped the guy pull the gun free, and pulled the guy back into my lap, hit him with a rear-naked choke, and choked him to sleep.”


Chael Sonnen Official YouTube

Sean Strickland’s Most Important Fight...

Michael Bisping Official YouTube

BISPING reacts: Sean Strickland HOLDS MAN at GUNPOINT | UFC 297 Strickland v Du Plessis Preview

Full Send MMA Official YouTube


Sean Strickland Official YouTube

Dricus is Tougher Fight Than Chimaev | Sean Strickland Fight Camp UFC 297 Strickland vs Du Plessis

UFC Official YouTube

Sean Strickland Octagon Interview | UFC 293

Rise of Sean Strickland

Sean Strickland is ONE OF A KIND when it comes to his trash talk

#seanstrickland #UFC #Tarzan #MMA #combatsports #citizensarrest #hero #sportsnews #popculture #USA #trends #trending #buzz #NYPost #videos #YT #newsmedia #sportsmedia #X #media

(Sources: New York Post, Wires, X)

Financial Review remains Australia’s most-read premium business title

The Australian Financial Review is the country’s most read premium business masthead, with a cross-platform readership of 3.4 million people, according to Total News readership figures released by Roy Morgan on Monday.

In the last four weeks, 1.1 million people read a print edition of the Financial Review, with the masthead holding steady year-on-year after experiencing four consecutive quarters of growth. Meanwhile, The Australian has dropped 16 per cent for the same period.

The Monday-to-Friday print edition recorded massive annual growth of 31 per cent year-on-year, for an average issue readership of 244,000, while the AFR Weekend Saturday print edition has a readership of 190,000, posting annual growth of 35 per cent.

Highlighting the strength of the Financial Review’s digital offering, nearly 75 per cent of AFR readers – 2.1 million people – engage with the masthead’s online publication. This puts the publication third behind only The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

The Australian Financial Review Magazine continues to dominate Australia’s monthly magazine insert figures, with a print readership of 498,000, which has seen quarterly growth of 1 per cent – its fourth consecutive quarter of growth – and annual growth of 22 per cent. This is the highest quarterly growth result since December 2018.

Nine’s Total Publishing assets reach a de-duplicated audience of 16.3 million Australians across print and digital.

Financial Review editor-in-chief Michael Stutchbury said the quarterly growth in the masthead’s total readership matched the new benchmarks being hit for the masthead’s retail subscriptions and the exceptional growth in its number of corporate subscribers.

“This is all driven by the exceptional journalism of the Financial Review newsroom, highlighted by last week’s Gold Walkley award for Neil Chenoweth and Edmund Tadros for their PwC investigation over the past year,” Stutchbury said.

The Total News readership figures are produced by Roy Morgan for ThinkNewsBrands.

(Source: The Australian Financial Review)

#FinancialReview #AFR #newspaper #newspapers #masterhead #readership #magazines #RoyMorgan #RoyMorganResearch #ThinkNewsBrands #newsmedia #media #mediaman

VIX drop: stocks collapse or boring growth ahead?

Financial market volatility has plunged to its lowest level in almost four years, according to the VIX index. This so-called "fear index" fell to 12.45 on Friday, the lowest level since January 2020. Such low levels could be both a sign of the market entering a smooth bullish trend or a lull before a sharp decline.

Low VIX values indicate weak expected market volatility in the coming months.

Sometimes, such market signals should be perceived as overconfidence by investors. And then, the calm is followed by a storm wave, knocking down everything in its path. The peak of overconfidence is usually followed by bitter disappointment in the form of a painful sell-off in stocks.

This can be a period of quiet growth in stocks. And while bears should be prepared for a reversal in stocks, they should not be in a hurry to make a quick bet on it because a rally in stocks can take an indefinitely long time while the VIX is at such low levels.

The VIX has spent most of June and July this year in the range between 13 and 14, and the S&P500 has added nearly 7.5% during that time. The S&P500 gained twice as much between October 2019 and January 2020, when we saw similar or lower VIX levels. Moreover, the VIX spent all of 2017 and early 2018 mostly below 12, dipping to 9.5 at times, and this was also a period of smooth, persistent 27% gains for the S&P500.

Thus, stocks are now close to a point where there could be both a painful switch into risk-off mode and the start of a long and boring uptrend for speculators.

In the short term, we see more bearish signals for the market as the last upside momentum in equities was extremely sharp. It looks like the market driver was closing shorts rather than building long positions. A similar amplitude rally in equities has been a sign of a reversal to growth in recent years with monetary easing, but now the pause is more of what the markets are hoping for, but the Fed is not confirming those hopes.

Source: Alex Kuptsikevich, the FxPro senior market analyst.

#VIX #vixindex #markets #FinancialMarkets #currency #finnews #fintech #news #newsmedia #media #mediaman

Full Send Podcast wins Media Man 'News Podcast Of The Month' award

UFC's Dana White gets Full Send @fullsendpodcast and Nelk Boys crew over the line for the victory

Full Send Podcast YouTube


Dana White on Dillon Danis Fighting in the UFC and Kyle’s UFC Date!

Jake Paul Gets Real About Logan Paul, Dillon Danis, KSI & Offers the NELK BOYS a Fight Contract!

