The Hall Of Shame

The Hall Of Shame

The Hall Of Shame "showcases" companies or individuals of let's say, questionable character, and / or business practices.

For legal reasons, full details are not provided (but can be further researched in newspaper articles, media reports, on legal websites, and by speaking to your fellow man).

Should you have a reason to believe that certain companies and / or individuals should not be in the Hall Of Shame, please advise us, and we will consider.



Halliburton - how much money do they have to make from the war at cost to human life!

Enron - great to see their demise - shonky as

BBX - does anyone know anyone that has actually made money from them?

Virgin Star - untrue claims and allegations

HIH - insurance company

Australasia Reality TV - Fantasy Island

Not Good Enough - A Current Affair exposed them as being bias and not impartial


"Robert T. Allen" aka "Robert G. Allen" aka "The One Minute Millionaire" - serial spammer & "Jay Abraham" - serial spammer (Mediamann has over 400 spam e-mails on file from them)

*NEWSFLASH - May 2004 - Robert Allen is under investigation by the ACCC. Read @

Property spruikers flock here - 24th May 2004

ACCC acts swiftly - American spruiker under investigation - 24th May 2004

US spruiker fills Henry Kaye void (Yahoo! Australia)

Peter Foster - can a leopard change its spots? The ABC's Andrew Denton doesn't seem convinced

Charles Gant - Fantasy Island

Karl Suleman - founder. Guilty


Websites of interest (to examine and read up on shonky companies)



Media Watch

Crikey Media

Media Channel


Crime Stoppers Australia

Greenpeace International

Federal Bureau of Investigation

NSW Office of Department of Fair Trading

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission


The Legal System