Tony Khan reacts to AEW Rampage’s strong viewership numbers against WWE SmackDown

Tony Khan reacts to AEW Rampage’s strong viewership numbers against WWE SmackDown


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Tony Khan was quick to react after the news broke about the strong ratings for this past Friday’s AEW Rampage.

While SmackDown drew more total viewers over their entire 2 and half hour broadcast, AEW tied WWE in the key demos and beat them in the 18-49 male demo with a 0.34 to 0.32 rating. Rampage was able to pull off these numbers in a later timeslot. The quarter numbers that would show what the shows did head to head from 10 to 10:30 pm are not out yet but should be released soon.

Tony Khan reacted to the numbers on Twitter. He tweeted, “I’m only estimating but this suggests to me that we probably did pretty well in the yet-to-be-released head-to-head ratings from 10 pm-10:30 pm, a fight that I didn’t ask for or start, but one for which I was more than willing to show up and in which I was thrilled to participate.”

In another tweet, he wrote, “Let’s go @AEW fans! I’m excited to see head-to-head half hour numbers from last Friday, soon we’ll know. Most of all, I’m looking forward to another great weekend of wrestling this weekend! See you for #AEWRampage Friday + #AEWDynamite one more Saturday before back to Wednesdays!”

Last Friday’s SmackDown was boosted primarily by viewers over 50. Here is the complete demographic breakdown for last Friday:

People 18-49 – 0.24 (SmackDown), 0.24 (Rampage)
Females 18-49 – 0.16 (SmackDown), 0.14 (Rampage)
Males 18-49 – 0.32 (SmackDown), 0.34 (Rampage)
People 18-34 – 0.15 (SmackDown), 0.17 (Rampage)
Females 12-34 – 0.10 (SmackDown), 0.10 (Rampage)
Males 12-34 – 0.20 (SmackDown), 0.16 (Rampage)
People 25-54 – 0.28 (SmackDown), 0.28 (Rampage)
People 50+ – 0.43 (SmackDown), 0.21 (Rampage)

Total viewers – 866,000 (SmackDown), 578,000 viewers (Rampage)

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