RT and RT America pushing news media and creative boundaries

RT and RT America pushing news media and creative boundaries


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Russian jiu-jitsu tournament ends in mass brawl as fighters & guests attack each other in sports hall (VIDEO)

Kinsey Wolanski: The blonde behind the Champions League pitch invasion (PHOTOS)

Take that, climate change! With the Oscars’ plant-based menu, Hollywood finally saves the world for real

Union puts out ‘guidelines’ for sex scenes in response to #MeToo, but do these changes mean anything besides PR?

Drag queens to ‘make history’ in Super Bowl advert as Corporate America toes the line on virtue-signaling

‘How could we have known?’ Clinton claims ignorance on Weinstein accusations despite numerous warnings to campaign

Facebook, Twitter face fines in Russia for violating local data protection law

‘Wash, and don't be boring’: Messi & Co. given tips on picking up Russian girls at World Cup

Sex not in the top 10 most pleasurable things for Russians

GirlsDoPorn slapped with $12.8 MILLION in damages over ‘tricking’ 22 women into porn videos


Media Man


Jesse Ventura: “These were the biggest stories of 2019."

Music themed Facebook launched by Media Man Group; Inspired by Rolling Stone, MTV and Chris Jericho's 'Web Is Jericho'

News media, wrestling fans, music biz buzz about potential show featuring Violent Idols, Fozzy and Metallica at same venue; Media Man exchange with AEW / Bellator's Jake Hager. AEW momentum builds in Australia, Asia Pacific, globally

Chris Jericho launches Web Is Jericho - August 2019

The Brag Media secures Rolling Stone Australia licence - 20th November 2019

Rolling Stone loves living statues from Human Statue Bodyart creative team

Surf Rock, Surf Music - What's this wave of music all about?

Elias or Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson - greatest sports entertainer / wrestler - performing artist of all time?

Chris Jericho on AEW vs. WWE: ‘This is a war — even if you don’t want it to be’ - 16th May 2019