Reality TV scoops and rumors

Reality TV scoops and rumors, by Greg Tingle: October 2003

Hi't! Reality TV

1. Hi't will have 10 hosts and the public will get to vote each one off. The one left with will host the second series.

2. Hi't! has approached the Corrective Services Department about using a 13th Intern; on probation. (The Inmate will be scheduled to be released and will not be in for violent crimes or making snuff films).

3. HI't will be screened as a serial on Street Vision in Sydney and Melbourne. The pilot will be played in 45 second segments in October.

4. Every application received will be played on Street Vision in November.

5. In December, highlights from the national interviews will screen. This coincides with Melbourne's screens coming on line. It is anticipated some 3 million people in Sydney and Melbourne will see HIT each week in series - not including the broadcaster's audience and broadband content.

6. Hi't! will be parking a billboard which says TV IS BORING in front of TV executives houses on Saturday morning while the driver asks for cups of sugar.

7. The applications, interviews and judges comments will be used to make up episodes 1-5 with Judges 'positive' comments overlaid.

8. 4 Interns will be selected from NSW; 3 from Victoria and 1 from every other State and Territory.

9. There will be two production houses; one in Sydney, at Judge Lane, the other in South Melbourne. 6 Interns will live in apartment buildings in each city and will be required to go to 'work' each day.

10. All production meetings in series will be held online, however, they will only be open to people who have registered.

11. The database being built will be Australia's no 1 source of freelance creative; a new business model is being developed for musicians and it is proposed allowing them to use the site to promote and distribute their music on.

12. There is a strong chance the first OS licensee will be New Zealand although the Kiwis didn't take Clements' comment about using their pilots as goof reels in the Aussie series very well.

You heard it first from Greg "Media Man" Tingle

The Block

1. They used fake sweat beads.

2. The units were poor standard and over priced.

3. Bondi is a hole of a suburb and crime runs rampant.



1. The winner is pre determined


The Mole

1. The worst Reality TV show in the world.


The Amazing Race

1. Contestants buy a spot on the series.


WWE Tough Enough

1. Some of the worst pro wrestlers in the world

Big Brother

1. Gretal is a fake character


Greg Tingle Reality TV

1. As real as it gets folks.



The top 10 things about Reality TV

Reality TV is simply not real

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Reality TV Shows: (U.S Popularity)

1. Survivor (CBS)
2. Big Brother (CBS)
3. The Amazing Race (CBS)
4. The Mole (ABC)
5. American Idol (FOX)
6. I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here! (ABC)
7. Joe Millionaire (FOX)
8. The Bachelor (ABC)
9. Bachelorettes In Alaska (FOX)
10. Combat Missions (USA)
11. The Anna Nicole Show (E!)
12. Are You Hot? (ABC)
13. Fear Factor (NBC)
14. Mr. Personality (FOX)
15. Nashville Star (USA)
16. The Osbournes (MTV)
17. The Real World (MTV)
18. Trading Spaces (TLC)
19. Boot Camp (FOX)
20. Beg Borrow & Deal (ESPN)
21. Dog Eat Dog (NBC)
22. Making The Band (ABC)
23. No Boundaries (WB)
24. Real World/Road Rules Challenge (MTV)
25. Sorority Life (MTV)
26. The Surreal Life (WB)

Reality TV Shows: Misc

WWE Tough Enough (MTV)
Hi't! TV (Australian Reality TV show in pilot stage)
DIY Rescue (Channel 9, Australia)


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