Social media news and campaigns a double edged sword says Media Man and Australian Sports Entertainment agency head

Social media news and campaigns a double edged sword says Media Man and Australian Sports Entertainment agency head - April 2019


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by Greg Tingle

The news media industry, especially pertaining to online news and the advent of social media channels, can be described by many adjectives - "Double edged sword" seems to fit the fit the bill.

Over the past 20 plus years I think I have experienced the best and worst of social media and news media, both on a professional and personal basis. From 5 figure media deals facilitated by an online presence, to missing out on big deals thanks to globalisation to bidding wars with an element of "how cheap can it be" aspects, my company and I have been through the mill.

Fortunately, we have weathered the storm and have been in business since 2001, which would make my company and I a media survivor or sorts. We've survived and continue to do so, while at some periods we have thrived. It's all a growing and continual learning progress.

For the uninitiated, my background includes media sales (bundling and subscriber television), pure journalism, advertising and media / sports agent campaigns.

An interesting element of my current business is that our portfolio of websites performs much stronger in online ratings as far as search engine results, Alexa and other ratings and so on, than our social media performance - especially on Facebook. I have a strong feeling that our Facebook posts are not as popular as they could be since I don't currently pay Facebook for any advertising campaigns.

Our readers, potential clients and such find us organically or naturally, if you follow my drift. Our websites are very well established, and in fact the Media Man Australia website is a former Hitwise Australia multi-time finalist (personalities - entertainment) category.

By necessity we've had to adapt with the times as per Charlies Darwin evolution philosophy, and work on and specialise in niche markets. These include but are not limited to:

Combat Sports - Wrestling, Boxing, MMA

Surf Culture and Beach Culture

Pop Culture - TV, movies, pro wrestling, music, celebrity et al

Art and Photography


Human Rights / Social / People Power campaigns

Personal Technology

So readers, what's your experiences with news media, the new media and social media been like?

Do any of our own findings resonate with you?

If you think you may be able to do business with us, that's a bonus. We specialise in PR (Public Relations) and online advertising / exposure, and well as event and project management. I'm also pretty well known for my photography, which I coined "photoart", inspired by the late, great, Andy Warhol. I'm a bit of a salesperson at heart, but I'm a darn good journo, agent and advertising executive too.

Thanks for dropping by the Media Man network of websites today, and see you at the the events (or the Aussie beaches). Surfs up!



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