The UFC Fight Week SPECIAL with Khamzat, Volkanovski, and Usman!

#FullSend #FullSendPodcast #DanaWhite #UFC #NelkBoys #MMA #mixedmartialarts #combatsports #sportsnews #popculture #podcastofthemonth #podcasters #podcastnews #society #socialmedia #trend #trends #buzz #news #newsmedia #media

Image credit: Full Send Podcast


CM Punk

"This is where I belong. This is home and I've been gone for ten years and over ten years you people never forgot me even when maybe I wanted to forget me." - CM Punk @CMPunk #CMPunk #quote #quotes #WWE #WWERaw #SurvivorSeries #prowrestling #wrestling #popculture #trends #media

“I’m not going to waste any more breath on anyone who has been gone for eight years, has done nothing but try to tear this place down. I want to use my breath to talk about the people who worked to make WWE the hottest ticket in town.” - Seth Rollins, WWE @WWE Champion on CM Punk

#SethRollins #quote #CMPunk #WWE #SurvivorSeries #WWERaw #prowrestling #wrestling #legend #legends #media

Pro Wrestling

Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton connection

"At the end of the match, Randy said to me, 'Thanks for the phone call.' And I wanted to tell him 'Thanks for my career.' I keep thinking this is going to end and I couldn't have gotten to where I got had I not been around Randy. Randy is so wild and chaotic and you hear all these funny stories about him and all this nonsense, but as a performer, a professional wrestler, WWE superstar. What an outstanding mentor he was to me truly.

I'll never forget standing in the ring at the Royal Rumble when he won, pointing at the star WrestleMania sign and just thinking, 'I want to be like him.' That's [as] nice as I'm gonna get about [him]. I was really touched.

"I think a lot of emotions tonight because my father-in-law, he's in the hospital. Michael Cole shouted him out on commentary, I really appreciate that. Otis has been the biggest fan. We love Otis and I want him to get better and all those things.

So I was thinking about that. I was thinking about Randy and of course, cage opens up and I walk out. For the first time in the day, everyone else is thinking, for the first time in the day I think 'Ah, this is my dad's match.' Charmed life you guys have given me. I'm very lucky."


Survivor Series Press Conference

Cody Rhodes is excited to see CM Punk: Survivor Series: WarGames Press Conference highlights

Randy Orton hits a thunderous RKO on JD McDonagh: Survivor Series: WarGames 2023 highlights

Randy Orton hits HUGE RKO to defeat “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio: Raw highlights, Nov. 27, 2023

Image credit: WWE @WWE

#CodyRhodes #quote #quotes #RandyOrton #SurvivorSeries #WarGames #mediascrum #pressconference #prowrestling #wrestling #wrestlingnews #wrestlingmedia #videos #YT #YouTube #media #mediaman

Pro Wrestling

National Wrestling Alliance @NWA via

NWA Official YouTube Channel

NWA Powerrr | Ep 135 | Old Friends & Silver Bells

Three Champions Meet A New Challenger

Did The NEW Spectacular Make The Difference?

Media Man: Great show. The former champ Tim Storm is back! Storm is a major foundation of the modern NWA. This development can only lure more top line talent to the world's oldest and more storied pro wrestling promotion. Storm, The CW app deal, who or what is next?! Storm's bios are going to need updating again soon with more gold likely in the future!

Tim Storm (Wikipedia)

NWA Magazine (via NWA Official website)

Image credit: NWA

#NWAPowerrr #NWA #NationalWrestlingAlliance #TimStorm #PaulBurchill #TrevorMurdoch #JaxDane #prowrestling #wrestling #entertainment #popculture #showbiz #broadcast #broadcasting #trend #buzz #media

Pro Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling @MPACTWRESTLING x AAA @luchalibreaaa Ultra Clash

November 26, 2023

Showcenter Complex in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Bebote Valdez, Granada & Mafioso def Epydemius, The Mummy & Ultra

Chris Sabin & Trinity def Chik Tormenta & Dinamico

NGD (Forastero & Sanson) def Arez & Frankie Kazarian - AAA World Tag Team Championship

Jordynne Grace & Sexy Star def Deonna Purrazzo & Maravilla

Myzteziz Jr. def Eddie Edwards & Latigo

Laredo Kid & Tommy Dreamer def Brian Myers & Taurus

Moose & Toxin def Josh Alexander & Octagon Jr.

The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) & El Hijo del Vikingo def Los Vipers (Latigo & Toxin) & Trey Miguel

Impact Wrestling Official YouTube

Lucha Libre AAA Official YouTube


GUERRA DE TITANES 2023 Parte 1 | Lucha Libre AAA

#AAAUltraClash #UltraClash #AAA #LuchaLibreAAA #ImpactWrestling #TNA #Moose #Toxin #JoshAlexander #OctagonJr #AlexShelley
#ChrisSabin #ElHijo #Vikingo #LosVipers #Latigo
#TreyMiguel #lucha #luchalibre #prowrestling #wrestling #entertainment #popculture #showbiz #video #YT #Mexico #trends #media

Image credit: AAA

Mixed Martial Arts Animation Art!

