Streaming Media wars heat up: Netflix, Stan, HeyU; Sports Streamers - WWE Network, FITE TV, New Japan World, UFC Fight Pass, ESPN +, Paramount Network, Global Wrestling Network et al. Opportunities, threats and unknowns

Streaming Media wars heat up; Netflix, Stan, HayU, Sports Streamers - WWE Network, FITE TV, New Japan World, UFC Fight Pass, ESPN +, Paramount Network Global Wrestling Network et al

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Opportunities, threats and unknowns, by Greg Tingle

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Streaming, PPVs, live event ticket sales; A Pandora's box for promoters and fans

WWE sports entertainment vs Impact Wrestling vs New Japan Pro Wrestling vs Independent promotions

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Promoters, sports and entertainment media duke it out for the winners purse

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Adult Swim. Networks and channels are spending money to promote their wares.
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Vince McMahon vs Hulk Hogan. WWE WrestleMania 18. King of sports entertainment promoters vs king of professional wrestling.

by Greg Tingle

The world of sports (should say Business of Sports), is an extension of the entertainment and business world, for the most past these days.

Just ask the promoters and management of giants such as the WWE, UFC, AFL, NRL, NBL, Cricket Australia and you get the idea.

Sports betting wasn't invented just for the fun of it. It's designed to make money for the companies and brands associated, hence Australian sports promoters are hoping to retain an element of sports betting in their overall business models, ideally 'live in play', if they can swing it.

Merchandising and sports broadcasting rights are of course a major part of the equation. In recent years the internet platforms have changed the game for sports promoters and presented more opportunities and threats.

The cool kids and their parents are running around with smartphones, hence the whole world can be citizen broadcasters and journalists. The exclusive and precious media elements is all but gone.

The smart operators are standing out from the pack and evolving with the times. WWE's Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H will survive. So will the UFC's Dana White, but a sustainable business model in these volatile times is not guaranteed. Ever hear of Enron (The Smartest Guys In The Room) or PSINet? Some companies were supposed to be too big to fail, but somehow found a way.

Currently Facebook is experiencing a PR disaster, and its a lot more involved the under perming for a few campaigns.

WWE Mixed Match Challenge has enjoyed a couple of runs via Facebook, which is quite entertaining. Fortunately for the WWE the series is available on a number of platforms including, WWE YouTube and the WWE Network. Risk management and cross promotion has proved to be a smart strategy for the sports entertainment giant, and other smart operators should be looking to do the same. You need to reach your sports and entertainment loving audience, no matter where they are.


Sports or The Business Of Sport?

We know the WWE is sports entertainment, and for the most part, match winners are pre determined.

For a number of years some traditional pure sports such as Cricket and Tennis have had their pedigree and pureness questioned and comprised, witness the explosion of sports business and mega sports and media rights. There's so much money involved that some things are happening to sport that shouldn't be.

Let's not even get started on FIFA or the Olympic Games should we? There's books on it, because many things have occurred which move sport into the sports business spectrum.


What does sport need to do to survive?

Live crowd attendance, ticket sales, media and sponsorship rights, and to stay relevant for a start.

To be continued...


Mayweather Promotions official website

Floyd 'Money' Mayweather made plenty for himself and his fellow promoters over the decades

Show Boxing (Showtime) official website

FOX Sports Australia

FOX Sports Australia does (or did) have a business arrangement with CrownBet. CrownBet is now EasyBet. The sports betting industry continues to evolve and is set for more mergers, acquisitions and general shake ups

John Cena and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Both are making the transition to movies and entertainment and stepping away from in-ring performances. For most wrestlers 10 to 15 years is the most time they can expect to perform in sports entertainment


Former UFC champion and living legend of MMA, Ken Shamrock. Shamrock has made the transition into public speaking and Podcasting with business manager Des W. Woodruff. See The World's Most Dangerous Podcast. Many American and Canadian wrestlers, martial artists, sports announcers and such have their own podcasts.


WWE superstar Roman Reigns with a TAPOUT promotion. TAPOUT and WWE came to business terms. MMA giant, the UFC, came to terms with Rebook, with a mixed reaction from fighters. Conor McGregor is known to make his own deals, as is WWF - UFC cross over talent Brock Lesnar, who is managed by his long time advocate Paul Heyman.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman (WrestleMania 31). Lesnar is teasing a switch to UFC after WrestleMania 34 in April 2018. Paul Heyman is the top brass at Heyman Hustle and Looking 4 Larry agency


'Rowdy' Ronda Rousey made made a so far impressive transition into the sports entertainment world via pro wrestling giant, the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). She draws ticket sales, positive media, WWE Network subscribers and excitement. With Rousey you never know what might happen. Ronda Rousey official website. Ronda Rousey - profile Got to love her ring entrance 'Bad Reputation' by Joan Jett.

UFC Gym Sydney: BRAVE campaign


UFC New York. New York, USA, has long been a favourite of MMA, boxing and pro wrestling promoters. Ever heard of Madison Square Garden?

Non UFC MMA promotions such as Bellator have had some challenges to attract a bigger audience. Many MMA fighters prefer to work for Bellator, stating that the pay days are more fair. Bellator MMA has also been looking to conquer the Google and Facebook online ranking for MMA which are largely saturated by the UFC.

Madison Square Garden. New York


The WWE enjoyed another Australia tour in October 2018. They are aiming to draw approx 60,000 to the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Oh, G'day Beau Ryan at The Footy Show?

WWE's agreement with Nine's 9GO! has been renewed. 9GO! carries a one hour version of WWE RAW and WWE SmackDown. This has helped popularize WWE and pro wrestling in Australia


The pro wrestling industry in Australia is a touch business. Independent promotions such as the AWF continue to have their work cut out for them. Small to medium crowds, no television time and budgets don't allow booking of major venues. Good on them for having a go and sticking with it.

