PKR Poker means businss

PKR Poker means business

Advertising agency will push hard on new 3D poker site

After the extensive word-of-mouth and gambling show exposure new 3D poker online site PKR has been receiving recently, one could be forgiven for thinking that an advertising campaign was unnecessary, but the newcomer shows no sign of turning down the volume of its promotional efforts and this week hired an agency to boost it.

Digital advertising agency Responsys Interact has been selected for the task of coordinating PKR's mobile and email campaigns. Responsys will manage the multi-channel marketing campaigns for the soon-to-launch site, including email, SMS/MMS, and digital direct mail. Each communication will be tailored and personalised to each customer through integrating with both PKRs database and its web analytic solution via Responsys' Automation Gateway.

PKR has created intense interest and speculation with its high quality graphics, avatars and imaginative camera zooming and player perspectives, although there are fears in some quarters that the quality of the production may prove too much of a load on smaller graphics cards.





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