Award winning Mojahed Fudailat continues to wow and entertain combat sports and creative arts lovers

Mojahed Fudailat Official YouTube Channel

Conor showing Khabib his black belt

Dustin steals Conor from Chandler UFC 300

Khamzat wants Pereira but Jiri steps in

Image credit: Mojahed Fudailat

#MojahedFudailat #MMA #MMAart #MMAartist #UFC #animation #animationart #animationartist #mixedmartialarts #combatsports #sportsart #popculture #legends #creative #creativearts #YT #media

Pro Wrestling

AEW @AEW Worlds End is the All Elite Wrestling premium event for December 2023.

This is AEW's first Worlds End branded AEW event and will be eventful and one for the ages.

AEW Worlds End is scheduled for Saturday, December 30.

The event eminates from the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New York.

It was announced on October 25, and ticket sales commenced on November 3.

Broadcast globally via FITE @FiteTV and others. Check the official AEW website for further information.

AEW World Champion MJF has commited to the big event with "I just got an MRI. I tore my labrum in my left shoulder. I’ll be defending my title at worlds end. I believe in AEW."

Matches announced thus far:

MJF vs Samoa Joe
Championship Final of the AEW Continental Classic tournament for the inaugural Triple Crown
Championship – ROH World Championship
NJPW Strong Openweight Championship, and the AEW Continental Championship

Might this be the last AEW event for one of more major All Elite Wrestling contracted performers? The end of the road some some and perhaps a new beginning for others. You want want to miss this fans.


AEW YouTube

Will AEW World & ROH Tag champ MJF seal his legacy at World’s End vs Joe? | 11/29/23, AEW Dynamite

Rated-R Superstar Adam Copeland challenges former best friend Christian Cage to a match! | 11/25/23

Image credit: AEW

#AEWWorldsEnd #WorldsEnd #AEW #AllEliteWrestling
#MJF #SamoaJoe #prowrestling #wrestling #FITE #PPV #combatsports #entertainment #popculture #livesports #liveentertainment #trends #trending #buzz #media

Pro Wrestling

WWE NXT @WWENXT via WWE @WWE YouTube Channel

Top 10 WWE NXT moments: WWE Top 10, Nov. 28, 2023

"And Dragunov again, hoisting Frazer up. Planting him with a powerbom" Vic Joseph @VicJosephWWE

10. Bell Boy. "That's what this thing is all about" Booker T @BookerT5x

"Of course it could be Karmen Petrovic's career for the NXT Women's champion, Lyra Valkyria who said every woman poses a threat. Did he just take the ring bell? What's Joe Gacy doing with the ring bell"? VC

#WWENXT #NXTDeadline #IljaDragunov #NathanFrazer #KarmenPetrovic #AriannaGrace #JoeGacy #KelaniJordan #KianaJames #LexisKing #King #WesLee #DominkMysterio #prowrestling #wrestling #USANetwork #moments #highlights #top10 #entertainment #popculture #YT #trend #trends #video #broadcast #buzz #TV #media

Image credit: WWE NXT

WWE LinkedIn

Social Media buzz. Jeff X and assoc

We were watching live and starting Tweeting via X immeditely. Our main Twiter/X numbers went up by about triple at the end of War Games and during the WWE Raw broadcast. Punk certainly brings the X factor, numbers, eyeballs etc. Our CM Punk dream matches posts continue to go up via X. The gist that keeps on giving you may say. "The Wiseman" link and up and coming angle has been noted. More records likely to tumble when Punk faces Rollins, and most likely and finally, Roman Reigns. WrestleMania Season is starting early thanks to a kick-start with Punk. Great teamwork all, with specially mention to Triple H and Nick Khan. Need to know basis : )

Princess Cruises Goes "All-In" With Its Largest Casino Ever Debuting on New Sun Princess

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla., Nov. 28, 2023 -

The largest casino ever built by Princess Cruises is readying to deal a full house of luck on the next-generation, 4,300-guest Sun Princess. The Princess Casino – with an astounding 50% more space and 30% more machines than the line's Royal Class ships – is preparing for guests to hit the jackpot when its newest and most magnificent cruise ship ever, Sun Princess, sets sail in February 2024.

Located on deck 8 adjacent to the bustling Piazza, the Princess Casino offers high ceilings and a spacious floorplan for world-class gaming comfort and entertainment. There will even be several gaming positions infused into in the Piazza, giving guests even easier and faster access to their favorite betting games.

With over 200 of the newest and most popular slots and video poker games, the Princess Casino will feature live table games offering progressive jackpots, as well as a variety of other games Princess players have come to enjoy. Included in the expanded casino will be a first-of-its-kind "Buffalo Zone" at sea – bringing these popular games by Aristocrat to the newest "Love Boat."

"Casino lovers, high rollers or simply those wanting to try a hand during their vacation will be stunned by the new Princess Casino onboard Sun Princess," said John Padgett, President of Princess Cruises. "Princess has embraced the casino experience and is proud to offer such exciting gaming surrounded by absolutely world-class dining and entertainment."

