Sports entertainment business approaching fever pitch down under in Australia; WWE, UFC others eyeing off major Australian sports stadiums; Potential sports betting opportunities; William Hill, Bet365, other sports betting giants interested to secure naming rights to Australian horse racing and motorsport tracks?

Sports entertainment business approaching fever pitch down under in Australia; WWE, UFC others eying off major Australian sports stadiums; Potential sports betting opportunities; William Hill, Bet365, other sports betting and sports entertainment giants interested to secure naming rights to Australian horse racing and motorsport tracks?; Where there's smoke there's fire says insiders - February - March 2018


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Sports betting kings interested to take place of banking and financial sector on sports arena rights

Sports entertainment and sports arena naming rights rumors running wild in the land down under

American promoters Vince McMahon, Triple H and UFC's Dana White following Australian sports and entertainment trends closely; Ticket sales, buy rates, social media scores and sports betting interest

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Where's there's smoke, there's fire! Big business is a game... roll the clichés out sports fans. That's the word on the street and with numerous sports and betting industry experts who wish to interestingly wish to remain anonymous on what would be categorized as more rumor than news at this stage of the game.

The otherwise vocal and opinionated sports betting and sports promoting world often enjoys being quoted on stores of this nature but perhaps with Australian sports betting being a politically charged subject at present, not quite #metoo in nature, but getting there, the experts prefer to keep their names out of the press but are more than happy for news media to keep spreading the news that sports betting brands are keen to get their names on Australian sports arenas, rather than just have modest size billboards track and field side.

Many Australian sports arenas have bared the names of banks, financial institutions and insurance companies over the past decade plus - with the odd computer or technology firm thrown in there for good measure. Let's see:



Acer Arena

HBF Stadium

There's plenty more. Add them up. How about Bitcoin Arena, BitPOS Arena, or Bitcoin Cash Arena. EA Sports Arena. 2K Sports Arena. RockStar Games Arena. We thought you would like that.

Sports business is big business. The AFL is one of the better ran businesses in Australia, and they have recently launched their AFLX brand. Perhaps inspired by Mr. McMahon's second go at the XFL?

Could the global sports betting brands be circling like sharks smelling red blood. Sports entertainment (pro wrestling) followers will be familiar with the term "Red turns to green".. that translated into English means Blood turns to Ca$h. We're sure you get the analogy.

In other sports arena news major news media firms in Australia and abroad are reporting that global sports entertainment powerhouse, the WWE, is more than keen to present a supershow at a Melbourne based arena towards the end of 2018. More likely than not this would be the Melbourne Cricket Ground. This may or may not be entitled Global Warming Tour II. The promoter will be aiming for a crowd attendance in the 80,000 to 100,000 mark, which is a whole lot more than the Australian Ashes (cricket) brought to Melbourne.

So punters, what's the odds and smart money on? Could it end up William Hill Arena, Bet365 Arena, Bitcoin Cash Arena, Adidas, Nike, Reebok Arena, Virgin Arena, EA Sports Arena, Google Arena, Rolling Stone Arena, News Corp Arena, or WWE Network Arena? Stranger things have happened.

As WWE sports promoter genius Vince McMahon has often said over the years, "Anything is possible in the WWE". Well, how about a new angle on that with 'Anything is possible in Australian sports". Oh yeah (Randy Savage term), McMahon is set to do a launch of the XFL in 2020. Looks like the stars may be in alignment for the Australian sports loving public. Shout out also to WWE's Aussie grappler Buddy Murphy... sweet match on 205. It would be awesome to see you on the WrestleMania 34 card.

Keep tuning into the Media Man network of websites for more on this exciting developing news story.

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Brock Lesnar and advocate Paul Heyman may be playing off UFC against WWE; "Lesnar is always ready for UFC" adds fuel to fire in Suplex City circles. If the Heyman Hustle is playing off both organisations against each other, more power to him

Sports betting and entertainment brands keen to secure naming rights on Australian sports arenas

Australian government should regulate sports betting to next level or see even more money flow out of Australia; Bring in Trump like protectionism into Australian sports or suffer consequences

Bad boys of Australian sports will not be tolerated in sports business for much longer, Behave or loose brand - product endorsement sponsorships. Sorry Hayne, it had to be said

WWE Global Warming Tour. Melbourne, Australia. WWE: Worldwide


Bitcoin Bowl!

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Brock Lesnar still sells WWE (and UFC) tickets, merch and network subscribers


Stephanie McMahon, Ronda Rousey and Triple H. Rousey signing with WWE is big business and mega brand awareness. Immediate, short and long term benefits


WWE 205's Buddy Murphy (from Australia)


AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura often means 'Match Of The Night' and a 'Match Of The Year' candidate


The SHIELD is big business. Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. Individually or collectively they bring the action and box office


Ticketek will be looking to secure exclusive ticking rights, or could they co-exist with an alternative ticking supplier?


Will Fox Sports Australia become an official sponsor of an Australian WWE Supershow, or will they just write about the event?

What piece of the action if any will Nine's Wide World Of Sports see from a supershow?


Expect media support from 9Go! and 9 NOW!


James Packer owned Crown Melbourne and Crown Hotels would be keen to fill their establishments to full capacity with Australian wrestling fans flocking to Melbourne for a hot weekend of sports entertainment courtesy of the WWE. A major rock concert planned on the same weekend is also the buzz. Packer has the home turf advantage and needs a big win

Great business for the City Of Melbourne and Tourism Australia. SuperBowl advertising paying off already?


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Betting agency Paddy Power giving odds on Hulk Hogan and CM Punk WWE pro wrestling return! - May 2017

Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash vs Monero vs Ethereum; A perfect storm of cryptocurrencies; Australia-wide, American, Japanese and Korean / Chinese implications

60 Minutes Australia (Channel Nine): Bitcoin and cryptocurrency related news story in development: Update later this week - February 2018

Hotel, Resort and Airline online ticket booking war escalates; Australian and international sector


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