Rolling Stone ramps up its coverage of WWE, sports entertainment, pro wrestling, UFC, and MMA, extreme sports et al

Rolling Stone ramps up its coverage of WWE, sports entertainment, pro wrestling, UFC, MMA, extreme sports et al, by Greg Tingle April - May 2018

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Behind the Scenes of "The Rock's" Rolling Stone Cover Shoot (YouTube)

We're long time Rolling Stone (magazine and the band) fans, so we've got some ripper news for you kids...

Rolling Stone magazine has joined in the global sports media and pop culture war and considerably ramped up their coverage of sports entertainment (pro wrestling), with an emphasis on WWE, as well as MMA (primarily UFC but also Bellator MMA), boxing, surfing and other extreme sports.

The WWE is a major part of American, Australian and much of the world's global pop culture scene, and Rolling Stone has smartly embraced the unique form of entertainment and is giving their unique and sometimes Gonzo Journalism style to it.

Rolling Stone much like the Media Agency sometimes trends the fine line between opening the curtain and going behind the scenes and inner workings of the business, but also still embracing some storylines and not going in a spoiling all of the fun fashion. In pro wrestling secret terms, this is known as not breaking "Kayfabe".. but we do stretch it on occasion.

Sports Entertainment is not a pure sport, and we would argue that Rolling Stone is also not all pure journalism, although they have done some excellent hardcore journalism over the decades. Rolling Stone is here to both educate and entertain us, and there's no point pretending that the WWE and its sports entertainment cousins are pure sport. The moment you sell a ticket, it becomes a business. Many insiders has recently started that the UFC is going in the more "sports entertainment" angle, with the Conor McGregor bus incident with a number of leaks even suggestion it was setup to help achieve worldwide news via an extravagant publicity stunt. UFC top brass Dana White says no so, and that it was McGregor being McGregor. Should we put this in the Don't Know or Not Sure category, like the infamous WWE 'Vince Screws Bret' - 'Montreal Screw Job' or was that 'Bret Screws Bret'?

A number of Australian athletes have been enjoining their day in the sun via Rolling Stone coverage including Robert Whittaker (UFC) and Ross Clarke-Jones (big wave surfer), thanks to RCJ's wipeout at Nazare. Great publicity for Jones and the World Surf League, and you know Red Bull does all right out of it too... the Bull is all over extreme sports these days. Everything cloud has a silver lining right?

If you were wondering it was Rolling Stone's most recent feature on Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and his Rolling Stone cover shoot, along with his Rampage movie release, and overall look at this amazing and inspirational career. Onya Dwayne, and thanks again for the chat in Sydney all those years back. We see ourselves always being a fan of the man, as well as his most famous brand, Seven Bucks Productions, as well as the pro wrestling company he laid the SmackDown on - that WWE. RS. do you reckon you can do something soon on a couple of our other favorites... Hulk Hogan (Terry Bollea), Brock Lesnar, his advocate Paul Heyman, and the man of 1001 holds and just as many talents, Chris Jericho? Yeah, keep running with some New Japan Pro Wrestling coverage, slip in more news on Kenny Omega, and don't forget the Australian wrestling promotions either maties.

Well done Rolling Stone which was the brainchild of publisher Jann Wenner, along with music critic Ralph J. Gleason. But, for many it was the journalism (Gonzo Journalism) of Hunter S. Thompson that grabbed readers by the throat... or balls, whatever you prefer, and made Rolling Stone just as as famous and infamous as the rock band spruiking the same name.

Rolling Stone. April - May 2018. Dwyane's World - The Pain and Passion That Fuel the Rock


Australia's Jimmy Barnes. Photography by Eva Rinaldi. Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

Rolling Stone Covers media photograph


Rolling Stone Covers campaign. Mick Jagger (The Rolling Stones) human statue.
Creative: Human Statue Bodyart


Main Gallery - 25 January to 19 March. LAUNCH: Saturday 25 January 2014.

The cover of Rolling Stone magazine has been graced by everyone from John Lennon to John F Kennedy. Its iconic psychedelic masthead coupled with captivating images from legends such as Annie Leibovits, have made the magazine the reference point of popular culture.

Yeah Yeah, its us with the Dwayne Johnson themed artwork we assisted Eva Rinaldi on. This was our door opener to actually speak with 'The Rock'! The art we worked on for Chris Jericho didn't turn out as well, and it certainly did not inspire Jericho to seek us out at his Sydney event a few years back! You win some, you loose some. We remain grateful to Eva Rinaldi for creating 'Aussie Rock', and for Dwayne making the time to say G'day. Now to get an official deal in place with Seven Bucks Productions.



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