Save the Bay Coalition (Save Yarra Bay Coalition); People Power real community consultation

Save the Bay Coalition (Save Yarra Bay Coalition); People Power real community consultation; Greg Tingle eco / nature photoart noticed by residents. Joins media and fundraising campaign - December 2019


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Save Yarra Bay. Photoart by Greg Tingle

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Greg Tingle

Local sports agent, photoartist and moderate environmentalist will donate 50% of any of his local eco photoart sales to Save Yarra Bay for duration of campaign. If I sold that La Perouse / Yarra Bay Photo (and other Maroubra to La Perouse eco / nature themed photo / photoart of mine), for approx $180, and the buyer mentions Save Yarra Bay, I will gladly donate half of the price ($90) to Save Yarra Bay. the photo would be enlarged to the size of a large computer screen, and autographed, if the buyer wanted. It's just an idea. Income gets split 50/50. Half to our Media For Good, which gets channelled back into the region anyway and supports journalism, and the other half to Save Yarra Bay. Keep up the wonderful work everyone. World beaters. Media For Good : ) Greg Tingle

Maria Poulos Conklin

Thank you so much Greg - beautiful photos!


Greg Tingle

Thanks so much. Lots of folks wanted a bit more information so I gave them a bit more detail with my connection to nature, the ocean, how and why I settled in the region and so on. I think to help Mother Nature, as well as other people, and animals too, is one of the best things we can do. It gives me a great feeling just to know that I'm trying to help, and that other people feel the same way also. I love the Margaret Mead quote about a group of concerned citizens changing the world. That very principal is being played out as part of Save Yarra Bay. Just an outstanding community effort. I get the feeling the world is watching this space... for the right reasons. A wonderful show of real authentic community consultation, not the fake type that sometimes comes from some government related departments. I think you may have an understanding of what I mean. This is the community speaking up and keeping it real. Keep doing what you and the team are doing : )


Tim Clifford

Can you share any previous journalism work Greg?

Some of my past journalism work is showcased on my Media Man Int website. I'm primarily a media and sports agent and photoartist these days. From 2001 I did five years independent and freelance journalism. I found it so demanding and tolling that I started to do more work as a media and sports agent, creating and backing campaigns, and we are ramping up photography and photoart. I still do interviews across many industries. Again, many of these are showcased on the Media Man Int website. I love and respect the craft of journalism, but between the emotional toll it took on me, attending crime scenes and such, as well as being extremely difficult to make a living from it, I became an agent, and also worked on a number of tech media projects. You are most welcome to contact me privately. I'm aiming to get a meeting with Randwick Council soon about ways to create student and citizen journalism opportunities. Council and community liked my Eco Living Fair interviews and photoart, as well as my eco photoart, so that's a good omen. My Whaledreamers documentary coverage was huge, so that may be a good one to look up. I'm very pleased to be doing my modest bit for Save Yarra Bay, and for the environment in general. Media For Good : ) Thanks Greg

Jim Baker

Greg Tingle any relation to John or Laura Tingle?

Greg Tingle

Thanks everyone. It's great that we live in a community that has a genuine love for the natural environment. I moved to the area circa 1995, over from Newport Beach on the northern beaches. I worked in subscription television (Optus Vision). At that time they set the office up at Roseberry. It was too much of a daily drive back and forward. My ex wife and I discovered beautiful Maroubra Beach, which reminded me of my original home break of Newport Beach, so we bought a place at Pagewood. Yes, the natural beauty of the area does remind me somewhat of Newport. I've lived around the ocean the vast majority of life. The ocean and nature help keep me going and are are great ways to balance the technology (and sometimes stress) in this crazy world. Ocean sports and beach culture are an important part of my life. My surfing is extremely average, but I enjoy it, which is the main thing. I really like take photos of the amazing surfers in the area, and I turn them into surfart and popart, party influenced by the late Andy Warhol. He photographed Muhammad Ali, and further inspired my sports art. Oh, no relation to Laura or John, but I am the real Greg Tingle! (son of the late Eric "Tricky Ricky" Tingle) who was also based at Newport for many years. We do have many creative and artist types in my family including my mum, Beverley, who is a retired artist (oils and sketches) and poet. Thanks again for all that everyone is doing. If anyone ever wants a coffee or beer meeting catch up it would be a pleasure. Cheers.

Laura Ross

Hi Greg, id love to see some of your photos for Yarra/Lapa as well.

Greg Tingle

Thanks.A lot of my eco and sports photoart is on there. Here's my dedicated photography Facebook

Maria Poulos Conklin

Thank you so much Greg - beautiful photos!