The Future Is Customer Service, by Kym Illman

The Future Is Customer Service, by Kym Illman

Ever felt like you learn best while you’re laughing out loud? You should read “The Future IS Customer Service” – Kym Illman’s highly-entertaining collection of customer service anecdotes that will quickly show you the highs and lows of the service industry!

This whirlwind book catalogues a lifetime of experience as a customer and as a business owner, and takes readers on a journey through the best – and the worst – customer service experiences world-wide. You won’t be able to put it down!


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"Great read, and fun! I loved the stories, the people and their impact. My bet is, so will you". -- Michael Gerber, Best-selling author, The E-Myth books; Chairman, ceo, E-Myth Worldwide

"Here at last, is a book featuring real-life positive customer service insights for pro-actie businesses keen to excel" -- Gerry Harvey, Chairman of Harvey Norman

About the Author

Kym Illman was sacked fom a Perth TV station in 1988. Unable to secure another job in the media, he started his own business, Messages On Hold, from the spare bedroom of his flat. Todya, the company turns over in excess of AUS$7M/year and employs more than 50 staff and clients around the world. A customer service specialist, Kym's passion for "wowing" clients has been a major factor in turning a home-based business into an international success story.



Kym Illman was sacked from a Perth TV station in 1988. Today he is the owner of The Message Group, an award-winning group of companies covering a range of industries including visual marketing, audio production, corporate training and hospitality. This international business turns over in excess of AU$13m/year and employs more than 100 staff in Australia and Singapore.

Kym’s passion for wowing clients has been one of the major factors in his company’s amazing success. His latest book, The Future IS Customer Service (also available as a 3-CD talking book), features more than 200 real-life stories on the subject, as well as proven strategies that staff, managers and business owners can use in their own organisations.

Kym runs his own acclaimed seminars throughout the Asia-Pacific region on subjects ranging from telephone etiquette and ambush marketing through to customer service. A recognised authority on the latter, he’s been featured on The Today Show, A Current Affair and CNBC, as well as 2GB, 3AW, 6PR, 4BC and ABC radio. Versions of Kym’s seminars have since been released on CD & DVD.

Acknowledged as Australia’s premier ambush marketer, Kym has secured more than AU$1m worth of free media exposure over the past decade. In fact, millions of people have seen the familiar Messages On Hold logo at sporting and newsworthy events around the world.

Kym represented Australia in the World Young Business Achiever Award in 1995 and was named 2007 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Western Region. He's also a much sought-after public speaker, presenting to small and large corporate groups on a range of topics including customer service, ambush marketing, telephone techniques and the secrets behind his rags-to-riches success. (Credit: Kym Illman).



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Kym has been a friend and associate to the Media Man group since 2007. A most deserving winner.