Princess Casino Key Enhancements Onboard Sun Princess

Nearly 9,000 square feet, featuring 10' ceilings, 227 slot machines and 13 live tables

Newest and the most comfortable gaming seating available for both slot and table game players

New linked blackjack and poker table progressives, offering high value cash top awards

High-limit slot area, with high-end seating

New gaming experiences and celebrations through an interactive audio-visual experience throughout the casino

Scheduled to debut in February 2024, Sun Princess is currently under construction at the Fincantieri shipyard in Italy. The 175,500-ton, 4,300-guest Sun Princess will offer an array of exciting new entertainment and culinary offerings, as well as luxurious staterooms and suites across a broad spectrum of categories. With the most balconies and sun decks on any Princess ship, guests can take in the sunshine and crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean and Caribbean from the comfort of their stateroom.

Inaugural 2024 Sun Princess cruises to the Mediterranean, Europe and Caribbean are on sale now. More ship information and images can be found at

Additional information about Princess Cruises is available through a professional travel advisor, by calling 1-800-Princess (1-800-774-6237) or by visiting

About Princess Cruises
Princess Cruises is The Love Boat, the world's most iconic cruise brand that delivers dream vacations to millions of guests every year in the most sought-after destinations on the largest ships that offer elite service personalization and simplicity customary of small, yacht-class ships. Well-appointed staterooms, world class dining, grand performances, award-winning casinos and entertainment, luxurious spas, imaginative experiences and boundless activities blend with exclusive Princess MedallionClass service to create meaningful connections and unforgettable moments in the most incredible settings in the world - the Caribbean, Alaska, Panama Canal, Mexican Riviera, Europe, South America, Australia/New Zealand, the South Pacific, Hawaii, Asia, Canada/New England, Antarctica, and World Cruises. The company is part of Carnival Corporation & plc

SOURCE Princess Cruises

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Casino And Sports Connection

Las Vegas and Texas connection

Miriam Adelson buys $2 billion stake in NBA Dallas Mavericks

Las Vegas Sands casino controlling shareholder Miriam Adelson is reportedly selling a $2 billion stake in the company to buy the Dallas Mavericks NBA franchise, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

"We have been advised by the selling stockholders that they currently intend to use the net proceeds from this offering, along with additional cash on hand, to fund the purchase of a majority interest in a professional sports franchise pursuant to a binding purchase agreement, subject to customary league approvals," the Sands said in the filing.

While the SEC filing did not name the Mavericks as the purchase target, Sportico reported the Adelson family was buying a majority stake in the team but that owner Mark Cuban would continue to retain operational control of it. The Dallas Morning News also reported the story.

The stock sale will reduce Adelson's stake in the casino company by 4%. Miriam Adelson is the widow Las Vegas Sands founder Sheldon Adelson who died in 2021. She has had no corporate involvement in the company but her son-in-law Patrick Dumont is president of the Sands and a member of the company's board of directors.

Adelson, 78, is the widow of Sheldon Adelson, the founder of Las Vegas Sands who died in 2021. She has no role with the corporate side of the company, but through a trust and her personal shares, she controls 56.4% of the Sands. Miriam Adelson is ranked at No. 24 on the Forbes 400 with a net worth of $32.3 billion.

She has cut back on her husband's political donations. When he was alive, Sheldon Adelson was among the GOP's largest donors, although Miriam Adelson has met with presidential hopeful Nikki Haley and former President Donald Trump, the front runner in next year's election.

Las Vegas, long considered a prime market for professional sports, has added a handful of teams and high profile events to the city in recent years. Formula One has added a stop in Las Vegas to its Grand Prix race tour.

Major League Baseball recently approved the relocation of the Oakland Athletics to a $1.5 billion stadium planned for the Strip that is scheduled to open in 2028 following in the footsteps of their pro football counterparts and stadium mates.

The Raiders moved from Oakland to Las Vegas for the 2020 NFL season, which led the NFL to award Super Bowl LVIII to Allegiant Stadium in February. With the A's move, Oakland County Coliseum, long a central focus of competitive professional sports in its heyday, will now sit empty.

The Vegas Golden Knights, an expansion team in the National Hockey League, began play at T-Mobile Arena in 2017.

The Adelson family had a hand in bringing the Raiders to Las Vegas, but Sheldon Adelson, who had committed $650 million to help build Allegiant Stadium, pulled his funding after the state Legislature passed a $750 million measure tied to a hotel tax on the Strip.

The NBA has been widely thought to be considering expanding to Las Vegas. Oak View Group CEO Tim Leiweke is planning a 20,000 seat arena built to NBA specifications, part of a $10 billion resort and entertainment complex on land leased to him by the son of the Sands Chairman and CEO.

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GOP will uncover ‘where all the bodies are buried’ in Biden’s biz schemes: Rep
(FOX Business @FoxBusiness )

#Biden #HunterBiden #JoeBiden #GOP #politics #corruption #money #transfers #laptop #emails #newsmedia #media

Image credit: FOX Business


Media News In Case You Missed It

Lachlan Murdoch assumes position as Chairman of Fox Corporation - November 18, 2023

Lachlan Murdoch has formally assumed the role of Chairman of the Fox Corporation at the company's Annual General Meeting.

His father, Rupert Murdoch is now officially Chairman Emeritus.

Former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott was voted in as a Director of the Board of Fox.

Lachlan Murdoch opened the Annual General Meeting with a tribute to his father, praising the “unique and strong” company he has built.

Rupert Murdoch said of the transition: “like my father, I believe that humanity has a high destiny, and Lachlan certainly shares that belief.”

