Theatre for all kinds

Theatre for all kinds, by Greg Tingle

Today the world of theatre offers something for all kinds.

No longer is it just the "elite" or "arty" that attend the theatre.

In this age of information overload and entertainment choices in abundance, theatre is alive and well, in Australia and abroad.

No one is saying that show business and particularly, theatre, is selling out every day of the week, however, it is once again very fashionable to enjoy the theatre.

Theatre is no longer conservative - in fact, it can be rather extreme, and many a theatre company is being questions about whether they're version of theatre is arty, porn or something else? Yes folks, theatre offers anything but cliché, and in fact, is getting quite risqué.

Let us take a look at some offerings from the world of theatre...



Delaguarda - Theatre That Falls From The Sky!

AWF Pro Wrestling

Puppetry of the Penis


Martha's Scandalous Speakeasy Show & Sexy Cirque Extravaganza

The Lion King


An Evening With Johnny Valiant

World Wrestling Entertainment

The Full Monty

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