Queensland: Land of sports, entertainment and tourism

Queensland: Land of sports, entertainment and tourism, by Greg Tingle

There's no question about it...Queensland is the land of sports, entertainment and tourism.

Many of our southern friends aka "Sydney siders" and "Melbournites" may think that they have all the action, but they are sadly mistaken.

Queensland has it all. Furthermore, the "Banana Bender" state has what may would consider a better lifestyle, environment, and it's even been said that the people are more laid back, and even friendlier. Now, that will cause a stir down south.

Let's look at a few specifics of what we have to offer:

The Gold Coast

The Sunshine Coast

The Great Barrier Reef

Airlie Beach Lagoon

Movie World

Sea World

Jupiter's Casino

So, as you can see, Queensland has it all. Is there anything that Queensland doesn't have? Sydney style traffic jams and ridiculous urbane sprawl.

Yes, Queensland is so much more than "just" The Sunshine State. Sports and entertainment all the way!



Gold Coast

The Whitsundays

Brisbane Festival Hall

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