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Google Local Guides Program: How To Earn Points & Badges - May 6, 2022

Google Local Guides receive recognition for contributions to Google Maps. Learn how to join the program and how to earn points & badges.


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By Matt G. Southern

Google depends on a community of dedicated volunteers all over the world to keep Search and Maps updated with current information about businesses, places, and local attractions.

Those volunteers are called Local Guides.

When you visit a new city and look up information about hotels and restaurants, there’s a good chance Google Local Guides have provided the information you need to make informed decisions.

Local Guides selflessly contribute reviews, photos, videos, and more all for the benefit of searchers like yourself.

Well, that’s almost true. Local Guides do receive virtual rewards for their services.

Google developed the Local Guides program to incentivize regular individuals to help keep Maps updated.

Local Guides are also called upon to verify information contributed by businesses is accurate.

Anyone is eligible to join the Local Guide program – and if you contribute reviews to Google Maps already, you might as well get some recognition for it.

This article will go over what the Google Local Guide program is, how to join it, and what kinds of perks you can earn from it.

What Is The Google Local Guide Program?

The Google Local Guide program is a gamified system that rewards users for making contributions to Google Maps and Google Business Profiles.

As a Local Guide, you earn points for every contribution. After accumulating a set number of points you can progress to new levels of the program and unlock new badges.

Your badge is displayed next to your name in Google Maps when you leave a review or answer questions, so everyone will recognize you as a local expert.

Points, Levels & Badges

Points can be earned with the following contributions to Google Maps:

Write a review – 10 points
Write a 200+ character review – 20 points
Rate a business – 1 point
Upload a photo – 5 points
Tag a photo – 3 points
Upload a video – 7 points
Respond to Q&As – 3 points
Edit information – 5 points
Add a place – 15 points
Add a road – 15 points
Check a fact – 1 point
Publish an eligible list – 10 points
Write a description (in list) – 5 points
You’ll reach higher levels in the Local Guides program as you build up points.

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Greg Tingle

Google Local Guides is a great idea. I joined many years ago, since I work in and around, publishing, events, news, sports, tourism, eco and more. We specialize in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Australia and have profiled and reviewed dozens of cafes. Google Local Guides has been great for our profile and website traffic, but not so much the bottom line. Mind you, the exposure has helped us with our overall positioning and ranks, and many businesses in Australia and abroad end up coming to us directly for business proposals. We further ramped up in collaboration with our Cafe News Media and Eastern Suburbs Media websites, so everyone knew we were fair dinkum about coverage in the region and we've got hundreds of photos of the region's beauty. It's turned into more of a passion project, as how much its helped our bottom line is hard to measure. We also have a few Google Sites based websites and other Google deals, so it appears to me that our involvement as a contributor to Google Local Guides helps keep us Google friendly! We know we are blessed to live and work in the region and we can show the world why. Cheers to that.