Publicity placements on popular Australian based website network; Media Man reports

Publicity placements on popular Australian based website network; Media Man reports

Competitive rates, quality, customer service, accountability and results key


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Value for money, bang for your back, quality, accountability and results have always been key components for success in the advertising agency - publishing - online publishing arena.

The Media Man agency, founded in Sydney, Australia back in 2001, reports that the vast majority of clients have stayed loyal despite market forces such as globalization, a price driven market and overall budget watching.

Commission only type campaigns can be tempting to some, however as the cliché goes, 'Cheap can be very expensive'.

To our way of thinking, and to than our our client, accountability and quality of service, backed up by real guarantees and accountability are worth their weigh in gold, without breaking the bank.

The Media Man agency team also makes itself available for face to face client consultation on a regular basis, and well as provide written progress on the statues of campaigns and the like.

In the digital age coupled by globalization and the gig economy, you can always find someone cheaper to do a job, but the question remains - do you want cheap, or do you want results and quality?

Media Man is sticking by its guns that have seen it remain in business for 18 years plus, seeing the emergence and development of the internet, social media, online broadcasting, changing and emerging adverting based news media models and so on.

The agency wishes to public thank its loyal clients and associates, and looks forward to many more decades of doing good and great business with their clients and friends in the industry.

There's also no robots, bots or industry plague, ad fraud, or other scandle attached to the popular agency.

From Australia-wide to international campaigns, Media Man has you covered.

The original motto still holds true today "Putting your name out there".

or, if you prefer: "There's a customer born every minute" - P.T. Barnum

Without promotion something terrible happens - Nothing! - P.T. Barnum



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