Pecking Parrot's Alleged Abuse Of Power

Pecking Parrot's Alleged Abuse Of Power, by Miller Markson

Alan Jones in an outstanding person with "amazing talent". Certainly, we are all aware that he's been a teacher, Wallaby coach, football afficocianado with club influence, plus a speechwriter to Prime Ministers.

We're also cognisant of the vast influence and reach he has to impact on hundreds of thousands, if not millions of radio listeners. But to me even more fascinating is Jones' psychopathology.

A person's sexual tendencies and alliances alone are not fair game for innuendo and criticism or behind hand sneering. It's the way power is exploited that causes concern. Thus whether straight, gay, bi, teacher-student, doctor-patient or any other; it's the abuse of power that requires attention by fair-minded people. These power inequities involve a victim; someone in no position to defend or redress imbalance. This is by no means a level playing field or a fair go. And these are qualities and commodities apparently coveted by Jones. Modus opperadi! "The Parrot" sets out to befriend and then subsequently "sticks the knife in". He appears to have an uncanny knack of befriending; and having warm interchanges with so many powerful and less powerful people. Whether they be Benny, Davey, Bobby and Johnny. First comes firm allegiance.

From these alliances tremendous motivational and inspirational oratory on the wireless is heard; then with the same passion and fervour comes vitriol and relentless destruction.

Thus it's the righteousness of the man than fascinates me the most. I admit I haven't listened to his programme for some years, but my memory of the attacks on people's character and morals and reputation, resonate. He is able to take what is said by others out of context and then set about the demolition in a pompous and superior manner. This is what frequently caught my attention.

These skills would only be a curiosity if Jones' influence was confined and limited to radio stations, schools or football clubs. But when a person of such ardent brilliance can manipulate and influence voting and governing of countries, my fascination rapidly becomes fear.



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