The Father Of Pokies: Charles Fey

The Father Of Pokies: Charles Fey

The Inventor Of The Slot Machine

The Man Who Made Other Billions from slots, both in traditionally gaming and online casinos

The Germany Gaming Genius; Mentor to many in and around the gambling business

What advice would Mr Fey give to online casino players today?

Fey, associates, casinos and players win!

Rest In Peace - September 9, 1862 – November 10, 1944)

Liberty Bell. Ring of the bell for incredible slot machine business for almost a century


Charles Fey (born August Fey in Vöhringen, Bavaria; September 9, 1862 – November 10, 1944) was a San Francisco mechanic best known for inventing the pokie machine.

Punters, as you know, this machine invention would later be adapted to the online casino industry where multi-billions of dollars have been traded and exchanges in and out of the online casino biz over the decades.

Fey got to do a lot of traveling and was exposed to different sectors of society and business. This appears to have helped him in the invention and formation of the world's first slot machine.

In 1877, Mr Fey moved to France to work, and spent some time in the UK, before leaving for the US of A at age twenty-three, where his uncle lived in New Jersey, a stones throw from New York.

Fey jumped all over the States and eventually settled in San Francisco, California where he started working at the Western Electric Works company circa 1885. Later he commenced his own company together with Theodore Holtz and Gustav Friedrich Wilhelm Schultze: this company worked with electrical equipment and telephones. Fey was beginning to hit his stride and his terrific reputation keep building.

In the 1880s, slot machines required an attendant to make a payout, usually tickets or tokens. Gustav Friedrich Wilhelm Schultze's "Horseshoe Slot Machine" of 1893 was the first machine to include an automatic payout mechanism. In 1895, Fey invented a modified version of the Horseshoe that paid out coins; this machine became incredibly popular and eventually world spread around the world.

Fey opened a slot machine workshop around 1896 or 1897 so says the history books, and it went gangbusters.

In 1898, he designed the "Liberty Bell Slot Machine," the most famous slot machine of its day. When three bells aligned, it paid fifty cents. Fey installed and managed his machines in saloons and we figure many gambling dens - both above and below board, throughout San Francisco. Because gambling was actually illegal in California, Fey could not patent his device, leading to many competitors. Still, Fey persisted...

After settling in San Fran, he stayed there except for a brief stay in Mexico, to recover from a bout of tuberculosis in a warmer climate.

A man of the world and one of the most legendary figures in the history of gambling. Now you know his name: Charley Fey. And slot machines and the famous Horseshoe are the name of his game!

Charles would say have fun, aim to win, and bet with your head, not over it!


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