The Secrets Of The Australian Online Casino Exposed

The Secrets Of The Australian Online Casino Exposed

The online casino industry is pushing hard, including Australian online casino. In more and more countries the illegal offer is making way for a regulated one. In Australia, online gambling is not yet permitted. However, it is possible, albeit with illegal providers, with all the consequences this entails. As an Australian, you will not be able to avail yourself of any player protection from the online casino.

Over the years, we've seen the requisite horror stories. Players who were not paid out large winnings, for whatever reason. And in almost all cases online casino is in a strong position because they have set out everything in their general terms and conditions.
So it is important to be well informed about everything that is going on in the online casino. You don't want to get any surprises. Online casinos have a deeper layer and we have therefore decided to reveal the most important "secrets". Also, in order to choose reliable sites, we suggest you visit for independent and trusted reviews.

House Advantage Not Public

The majority of people play at the online casino for fun, as a piece of pastime. And online casinos know this. However, most consumers don't have a clue about payouts. And this is not something online casino advertising. The different payouts are not explicitly mentioned in the foreground. For that, you'll have to dig deeper or even divert to other websites to find out this information. Besides the house edge, you won't easily find anything about the volatility or hit frequency of various games. Still, it would be good for players to be better informed about the different properties that games have.

The game blackjack is a good example. This game has an extremely low house edge (0.5%), provided of course the right strategy is applied. Online casinos don't advertise this. Another game with an extremely low house edge is the video poker variant All Aces 1-play (0.08%). Often we see such video poker slots dangling at the bottom of the pages. Coincidence? We don't think so. In the supermarket, the cheap house brands are also at the bottom of the shelf, and the premium A-brands at eye level.

Bonus Whores - Online Casino Bonuses Chasers

Online casinos are not keen on players who chase bonuses, so-called bonus whores. These players only make deposits when interesting bonus offers come along. Such players calculate the wagering requirements of a bonus as well as its expected value and what is won or lost on average. These players cost online casinos a lot of money. Bonus whores are strictly monitored and not infrequently certain bonuses are stopped for these players. In extreme cases, even accounts are closed. And this can and may just be because it is indicated in the terms and conditions.

Jackpot 'Wall of Fame' - Online Casino Favorite Story

Online casinos love to tell the stories of jackpot winners. This is to encourage others to participate in the game as well. Some casinos have a separate section with winners’ stories. Other online casinos take a more subtle approach and only show that certain players have won a jackpot. Compare it a bit to the news stories about the Mega Millions being won at one of the Holland Casino branches. This attracts visitors even though the jackpot has just been hit. Although the latter should make no difference to the next time the jackpot hits, of course.

In addition to the great stories, almost all jackpot slots have an incremental counter showing the size of the jackpot. This, of course, encourages players to play. What not many people know is that the big prizes are often funded by players of multiple online casinos. So it's not the case that you can only win this prize at the casino in question. And apart from that, it's important to know that you're making a substantial contribution to the jackpot. This in turn results in a higher house edge, to the detriment of the player. Our advice is therefore to avoid jackpot slots as much as possible. Especially those with huge prizes.

Winning Players at Online Casino

Players who have already pressed the payout button once have probably noticed it. At the majority of online casinos, you can also withdraw the payout. You won't see this anywhere else in the world, only in this branch. Online casinos know only too well that there are plenty of players where greed gets the upper hand. The result: the nice payout is reversed and the game continues. And that ends badly more often than not. Online casinos throw it under the heading of service. Well, that's not what we call service.

Fortunately, there are more and more online casinos that allow you to lock the payout. Once the payout button is pressed, you can be sure that you won't be able to wager this amount again. The same goes for any deposits made after the payout button was pressed. Often you will see a message that allows you to reverse the withdrawal. Apart from the fact that the online casino doesn't have to pay extra for a deposit, they know that the chances of a payout are reduced. In addition, we know the stories of winning players and then we refer to players who are into sports betting. Not infrequently we hear that some accounts are limited or even closed altogether.


Every roulette player has probably used the scoreboard to determine which bet should be placed. Such a scoreboard shows the last fallen numbers, how often red or black has fallen, and other statistics. This scoreboard is nothing but a marketing tool and is not meant to help the player. After all, players who are a little more aware of the game know that the ball has no memory. The ball can fall on red 7 times and then fall on red again. So the scoreboard is really worthless.

Online Casino in Conclusion

Seasoned players like us, know the secrets of the online casino by now. We know the game and know how to anticipate it and in some cases even how to hurt the online casino. After all, that's what we stand for beating online casinos. In any case, take it from us that the online casino is not the place for extra income, just see it as a nice bonus if you win. And with all the information we share with you, you'll be a little better prepared for the upcoming online gambling sessions.