Strategies of perennial roulette winners

Strategies of perennial roulette winners


The dream of every gambler is a professional career as a professional gambler. Yet, in the history of modern roulette, since about the 1970s, there have probably been hardly more than 40 players who have been able to earn large sums of money in the long run with roulette. However, their winning strategies do not lie in roulette systems but refer to a precise analysis of the respective game pot. Play online in YOJU Casino.

Statistical analysis of the roulette wheel

Professional gamblers in gambling can only be active in practical games in the casino. They try to find out tendencies through kettle mistakes and bet their money according to a particular system on the numbers and digits that are most probable from their point of view. Meticulous examinations and observations of the winning results of roulette wheels show whether there may have been errors in the production of the wheel that can be used to one's advantage. No roulette wheel is entirely balanced and contains minimal deviations. This phenomenon does not exist in online casinos.

The recording of the fallen digits is very long-term. Players usually evaluate hundreds of games until they perceive a slight tendency and bet money. The focus is on the 3-sigma rule. Some professional gamblers have been able to earn several million euros in this way in various casinos.

With "kettle watching" to success

Gamblers still have a few seconds to place further bets after the ball has been thrown into the spinning cauldron. Some professional gamblers have specialised in using this short period for their bets. They follow precisely how the ball bounces and at what speed the wheel moves. They are referred to in the trade as so-called pot watchers. Kettle watching can only be done successfully with some experience. The fallen digit is a coincidence for beginners and novices despite the ball already being in the kettle. However, with knowledge of the kettles used and years of trained skill, the number of different draw possibilities can at least be roughly narrowed down, increasing the chances of success.

Strict regulations and countermeasures make kettle peeking almost impossible today. Only a few decades ago, some true masters perfected this skill. However, with the increasingly accurate kettles, it is tough to intuitively calculate and predict the direction of the ball's movement within a few milliseconds. If a casino operator finds out that a gambler is intensively observing what is happening and thus achieving financial success in the long term, penalties such as a ban from the casino are very likely. In most cases, this also applies to the company's other casinos. It is assumed that the number of active pot watchers today is less than 15. There is almost no new blood for this area, as the game system of kettle watching is massively nipped in the bud.