#LachlanMurdoch #RupertMurdoch #Murdoch #FOX #FoxCorporation #TonyAbbott #AGM #newsmedia #newsbusiness #publishering #broadcasting #media

Reference: FOX Corporation


FOX Business wins Media Man 'Business News Website Of The Month' and 'News Media Website Of The Month'

Media News (Media Man Int)

Image: Provided

Mark Cuban plans to leave 'Shark Tank': 'It's time'

TV News

Longtime Shark Tank star Mark Cuban says he plans to leave the show.

The billionaire businessman, 65, recently said on Showtime's All the Smoke podcast that he will exit Shark Tank after Season 16 of the ABC reality series.

Shark Tank features entrepreneurs who pitch their business ideas to Cuban and other "sharks," or well-known potential investors.

On All the Smoke, Cuban praised Shark Tank but said "it's time" for him to go.

"I love it because it sends the message the American dream is alive and well," the star said of the show. "I feel like in doing Shark Tank all these years, we've trained multiple generations of entrepreneurs that if somebody can come from Iowa or Sacramento or wherever, and show up on the carpet of Shark Tank and show their business and get a deal, it's going to inspire generations of kids."

"I've invested in, I don't know how many hundreds of companies," he added.

Cuban joined Shark Tank as a guest in Season 2 and became a series regular in Season 3. He has invested in such companies as BeatBox Beverages and Dude Wipes.

Other sharks include Daymond John, Barbara Corcoran, Robert Herjavec, Kevin O'Leary and Lori Greiner.

Cuban told Forbes on Monday that he had nothing to add to his comments on the podcast and that he's "still got a whole new season to shoot."

Shark Tank is in its 15th season on ABC.


ABC Official YouTube

Daymond John Makes an Eye Opening Offer - Shark Tank

Sneak Peek: An Entrepreneur Inspired by Barbara - Shark Tank

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Search Engine Journal

AI and Human Generated Content

SEJ's Erika on the trend of human content and search meets AI content and search. LinkedIn is an excellent starting point since that's the platform we've entered on and our current business platform of choice.

So, what to be the authority and accredited expert in? When your a media and sports agent and online publisher to boot, it covers a wide array of things. We closely cover pop culture, combat sports, streaming platforms, niche media and digital trends to name a few areas. A few months back our LI news regarding networking, hot-desking and remote working in relation to Dubai, Saudi Arabia and the related region buzzed and trended on LI, LI News and X (then Twitter). WWE Crown Jewel PLE (Premium Live Events/PPV's) events had put the UAE region more squarely on our radar. Our LIV Golf coverage and positive based coverage also appeared to be a factor. One thing connects to another. Per Zen and Buddha, "Everything is connected".

LinkedIn editors and readership liked or loved it! Still working on the business model aspect of it however. Ying and yang. Towards overall success in LinkedIn and beyond the Holy Grail of the world wide web.


X Corp Founder Elon Musk Speaks at DealBook

SORKIN: “And you think that the public is going to say that Disney is making a mistake?”
MUSK: “Yes.”
SORKIN: “And they’re going to boycott Disney?”
MUSK: “They already are.”
MUSK: "Let the chips fall where they may"
#ElonMusk #X

Advertising agencies are responsible for initiating, managing, and implementing paid marketing communications. In addition, some agencies have diversified into other types of marketing comms, including public relations, sales promotion, interactive media, and direct marketing.

#advertising #advertisingagency #advertisingagencies #marketing #paidmarketing #comms #communications #publicrelations #PR #sales #popculture #combatsports #streaming #promotion #directmarketing #adbiz #adnews #SEO #seonews #SEM #seotips #authority #expert #trends #buzz #media #mediaman #mediamanint

"Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one" - Marcus Aurelius #MarcusAurelius #Aurelius #quote #good #man #romanemperor #roman #stoic #philosopher #RomanEmpire #world #history #media #mediaman #mediamanint

Best Quotes Of The Day (Media Man Int)

"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once" - Albert Eintstein

#bestquotes #quotes #quotesoftheday #AlbertEinstein #time #universe #world #media #mediaman #mediamanint

X Corp Founder Elon Musk vs DealBook

Is it just us or is X @X not exactly the ideal place for Disney or Marvel to connect with potential customers these days? No great loss in many ways. Interesting and "mainly truthful" or "completely truthful" interview. Stopped watching Disney and Marvel movies almost a decade ago as the newer ones reminded us of the dirty biz of politics more than of an actual enjoyable movie experience to escape the sometimes crazy world. Elon Musk interview in our view was in the realm of "mainly truthful' to "completely truthful". Truth is an interesting concept. One can speak their own truth, so to speak. Check out the interview conducted by Andrew at DealBook. Highlights trending on X and some other platforms also. Musk def Woke! #X #XCorp #ElonMusk #Musk #DealBook #DealBookSummit #interview #GFY #movienews #popculture #entertainmentnews #BoxOffice #onlineeads #ads #onlineadvertising #poltiics #media

Ilustration: AI!

Podcast News

Full Send Podcast @fullsendpodcast nominated for Media Man 'News and Culture Podcast Of The Year' award

Nomination on merit alone. No political favors etc unlike some aspects of Washington..

