The doctor is in

The doctor is in, by Stan Beer - 22nd November 2005
(Credit: The Sydney Morning Herald)

As a young IT tech head who has made a living making house calls to fix sick computers and helping unskilled users configure home networks, Shaun McGuane dreamed of a better life.

Not that being a locum was all that bad, but being on call at all hours as a young father and a PC doctor can be wearing at times.

Mr McGuane's answer was to develop his own product and, as a PC doctor who has seen just about every virus, spyware and spam scam under the sun, what better product than an anti-spam system.

For the past 12 months Mr McGuane has been working on MailShield, which is more of a managed service than a software product. "Many anti-spam software products just succeed in filtering out emails that businesses need," he said.

"Our system learns every hour and is a fully managed service which you pay for by the month and is far cheaper than a software product."

Basically, the service involves handing over an individual email account to Mr McGuane's company, which then vets the emails and filters out the spam.

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