Sharma tackling world teen title

Sharma tackling world teen title - 10th February 2007
(Credit: Waikato Times)

Miss Whangamata is set to take on the world.

Sharma Slavich's smile and personality won her the Miss Whangamata title late last year and now it has helped her win Miss Teen New Zealand title and an overseas engagement.

Miss Slavich, 17, won the beauty contest last week at the Pukekohe Cosmopolitan Club in front of about 80 people.

The beauty pageant consisted of a swimwear and evening wear section, a question and answer segment, a dance and a speech.

"I was nervous about my speech," Miss Slavich said.

"Everything else I was fairly confident about."

During the swimwear section Miss Slavich donned the multi-coloured bikini she wore when winning the titles of Miss Whangamata and Miss Matarangi.

"It must be lucky," she said.

Miss Slavich will travel to Australia's Gold Coast on April 28 and compete for the title of Miss Teen World against 50 girls.


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