UFC @UFC top brass Dana White appearance with Neck Boys connection sees Full Send grow audience, garner futher respect and grab more eyeballs

Mr White did not appear to hold back much with his typical hard and brutal thuth bombs..

“If we go to war right now, are you confident in this generation that we have right now? That these guys are gonna go out and storm some *ucking beach somewhere? There’s a small, handful of people, most of them probably down around the bible belt and down south that will actually *ucking stand up and fight for this *ucking country right now. It’s scary. Khabib’s crew in Dagestan could probably come in and take over this *ucking country right now because this generation is such a bunch of *ucking *ussies. We’re getting soft. We’re getting weak. Every 10 years we get softer and weaker.”

“To be fair, I think every generation thinks the next generation is soft. If you look at all the *hit that's going on in the world right now, there’s no respect for the police anymore, there’s no respect for the military. There’s no respect for our country, our freedom, our way of life that we have here. You can sit around and nitpick and talk about things that are wrong with the United States. Let me tell you something, your generation, my generation, everybody’s generation … this is it. If this falls, there’s no other *ucking place to go.” - Dana White


Full Send Podcast Official YouTube

Dana White on Dillon Danis Fighting in the UFC and Kyle’s UFC Date!

Podcast Favourites of Media Man (Media Man Int) *needs updating. For reference.

Dana White. Flashback to 2014 (Media Man Int)

World View (Media Man Int)

#FullSend #FullSendPodcast #DanaWhite #quote #quotes #interview #podcast #podcastofthemonth #podcastoftheyear #podcastnews #popculture #UFC #MMA #sportsnews #sportsbiz #sportsmedia #broadcast #broadcasting #PPV #USA #Patriot #Patriots #newsmedia #media #mediaman

(Image credit: Full Send Podcast)

Pro Wrestling

"Bruno Sammartino is the greatest wrestling champion ever in the world. I wrestled more than he did but he was a strong man, he pushed a lot, threw people around and he was the greatest. I actually did more wrestling maneuvers than he did but that wasn't his thing" - Bob Backlund

Bob Backlund (Media Man Int)

Bruno Sammartino and Triple H comment on WWE 2013 Hall of Fame induction - Feb 2013

#BobBacklund #quote #quotes #BrunoSammartino #prowrestling #wrestling #wrestlingchampion #WWWF #WWE #combatsports #entertainment #popculture #legend #legends #wrestlinglegends #Goat #Goats #media #mediaman

X, Elon Musk and Disney Boss trends for variety of reasons

Any publicity is good publicity, questions media vets

As recently reported, there appears to be a trend of more X @X users/customers cancelling Disney for good.

One high profile type X account ran by Collin Rugg @CollinRugg of Trending Politics

ran with this...

NEW: X users are cancelling their Disney+ subscriptions after Elon Musk told Disney CEO Bob Iger to “go f**k yourself” for blackmailing X. Good. Stop giving money to people who hate you and hate free speech. X users are fighting back and rallying behind Elon after he blasted advertisers for trying to blackmail him with money. “Cancelled Disney and Paramount Plus”...

Media Man "Anyone with decent critical thinking skills and even a very basic level of comms and media training can quickly figure out fact from fiction here. We are of the strong understanding that Disney top mouse Bob Iger is digging himself into an even bigger hole. Who actually goes to these Disney movies anymore? Movies are supposed to be about entertainment and escapism right? Guess they got the fantasy aspects down. Movies are not supposed to be saturated by political messaging, themes and quotas. Not in America or Australia as far as we know. Many decades ago some movies were used as a way to peddle propaganda, be it military, drugs or other. Maybe in some ways history is repeating again. Wouldn't want to be an investor in Disney right now. Their loss will be another's gain. People power appears to be swinging back towards's Musk's X from what we are seeing (but it's unlikely you will read that in a mainstream newspaper). Yep, many at Disney living at Fantasy Land. Shame about what happended to the once universally loved and respected House Of Mouse."

Image credit: X

Boxing Fantasy Dream Matches and more Cross-over scenarios

It's understood most of if not all of these match-ups will never happen, but you never ever know.

For example Floyd Mayweather
went 8 rounds in an exhibition boxing match with Logan Paul
back in June of 2021 right! Wrestling giant Paul Wight (aka Big Show) knows a thing or two about "Money's" power and speed.

Boxing Dream Match Time Machine

Mayweather vs Jake Paul

Tyson Fury
vs Mike Tyson

Conor McGregor
vs Jake Paul or Logan Paul

Conor McGregor vs Jake Paul

Dillion Danis
vs Baron Corbin

*Corbin is a former 2x Golden Gloves boxing champion!

Bobby Lashley
vs Tyson Fury

*Other than being an overall badass pro wrestler and grappler, Lashley is also undefeated in mixed martial arts.

As the combat sports world knows, on October 28 of this year former MMA champion Francis Ngannou
went the full 10 rounds with boxing world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. "The Predator" came up short (officially), but many fans, insiders and even fellow boxers and combat sports practitioners viewed Ngannou as a "real winner" of the fight, be it on points or just perception, such was his ultra-impressive showing against the champion - in his first pro boxing match no less!

The success of "The Predator" against "The Gypsy King l" got many hardcore and even casual fight fans thinking of more "what-if" scenarios, especially with cross-over fighters (skilled in more than one fighting style/discipline).

