Stand out from the pack via photography, events, publicity stunts, ambush marketing and just being different

Stand out from the pack via photography, events, publicity stunts, ambush marketing and just being different, by Greg Tingle

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Richard Branson in tribal dress

Why would anyone or anything possibility want to stand out from the pack and be different?

How about this: so your not like everyone else. If your like everyone else you and your work are not going to be noticed. Ok, if you are noticed, its likely not going to be for long as you will just morph into the landscape and whatever business or creative medium it is, and get just little more than a passing glance.

Ponder this: artists usually dress as artists, rock stars in rock star attire, judges and their wigs, airline pilots in flashing uniform, NRL, AFL and NFL (hello to XFL also) sports starts in flashing sporting uniforms. Celebs often dress like celebs. Here's three very different, yet strong examples: Rihanna and Jimmy Hart aka 'The Mouth Of The South' from World Wrestling Federation / Entertainment, WCW and Memphis wrestling fame. Richard Branson of Virgin Group. He often wears attire to suit the type of event he's attending, and of course his budget certainly allows this. I've event photographed him in Aboriginal tribal like attire, when the occasion called for it. He would not be wearing that get-up to a Airline conference or to the V Festival (music), unless it had a tribal or indigenous theme. They dress like stars and celebs, in turn they became.

One may not always want to dress up, but if your are going to certain events, or are having your creative or business works on display in a gallery, exhibition or the like, its likely a good idea to dress up for the part.

Recently I travelled interstate from Sydney into Surfers Paradise and I was dressed down (too much in fact), as I was sort of caught out. I didn't know that there was a beachside markets event on the same evening, and here I am working in and around media and publicity circles, and I certainly wasn't wearing a suit and I dare say I stood out a little because I had not dressed for the event, as I didn't know it was on.

Richard Branson and his companies even get cartoon and television skits! Free publicity for being different


Rihanna, Katy Perry and friend





Artwork Ahead

Photography by Greg Tingle




Art by Joe Vickers

Gold Coast Meter Maids website

Gold Coast Meter Maid. Photo art by Greg Tingle. Andy Warhol pop art inspired


Andy Warhol and 'Mean' Gene Okerlund (WWF WrestleMania) New Work. Madison Square Garden. 1985

Andy Warhol, Hulk Hogan and 'Mean' Gene Okerlund



Campbell's Tomato Soup by Andy Warhol


Pamela Anderson in a Google themed dress. Google is primarily an advertising services based company which has also branched into numerous other arenas.



Rocky DVD and Blu-ray launch. Jeff Fenech and friends. Creative by Human Statue Bodyart


Messages On Hold (ambush marketing stunt)



Jimmy Hart 'The Mouth Of The South'


bwin models parade for the popular gaming and poker brand


UFC living legend Ronda Rousey dons bodypaint for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition


Max Markson (Markson Sparks!) and Greg Tingle. Max' 'Show Me The Money' publicity photo


'Money Girl' and Kym Illman (Messages On Hold)



Bondi Bubble App Launch Party


Bondi Bubble App Launch Party


V8 Supercars. BOC and X-Men: Days Of Future Past themed. (Human Statue Bodyart campaign with online promotion via Media Man Int, Media Man Australia and Greg Tingle Promotions)

V8 Supercars is currently known as Supercars. The Mystique (X-Men: Days Of Future Past) creation helped the BOC team garner extra attention and media for themselves, their team, sponsors, associates et al. Creative by Human Statue Bodyart. Promo by Media Man Int and Media Man Australia

So You Think You Can Dance (creative by Human Statue Bodyart). Visual effects helped the dance group get noticed


Beach stunt

(Media placement by Media Man Int and Media Man Australia) removable tattoo on the back of a professional boxer. This image was allegedly broadcast to millions of people, and still gets talked about in media, agency, marketing, creating, boxing and professional sports circles. Money well spend? Most likely.


Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Bella Hadid

Victoria's Secret official website


Honey Birdette. Not to be outdone, their provocative lingerie on hot models has generated national and international news. Eric Biscoff penned a book 'Controversy Creates Cash'.



Romance Was Born. Marvel Comics themed fashion



Art by Rob Schamberger (Hulk Hogan)


Rob Schamberger paints the legendary Kerry Von Erich!: WWE Canvas 2 Canvas

Rob Schamberger paints Bret Hart & Stone Cold at Wizard World: WWE Canvas 2 Canvas

What's worse that being talked about? Not being talked about - Anom

Art is anything that you can get away with - Andy Warhol

There's a customer born every minute - P.T. Barnum



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Leo Burnett Christmas Party at Australian National Maritime Museum; James Bond themed performers; Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia - December 2014

Ronda Rousey Gets Wet, Gives You A Show In Nothing But Body Paint | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

Rihanna bodypainted and costumes; Media Man Int online showcase

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Ronda Rousey Uncovered Sport Illustrated photo shoot

Cleopatra popular theme for creative arts, body painting and gaming!

Coastalwatch - The Once'A Swell June 2016 East Coast Low

WWE Hidden Gems (WWE Network Collection intro)

Tilt Brush - The Lab at Google Culture Institute (video)

Red Bull Signature Series - The Mavericks Invitational FULL TV EPISODE

Pop art and pop culture themed bodypainting and living statues by Human Statue Bodyart - Human Entertainment

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Lasseters Hotel Casino TV Commercial

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