Surf Rock

Surf Rock, Surf Music - What's this wave of music all about?, by Greg Tingle

What is surf rock?

Answer - it's different things to different people.

Surf Rock is cool, and hip, and alive and well in the 00s.

It's more than just music - surf rock is a vibe, its on the edge, it's made for movies, and its out of control baby!

As the world movies forward with "progress", traditional and real "coolness" is kicking ass, with surf rock, beach buggies, pyhcadelic fashion, free sex and alternative lifestyle enjoying a resurgence.

The entertainment world has certainly been influenced in recently years, with new surfing movies like "Point Break" performing well, and movie enthusiasts chasing down titles like Big Wednesday and Endless Summer. How about the classic, Psycho Beach Party.

Surf Rock has a more wide spread appeal than one might initially imagine. Event the girls are in on the act.

This phenom is not just restricted to surfing hubs like Australia or the United States. You want diversity?

The Astroglides (Israeli surf band)

The Vivisectors (Russia)

The Surf Sluts (UK)

Cave4 (Germany)

Drifting Sand (California)

Pollo Del Mar (parts unknown)

Brian Wilson - formally of The Beach Boys (California)

The California Girls - California!

Tim Coffman - San Diego

The Atlantic's (Australia)

So, if you've been searching for the next big thing, you have just found it baby. Turn off the TV, throw away that recycled modern rock crap, and plug into surf rock.

Jump on the new wave of sound.


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