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Media Man Australia: Cartoons by Cagle Cartoons

Media Man Australia, Greg Tingle, questions the media and entertainment business on their thoughts regarding Reality TV. Disclaimer: Greg Tingle is a judge for an Australian Reality TV show.

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It's entertainment!

Max Markson Markson Sparks!

Media Man Australia interviews Max Markson - 2nd July 2003


(Contestants) will automatically this time have professional management from our office and I think that's a pretty good thing. Their ideas for this year are quite extraordinary - nothing to do with anything that happened last year or the year before. It's amazing. I think we will see a significant jump in viewers. (On Big Brother 3)

Harry M. Miller Harry M Miller Group

Article: The man they call Harry M, by Greg Tingle


I never watch Reality TV because my own life is fascinating enough but most people aren't as blessed as I am so I get why they need it.

Abner Zurd, Film Maker & Political Candidate for 2003 California Recall Election

Media Man Australia interviews Abner Zurd - 15th August 2003 Interview - 13th November 2003


Reality Television is not something new but it certainly there is a new trend amongst forming cult fan followers as they push new types of Reality Television. Read the entire article.

Vaughan Buckland
Australian Wrestling Promoter: Championship Jelly Wrestling

Media Man Australia interviews Vaughan Buckland - 7th October 2003

Provocations in response to yr request re Reality TV ...

+ 'reality tv' is to reality as military justice is to justice

+ a 'reality' where everyone in the house is young, 'kewl', good-looking (in a very conventional way), pierced and oh-so-happy to bounce into bed

+ a realm where there are no wrinkles, no mortgages, no brains and definitely no wheelchairs

+ a genre that's as formal as wagnerian opera or classical ballet

+ a genre as constrained as a parliamentary debate and without editorial intervention would be as exciting as reading Hansard
Bruce Arnold
Caslon Analytics Pty Ltd


What's "real" about putting a bunch of people in a mansion rent free with cameras focused on them 24 hours a day? What's real about them all looking like models? What's real about them given ridiculous tasks or competitions for expensive prizes?

You want reality TV? Follow a single mom around whose scumbag husband has deserted them all with no child support and watch her struggle to survive. Or follow a New Yorker around as he or she works multiple jobs to pay the obscene rents that we have to cope with because our politicians sold us out to the real estate interests. Or follow the husband desperate to escape his shrewish wife as he surfs porn sites on the Net.

I want to know what's real about a dating show where you're all expenses paid with some stripper or airhead actress with gargantuan fake boobs. I don't know about you, but I'm not out with a helluva lot of strippers. What about all the so-so dates where there's "just no chemistry?" Aren't those sad and real and dramatic enough?

In summary, reality TV generally appeals to the lowest common denominator. It's not something I seek out but nonetheless hard to escape.

Evan Ginzberg Wrestling Then & Now

Media Man Australia interviews Evan Ginzburg - 26th May 2003


Sounds like you're moving forward...great stuff. Here's my thoughts on Reality TV...

- moronic tripe for z-grade refuse unworthy of the soul of my shoe

- another reason why we shouldn't be watching the idiot box

- further evidence that TV programming appeals to the cheaply entertained, easily satisfied masses

- cheap, nasty and unworthy of my time

- I'd rather watch back to back re-runs of Webster, Punky Brewster and Different Strokes; then cap it off with the entire series of Hey Dad. Twice.

Cheers, Dane


I am not a fan of what is called "reality TV" in the US, as most of it is actually staged, edited for impact, and geared toward a lowest common denominator mind-set. The appeal is usually in the range of "oh my God I can't believe they did that" or falls in a category similar to slowing down to stare a a car accident.

Bill Behrens
Show Business, Inc.
NWA Wildside Wrestling

Media Man Australia interviews Bill Behrens - 18th June 2003




Wanted: Talent to be a big hit in Reality TV, by Greg Tingle - 22nd September 2003

Reality TV - The Top 10 things about Reality TV

Reality TV is simply not real, by Greg Tingle


Brett Clements, Creator & Executive Producer, Hi't! - 19th September 2003

James Vernon, CEO, Banana TV - 4th September 2003



Banana TV

Media Man Australia: Entertainment News

Hi't! TV Greg "Media Man" Tingle profile:

Greg "Media Man" Tingle, media and entertainment entrepreneur, TV presenter and director of Media Man Australia, say's, "Reality TV has just got a whole lot more real with the addition of GT - king of Reality and publicity. Assemble a talented group of teenagers, give them equipment, and let'em them make some friggin' TV. Keep it simple. If they want to leave "the house", let them…they'd better return with some decent, marketable footage. "I certainly will be doing my utmost to keep it real..this judge can't be bought". As Hi't! creator, Brett Clements identified, "Greg Tingle is a good judge of character". Greg has passion, creativity and is fearless. Bingo! Some real talent in touch with reality. Set to be a big Hi't! indeed.