Combat sports commentators such straight shooting Chael Sonnen
had a field day with their colourful analysis of the Fury vs Ngannou match and still occasionally mentions the historic match-up to the present day.

Some fantasy dream matches are more likely to happen in a WWE
(pro wrestling ring) or in the likes of a Misfits Boxing
type celebrity connection arena, but one can almost never say never!

How would pro wrestling and MMA living legend Brock Lesnar
go in boxing for example? Or, how about if Lesnar faced Logan Paul in a MMA rules type match at a WWE premium live (FKA Pay-Per-View) event?!

To state the bleeding obvious, both competitors in these so called dream matches need to be willing to face each other and the rules need established (to help avoid strange situations like Ali vs Inoki (Japan, 1976). Of course you need a promoter to host, promote and hype up the fight.

It's all quite a Pandora's Box or hornets (Green) nest (wink to legendary Bruce Lee
), who portrayed "Kato" in The Green Hornet TV series (1966-1967).

Fans and insiders, this Gonzo-ish dream match scribe should keep you hanging on until the next Top Rank Boxing, UFC, PFL and WWE productions.

WrestleMania Season is fast approaching as is UFC 300, and UFC top brass Dana White has already secured The Sphere
Las Vegas for Mexican Independence weekend with fights scheduled for September 14, 2024.

What an interesting time to be alive and I think we can agree what a great time to be a fan and/or insider or competitor in a fighting discipline.

Dream Matches (Media Man Int)

PPV News (Media Man Int)

Boxing News (Media Man Int)

Bet On Anything (Media Man Int)

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck @cybertruck wins Media Man 'Vehicle Promo and Launch Of The Year' award

Tesla Official YouTube

More utility than a truck. Faster than a sports car.

CNET Official YouTube Channel

Tesla's CyberTruck Delivery Event: Everything Revealed in 5 Minutes

“Finally, the future will look like the future” Elon Musk

"We actually had to come up with a special ultra-strong Tesla designed steel alloy. This metal did not exist before" Elon Musk

#Tesla #TeslaCybertruck #Cybertruck #ElonMusk #Musk #quote #launch #launchevent #specialevent #innovation #future #futurism #futurist #newsmedia #media

Image credit: Tesla




Creative by Human Statue Bodyart

by Greg Tingle

I'm often asked "What's the future of newspapers"?

So, here's more of your weekly Gonzo journalism style banter of the industry many people love to hate.

A. Newspapers in one form of another are hear to stay.

B. Newspapers in their traditional form are likely to get thinner, if as there not thin enough already.

C. Online newspaper websites will continue to grow, and numerous online advertising campaigns will compliment the news, as well as sponsored content, special features backed by firms who can pay a few extra bucks, and most papers will incorporate some kind of paywall, just as The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Australian Financial Review, The Daily Telegraph, The Wall Street Journal, and others have done.

D. Our friends at the Australian based ABC will continue to look to use every trick in the book to gain extra readership, as well as look to curb retention, by doing cross promotions and also continue to invest in online technologies and online advertising, be it via online advertising giant Google, Facebook, or another firm that may not even be in existence yet.

E. News apps, such as SMH and The Age will continue to develop. Obviously news media giants would like their brand of news to be front of mind, and to be the first port of call of Joe and Jane's smartphone.

F. Mergers and acquisitions will continue to be all the rage, be it a merger between Bloomberg and Ten, Bloomberg and Sky News, Reuters or whatever. There are simply too many news media players in the current national and international market, and not enough online advertisers for all firms to remain without considerable shake ups to the business models. Companies will merge including a few surprises.

G. Niche media outlets will continue to be all the rage. Witness the Australian real estate sector wars such as Domain vs vs Local Agent Finder vs Purple Bricks or even in the action sports arena, WWE Network vs UFC Fight Pass. Funny example, I know. Ok, Carsales vs Oh, Figure Four Online / Wrestling Observer Newsletter vs Pro Wrestling Torch, and if surfing and surf culture is your thing: CoastalWatch vs Swellnet. Oh, Gaming and gambling.. Gambling911 vs Poker News Daily. Perhaps iGaming Business. Comics and the superhero genre your thin? Enter Marvel Comics / Marvel Studios vs DC Comics / Warner Bros. wars. 20th Century FOX will continue to interject from time to time, as will Sony with Spider-Man. Where's Frank Miller and his Sin-City when you need him. Lord knows Marvel's Going to run with a Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 at some point. There's too much money to be made on the franchise, and we all want the next mixtape right! Google Play and friends will be more than happy to sell it to you. If hard copy comic books are your thing the website is Go on, you know you want to.

Crypto currency news: CoinTelegraph vs CoinDesk, and so it goes on.

Sports personalities and entertainers looking to do their own thing via the podcasting medium - 100s to find at the likes of We miss you Rowdy Roddy Piper.. R.I.P. Those who like their pro wrestling banner raw will appreciate our friend Jake 'The Snake' Roberts...he's part of the Diamond Dallas Page connection. Comon', you must have heard of Dally and DDP Yoga? Still waiting for UFC / MMA living legend Ken Shamrock to release his podcast, which he gave us the scoop on a few months back. Some good things take time. Female wrestling legends Madusa and Lilian Garcia also have them. You will have to appreciate them for their vocal skills and beautiful voices... it's not about their good looks on the podcast's fellas.

