Team Tarzan could save Tarzan!

Team Tarzan could save Tarzan!, by Greg Tingle - 5th January 2004

When I first received the e-mail letter (bellow), I thought, "here we go again"! Sorry to be cynical, but Mediaman gets a lot of mail, including a great deal from lobby groups and the like.

The more I examined and pondered "Team Tarzan", the more I realised that they have a point.

Too many corporations in the world, let alone "Hollywooders", are forgetting the fans.

This Team Tarzan reminds me of when Australian WWF wrestling fans lobbied both Channel 10 and FOXTEL in the past, to see their beloved wrestling return.

Ok, Tarzan ain't wresting, but it is a staple of the American TV diet, and predominantly, it is good, wholesome stuff.

Team Tarzan also strikes a chord, as it's also about the "law of the jungle", and one may wonder if the Warner Bros executives see Tarzan fans as just more prey for their powerhouse production company to swallow up!

Recently Steve "Crocodile Hunter" Irwin became the hunted, when the world saw Stevo put his baby in arms length of a crocodiles jaws. What's this got to do with "Team Tarzan"? Arrogance for one. The hunter can, and often does become the hunted!

Already fans of Warner Bros have been looking elsewhere for their dose of Hollywood entertainment. In this writers estimation, when Warner Bros became part of Time-Warner, that alienated many fans to the point of no return.

Will WB see the error of their ways, and return power to the people who help sell their over-priced merchandise, and fill up their 30-second advertising spots, or will they ignore their fans calls for help, and as a result, be just another entertainment giant that used to be great, only to have headed south. Could WB end up be known as "Was Better", rather than Warner Bros?

Something tells this writer that unless WB listens to their fans, known as "Team Tarzan", the law of the jungle will prevail, and WB could end up at the bottom of the "murky deep".

*Disclaimer: Greg Tingle is the author of this article, the publisher and broadcaster of Mediaman, and is also a member of the Friends Of The ABC (who help keep Australia's Australian Broadcasting Corporation, well, let's say "honest" and open).

Press Release / letter received from Kim Roth (Team Tarzan)

I am a member of Team Tarzan. Team Tarzan is a group of fans who are involved in the campaign to save the WB's series Tarzan. We are very dedicated to the fight to save our show. We have been sending emails, postcards, stuffed animals and banana baskets to the executives at the WB to show them how much the show means to us. We have placed an ad which will be in the January 6th edition of the Hollywood Reporter to further show our commitment to the show. We are having a shipment of stuffed animals delivered to the WB on the same day as the ad.

Various media sources have reported that the show has been canceled, but the WB's official statement is that the show is on production hiatus and that a decision on its future would be made in either January or February. We are asking that the WB to give Tarzan another chance and bring it back. We are also asking that they move the show to another timeslot, as the Sunday night time (9:00 pm) that they originally aired the show in is a difficult time for any new show. There are too many well established shows on at that time and during the fall and winter seasons Sunday night football is still on.

There are a lot of people who watched the show who may not be aware of our efforts. If we were able to reach them and get them involved in this campaign, we could show the WB that the show has a larger fan base than they realize. If you could do a piece on our efforts, it would help our campaign tremendously.

Kim Roth
Allentown, PA


Dear Greg,

Thank you for your article on Tarzan.....It was very insightful and quite accurate about the broad sweeping power these networks have over program choices.

As viewers, we are not just the consumers of the products sold in advertisements during shows, but consumers of the shows themselves. And when consumers are not listened to, they turn elsewhere for better service. We are more than just dollar signs and have voices which are not represented in the Nielsen's.

The Nielsen's as the big brother of media statistics, don't even serve to paint an accurate picture. Most fans do not have those boxes, and the ones that do are the same people being surveyed for nearly 2 years. If political polls didn't have random samplings, the results would always be the same because opinions rarely change from person to person...In addition, the WB network stated that national meter ratings did not match market trends, or account for Tarzan being well received in local markets such as Dallas. The statistics are missing large demographics, and are being questioned on every front from sports to dramas, yet Tarzan was canceled because of them when they may be faulty.

What's worse is the hypocrisy and outright dismissal of the fans. Public statements are made by networks that they stand behind their programming and believe in their product by giving it time, yet people are barely allowed to build a relationship with the characters before it's ripped off air. The hypocrisy is in that a large portion of the WB's hits, Buffy, Angel, and 7th Heaven in particular, were close to being canceled, but were allowed to stay on. One Tree Hill got a reprieve because it was set to be the Dawson's Creek replacement, yet its ratings were ranking it close to Tarzan on the national chart, and it had more advertising and a better time slot, but it goes on.

I guess I figure if you're not going to have faith in your programs after the first lap, don't expect fans to continue to have faith in the network after we become invested in a program.

Tarzan is loved by so many, and it's a refreshing change from the recycled reality shows, teen issues, and loveless impersonal crime dramas on tv.

A quote from the WB is "The WB is a network of fans." I can't imagine our network of fans returning to shop there again when such a wonderful show is thrown away.

Thank you again so much.



Press Release

Fans Rally For Tarzan


Fans of Tarzan have announced a campaign to keep their favorite show on the WB.

Warner Bros. Television has canceled Tarzan and will air the final three episodes in November. A number of websites are spearheading the campaign to keep Tarzan on the air. They are led by Tarzan the Series, Devoted to Tarzan, Tarzan: Wild Innocence, and Save Tarzan

The campaign consists of contacting TheWB via emails, phone calls, messages at their Tarzan forum and on-line petitions. AND in a symbolic gesture reminiscent of the Roswell fans and their Tabasco sauce stunt when their show was in peril, the fans of Tarzan are sending in post cards with various screen captures from Tarzan with...“It’s a JUNGLE out here. We need TARZAN!!!” to the studio in a show of unity in hopes that Warner Bros. will reconsider their decision. Warner Bros. Television is known for new and innovative programming and to cancel Tarzan only after 5 episodes goes directly against their own mandate. According to the fans, “Not only would they suffer the great loss of Tarzan; but they will not be able to look at TheWB the same ever again.”



Press Release

“ Toys for Tots - Tarzan Campaign Press Release


Fans of Tarzan and TheWB make an unlikely team.

In an effort to convince Warner Bros Television to renew their original series Tarzan, fans of the show have been sending in stuffed animals with the slogan, “It’s a jungle out here, I need Tarzan!”

It’s their hope to dramatically demonstrate to the network executives that Tarzan is a show that is dearly loved by fans nationwide; and at the same time, once the point is made to the network executives, that the toys will be given to needy children.

As fate would have it, TheWB is a corporate supporter of Toys for Tots. Once the stuff animals are given to the designee; they are then collected in a centralized location to be donated at a later date.

The fate of Tarzan rests solely in the hands of TheWB. BUT the generosity of the fans, together with the corporate might of TheWB, will bring a brighter Christmas for thousands of children.

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