Selling the political message online

Selling the political message online (originally published on the now defunct, and still on

Online campaigns can have a positive affect.

I would think that politicians that wish to employee an online campaign would do good to utilize independent news and political website such as Online Opinion, and my very own, Mediaman.

Having swapped e-mails with a number of high profile politicians on issues such as the crime wave at Maroubra's Lexington Place, I can tell you that politicians and their minders pay a lot of attention to political and news media based websites in Australia. has brought new meaning into the power of political campaigns and news online. They often are mentioned in the "traditional" press, such as Australia's main newspapers, and even the ABC's, Media Watch.

Political websites are even getting mentioned in sessions of parliament!

Freedom of speech, and "freedom of web" are "powerful" things.

See to why, examine the articles section of Mediaman.

Greg Tingle
Editor / Director / Broadcaster


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