The new breed of politicians

The new breed of politicians, by Greg Tingle - 21st August 2003

The disdain for "traditional" politicians is in fact a world wide phenomena.

Australian's have also had enough of politicians who have their head up their ass, and wouldn't know a decent days work if their life depends on it.

"The people" want someone who can related to "the people".

If the new style of politician happens to be a filmmaker, body builder, actor or even porn star, then so be it!

The entertainment business is as political as any occupation - I should know. Those in the know, are also aware that most actors and performers have had to work their butt off for years, before the big money kicked in.

What the public doesn't want, is some "suite" who has had their head stuck in books for half of the term of their unnatural life.

There is indeed no experience like life experience.

Where candidates like Abner, Arnie, Jesse and friends have the edge, is that they are genuinely likable people, rather than the kind that give off scents of disdain and superiority.

As Jesse Ventura has pointed out, it's important that the new breed of politicians don't read from scripts.

You can't buy or manufacture likeability, goodwill and the personable approach. Just as long as the new breed also have at least "half a brain", well, ok - a better than average intellect.

Abner for Governor of California - now that's not quite that absurd after all.

Bring on the new breed of politicians.



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