H. Expect crypto currency brands such as Bitcoin to continue to remain very newsworthy, and for news media to ramp up their involvement with the Crypto's... is that a word Jack?

I. Our company, Media Man (Media Man Int and Media Man Australia) will continue to survive and team up with suitable media partners, and carry advertisements, in addition to maintaining some sponsored content. Expect more newspaper backed events in the same vein as The Sun-Herald City2Surf. The Greg Tingle Promotions website is a work in progress, as we adapt to the ever changing news media business landscape. Yes, you may advertise via the Greg Tingle Promotions website also, if you insist!

J. Google's YouTube and Netflix will continue to dominate the streaming medium. Apple will continue to do their darnest to make further inroads into this major sector.

K. Blockchain will start to become a factor in the news media business, be it online and / or off-line.

L. Rupert Murdoch and his News Corp will remain a major player in the space. Murdoch's quote 'Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow', will continue to hold true in many fashions.

Other: this is an opinion piece punters, if you didn't figure it out already. Some will love it, some will not, such is the nature of the beast. We shall look forward to the haters and the fan mail. Don't like it? Tell the dog!

PS: stay tuned for a more corporate or so called "professional" version of this article, without so many pop culture references, if that's your thing. You can't please all of the people all of the time.

*the writer has taken part in Fairfax Media app and usability studies, and has conducted business with numerous brands mentioned in the above article including WWE, UFC, Domain / Fairfax Media.

The Sydney Morning Herald, more likely than not to be delivered via your internet provider, be it NBN Co or other, other than aircraft. Live in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia? Expect to pay $8.10 plus for a SMH hardcopy, as we had to do a few years back. Photo credit: Fairfax Archives)

Photography by Greg Tingle



SMH app for table via Google Play



The Rum Diary (the classic Gonzo Journalism film. Onya

Click here for YouTube trailer

The Rum Diary website


Rupert Murdoch: Most would say still the king of the newspaper industry


Howard Stern (self professed King Of All Media). Very cool nickname. Howard will be pleased to see he's included here, and why not.


Jim Ross (JR's Place and WWE'er). World renown pro wrestling broadcaster


Vince McMahon. King of the Sports Entertainment (Pro Wrestling industry). WWE Powers that be including Vince and Triple H would be pleased if you take out a sub to the WWE Network

Madusa's Full Throttle

Lilian Garcia: Chasing Glory, formally known as Making Their Way To The Ring


Heyman Hustle (how could we not include you Paul E)

Sandra Sully, the well liked and respected Australian newsreader has her own online newspaper via Paper li. Check out #ShortBlack

Sandra Sully
#ShortBlack is my curated snapshot of stories, video and images of the day's key events from Australia and around the World. It's an adrenalin shot of News ....just the way I like it.


Derryn Hinch 'Human Headline official website which has a multitude of fantastic news items for reading and listening pleasure. We interviewed Derryn years ago so including him in this mix in the least we could do.

Read enough? Time for break. Head for the beach. Check out the waves first via CoastalWatch



Online Advertising Opportunities Available Via Media Man website network

Real Estate - Property Listings online exposure via Media Man

New Domain TVC | Australia's #1 property app

Real estate agents are on the endangered list - 11th September 2015 to offer home loans - 19th December 2016

Google, Facebook show power of ad duopoly as rivals stumble - 29th July 2017

Online Gambling Sites Abolishing Affiliate Programs: Could Go the Way of Dodo Bird

Where will the Australian poker industry go?; Bitcoin and Blockchain says Media Man agency

Casino listings: online and offline listings via Media Man

Google Follows the Money Trail to Gambling

Bitcoin gaming, trading and casinos: Media, publicity and advertising opportunities via Media Man Int, Media Man Australia and Australian Sports Entertainment

Broadband media, news, publicity and advertising opportunity via Media Man Int and Media Man Australia



Ambush marketing under fire, by Amanda Swinburn - 19th December 2005

Ambush marketing erupts outside WACA, by Braden Quartermaine - 17th December 2006

Give him a Tingle

Richard Branson: Network your way to success

Craig Rispin: Business Futurist and Innovation Expert Wins 'Public Speaker Of The Month

Kym Illman wins Media Man 'Marketer Of The Month' - August 2017

Sponsorship and brand ambassadors for your business via Media Man Int and Media Man Australia

Bondi Bubble App Launch Party - 11th April 2016

Google Presentation



Maroubra Business Media, News and Promotions - August 2017

Maroubra community movers n shakers keen to see Bra business thrive, by Greg Tingle -
August 2017

Streaming websites - Media Man favorites

Instagram favorites of Media Man Int - Media Man Australia

Community TV all but dead in Australia; Network Ten sold to CBS - What's next? - August 2017

Community Television in Australia is awesome; Joy Hruby and crew - Stay tuned -
15th October 2015

PS: Little joy as Malcolm Turnbull sends community television to the internet
- 18th October 2014


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Australian Sports Entertainment website: Advertising, Publicity, Promotions and News Coverage Opportunities

Casino News Media Update

The Alice Online: New advertising, publicity and media opportunities available

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