"The Rhino, The Bird and The Mongrel Beast"

"The Rhino, The Bird and The Mongrel Beast"
by Greg Tingle

In summary, the United States - Australia relationship is symbiotic; meaning both countries need and benefit each other.

The United States is the rhino, and we are just the little bird, riding along on its back.

The bird has raised the ire of the mongrel beast, that being the Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, by continuing to ride on the back of the rhino.

The mongrel beast, Iraq, has been eating and attacking its own "offspring" for over a decade, and the rhino has grown tired of this, and has seized the opportunity to cage the beast, release its offspring and take control of its heartbeat; that being its oil.

All of this while doing the moral thing in the eyes of the world.

Australia must support America to ensure we are not seen to be supporters of the beast, or the greater beast, that being the terrorists of the world.

If we are to be allied to any country, the only choice is the United States.

We have suffered tragic loss in Bali, including loss of innocence, but it was not a mortal wound in the greater scheme of things.

Now, more than ever, do we need to ride on the back of the rhino, and if we do this well, we may in fact grow to become an eagle, for we need to assert that we are the true power of the South-East Asian region.


Greg Tingle - TAFE Student, and former Australian Army

Reserve "Most Improved Recruit" 1989-1991

M: 0409 045 200

E: greg_tingle@yahoo.com
Maroubra Beach, NSW, Sydney, Australia

Published on Australian News.Net 22nd March 2003

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