Publicist attacked by poison pen

Publicist attacked by poison pen, by Amanda Swinburn - 16th December 2005
(Credit: B&T)

(Mediaman director, Greg Tingle, was the victim of the poison pen. The full story will soon be in the public domain)

Following a spate of email-related scandals this year, Sydney publicist Greg Tingle is the latest person to fall victim to a malicious e-mail that has been circulated around the globe.

An email purporting to be from Tingle was sent to dozens of journalists on publications including The Washington Post, Crikey, The Sun Herald and B&T, as well as media companies including Markson Sparks, with the title ‘I must confess’.

The sender wrote: “Being a dirtbag that I am, I must confess to many illegal activities one of which you will find fascinating on the new website.

“Here you can read about my uncontrollable urge to commit extortion, theft, conspiracy, slander, defamation and ‘contract murder’.”

Tingle believes the email, which also included his home address, was sent by a disgruntled ex-client who he recently decided to break ties with after just five days.

“I became aware of things the individual was involved with that I did not agree with and it seems they were out for revenge.

“It is all a hoax. I made the mistake of leaving my laptop unattended with someone who I didn’t know very well, in addition to showing them some information on their laptop computer via one of my email addresses and not logging out. I now realise she is a person of questionable nature,” he said.

Tingle has notified police of the hoax email which, he says, is “obviously full of lies and slander.” The hoaxer has taken over Tingle’s Google email account and has been replying to messages.

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