New Japan Pro Wrestling. Home of some of the world's greatest professional wrestlers. They had a mixed experience in Australia with what called be called average crowd attendance. The right media, public relations and communication channels are paramount to success. WWE - New Japan cross over star Chris Jericho helped boost crowed numbers and New Japan Pro Wrestling subscriber numbers considerably. Jericho added 15 to 25,000 extra bums on seats in Japan and at least an extra 15,000 New Japan streaming (New Japan World) buys by all accounts.

Sports in Australia have experimented in making their sport more exciting with entertainment and creative tie ins following the U.S. Cricket Australia 'Best Dressed'. Golden bodypainted models by Human Statue Bodyart

The Human Statue Bodyart 'Best Dressed' models and creating costuming was seen by the Australian sports loving public. Cricket Australia is currently looking to move on from a current scandle involving manipulation of the cricket ball et al

Melbourne Cricket Ground

AFL. Adelaide Oval. Photography and project management on site by Greg Tingle. Creative by Human Statue Bodyart


TMZ and TMZ Sports are getting the lions share of WWE exclusives, which is by design. It's a true win - win by all accounts

Pro wrestling legends such as Terry Funk and Harley Race are a dying breed.

Dusty Rhodes vs Harley Race pre WWE or even before the internet was an idea


AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura at WrestleMania on 8 April 2018 should be an instant classic


For the longest time pro boxing great Muhammad Ali knew it was the business of sport. He knew how to talk it up and sell tickets. Pictured with wrestler - martial artist Muhammad Ali. Circa 1976. Japan


Andre The Giant vs Hulk Hogan. WWF WrestleMania 3. Stay tuned for the highly anticipated documentary on the life and times of Andre courtesy of a HBO and WWE collaboration


Arnold Sports Festival Australia Arnold Sports Festival

The Arnold Sports Festival has continued to development and become much more than just a bodybuilding comp. This typifies the business of sports, especially in sports nutrition and supplements. Let's not get into a current sports documentary, but we all remember the classic 'Pumping Iron'.


The Nine Entertainment Co. has enjoyed a stellar run in broadcasting Australian cricket. Is it time for them to move on, or does it make good business sense for them to continue to support the game? (GO! is currently enjoying solid success broadcasting the WWE's RAW and SmackDown programs (Thursday and Friday)

The late, great, Kerry Packer, was instrumental in turning cricket into the business of sport. Enter World Series Cricket circa 1977, which took the television time away from Jim Barnett's World Championship Wrestling. WCW had a good run, but allegedly was run into the ground and Nine needed a new money maker.



Ricky Steamboat vs 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair. One of the greatest pro wrestling matches and feuds of all time. NWA. Photo Credit: Pro Wrestling Illustrated

MMA fighter Conor McGregor has taken self promotion and sports promotion to the next level in the current era

2K aka 2K Games. Gaming is a huge part of sports entertainment merchandising


EA Sports. They have looked after the UFC games for many years. We're now at UFC 3

EB Games are a bit hit with Australians at both retail outlets and via online sales


Sports entertainment business approaching fever pitch down under in Australia; WWE, UFC others eyeing off major Australian sports stadiums; Potential sports betting opportunities; William Hill, Bet365, other sports betting giants interested to secure naming rights to Australian horse racing and motorsport tracks?

American sports, entertainment and pop culture we love; Media Man Int and Media Man Australia top picks

Personal technology on Media Man agency radar; Business ramping up across Sydney's eastern suburbs says Media Man agency; New breed of sports tech entrepreneurs U.S and global vision

Major sporting codes seek to ease siren-to-siren betting ad ban - 13th January 2018

Over The Top Rope; Professional Wrestling's glory days delivered World Championship Wrestling - October 2017

Shinsuke Nakamura win in WWE Royal Rumble 2018 is fan and business friendly; Shakes up sports entertainment world and keeps things interesting in vs New Japan Pro Wrestling battle says Media Man agency

Ronda Rousey and Roman Reigns may turn heel and / or join Paul Heyman by or at WWE WrestleMania says Media Man agency

Nostalgia still sells; Wrestling fans call for WWE old school faction: Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels, X-Pac; Paul 'Mr Wonderful' Orndorff as corporate advisor - 2017

Netflix vs Disney's Movies Anywhere vs Stan vs the rest of the world; Foxtel vs Fetch vs HayU - March - April 2018

Stand out from the pack via photography, events, publicity stunts, ambush marketing and just being different

WWE confirms talks with Hulk Hogan - March 2018

The other extreme, by Matt Holden - 1st March 2002

The Great Aussie Promoters - 5th October 2003

The Great Yankee Promoters

The Man In The Arena

End of an era for Messages On Hold ambush marketing


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Human Statue Bodyart creates living statue campaign for Parramatta Eels presentation evening; Rosehill Gardens, Sydney - 12th September 2013

South Sydney Rabbitohs impending victory helped inspire spot of the moment bodypainted bunny by Human Statue Bodyart family and friends; Bodypainting out of a rabbit hole; Sydney, Australia

Video Production promotions and media campaigns via Media Man Int and Media Man Australia

Mr. Custom Made 'Ric Flair Custom Suit Collection' coming soon


Vince McMahon's biggest gamble ever (WWE Network Exclusive)

HBO's "Andre the Giant" documentary premieres Tuesday, April 10

Catch WrestleMania 34 - Sunday, April 8, on WWE Network

WrestleMania 35's high-profile press conference descends on MetLife Stadium

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Over the Top Rope - Trailer - Documentary about World Championship Wrestling Australia 1964 - 1978

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Thunderlips vs Rocky

WWE Hidden Gems (WWE Network Collection intro)

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