Rock N Roll Wrestling

Rock N Roll Wrestling: The Way It Was, by Bobby Riedel


I work in the pro wrestling industry, and I have worked with both the WWF and WCW for many different events. Most of my experience came from working along side the WWF/Titan Sports. I am in fact an ex Pro Wrestling Editor for a world-wide paid newsletter, Agent, and Personality.

Everywhere I go... all over the country... when wrestling is brought up, almost immediately the person discusses "the glory of days" of wrestling. The times of Andre the Giant, Wendi, Hulk, Piper, Lou Albano, the Iron Sheik, and yes, Cyndi Lauper!!! Everyone remembers her well. I know many people that have told me that their love for wrestling came from Cyndi's involvement in the sport.

Back in the mid 80's, wrestling was looked upon as both legit and non was at this point when the critics started to question the validity of the sport. (And it is a sport). Back then, the WWF was just starting to become this huge entity of popularity. On the road of major success with huge payoffs, Vince McMahon Jr. (The owner, then and now) had a vision. He wanted to take wrestling out of the dull lights and into the bigtime, thus creating sports entertainment on a grand scale. The involvement with Cyndi, Mr. T, Liberacci, Aretha Franklin, Billy Martin,, Danny DeVitto, Joe Piscapo, and many others made the WWF one of the biggest success stories of it's time. Unlike today, you had wrestlers that were called "faces" and others called "heels". (Good guys and bad guys). This is where Cyndi played a very important role.......

If your not clear about her involvement then read on. Cyndi and Lou Albano were in a heated argument about Cyndi's popularity. Albano claimed that he got her to where she was at that time. Cyndi then started to defend herself on WWF shows as well as on MTV (Piper's Pit and MTV Programs). This "issue" or "angle" then prompted the music world and the wrestling world to get involved. Artists like, Tina Turner, Little Richard, Stevie Wonder, Twisted Sister, and others started to appear on WWF programs. Then the wrestlers started to appear on MTV. Due to this incredible story that was developing, the entire nation was captivated by the scenario. This little snowball became huge and the WWF and Cyn reaped a lot of benefits from it. As stated earlier, actors, political figures (Geraldine Ferrara), and artists (Andy Warhole) all became involved with the popularity of this drama.

Eventually, Lou and Cyndi patched things up on TV and started to work together on the MS Charities. Millions of dollars were raised for this charity, and I believe it was largely part to Cyndi's involvement with Titan (WWF).

Now for those of you still a little confused as to Cyndi's role, read on.

Cyndi played a few different roles with the WWF. Her most important role to date, which she alone is responsible for...which still pertains to today, was that she created what was called the "Rock and Wrestling Connection". To date, the WWF has had 8 musical albums out and their success (went to #1 overseas) is due to Cyndi. Even now, in the new millennium, the WWF is starting their own record company. With out her, Rock and Wrestling would not of been formed. Secondly, Cyndi played a role as a face manager for Wendi Richter. I remember seeing arena's sold out primarily for Wendi and Cyndi vs. Moolah and Lou Albano. At many arenas, I would see dozens of girls dressed up as Cyn, while "GJWHF" blarred over the sound system. Posters, and banners were everywhere praising Cyn. Lastly, Cyndi became a wrestling ICON..and I know that's what bothers many Cyndi fans, but she really did! Former fans of wrestling, or even casual fans of wrestling always remember the days of Cyndi Lauper..that was their favorite time. (That was my favorite time). I still work with the stars of today, and Lou Albano is a very dear friend of mine, but the fact that wrestling hurt Cyndi's career is true to a point....

She got more exposure from the WWF than any other celebrity they had in the past..she got paid from the WWF, her name will always be up there when talking about the good old days, and she had "fun". What caused so many people to not like her involvement with the industry was the fact that it is entertainment..and the media frowns on it. However, wrestling today is the #1 rated show on cable each and every week, and it's not so much down played as it used to be. being part of the WWF is pretty much accepted and liked now by most people. Do you realize that Cyndi was honored at MSG at a wrestling event for her accomplishments? Dick Clark gave her the award. Did you know that Dave Wolffe and Cyndi helped produce the WWF's first wrestling album entitled....:The Wrestling Album"? She even sang on it...but as Mona Flambe'. Plus, Cyndi always had her musical fans, but she reached even more fans by entering the world of wrestling. If anything, we should be proud that Cyndi was such an important part of the growth of pro wrestling....whether you like the sport or not.

This is a very important issue to me. Often I hear Cyndi's fans talk of her involvement in WWF in a very negative way mainly because they don't understand her role and importance.

I choose to ignore what the media says...they always had it in for wrestling because wrestling can topple their ratings. Look at it today, in April of 2000..the wrestling stars are Hollywood stars. they are the most sought out athletes in the world today for promotional purposes, endorsements, and TV ratings for non wrestling shows. They have had 3 movies in the theaters about wrestling, and hundreds of wrestling specials that aired within the last 2 years about its success. Cyndi Lauper was seen in every show, and was often dubbed, "wrestling's Prom Queen". I spoke to Cyndi personally about all this in Orlando back in July of 1999. She simply said, "It was fun at that time. We had a lot of fun". I know she doesn't care for it anymore, but the influence that she had is still documented websites, magazines, and documentaries.

Thanks for reading.

(sourced from "The Vibe" and discussed with Bobby Riedel)


Mediaman, Greg Tingle, interviews Robby Riedel - 11th November 2003

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