Surf life takes to the stage

Surf life takes to the stage, by Michael Rogers - 12th March 2008
(Credit: Wentworth Courier)

Singer/songwriter Will Conner says he is mildly nervous about opening for surf-rock legend Jack Johnson at Centennial Park this Saturday, but he's positively relaxed about his gig at Friday night's surf culture arts festival, The Happening, at Bondi Pavilion.

"For me, [The Happening] is at the cutting edge of how surfing has influenced music and art over the years," he said.

Conner will feature with fellow musos Dave Rastovich and Matt Costa at the event, which also features several short films and photography exhibitions.

Proceeds from Friday night's festival will help support The Sea Shepherd Society's battle against whaling.

Conner, from Byron Bay, espouses a philosophy of the music industry that sits very nicely with his surfing background.

"If I get the chance to play for big crowds, I'll take it, but I don't know if it's my way to go off and make a living being a rock star. If I can still play the guitar for my girlfriend one day, I'll be happy."

The Happening - Art Film and Music Festival is at Bondi Pavilion on Friday, March 14 from 6pm. Tickets $35, details at


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