Top Movies on Netflix To Watch This Fall; Reasons Why To Do It

Top Movies on Netflix To Watch This Fall; Reasons Why To Do It

So you are wondering what new movie you should watch this fall. It starts raining more, there are more gray days when you just want to sink into your sofa with a cup of tea or hot chocolate and watch something nice.


Well, there are quite a few new movies that you may enjoy on Netflix as this streaming service always adds new stuff to keep its users pleased.

Top Five Movies To Watch Now on Netflix

So we have created a list of three five movies you are able to enjoy in the fall on the platform. The good thing about streaming on Netflix is that you can do it from your mobile device too. Getting the Netflix app is as easy as an android casino app :install it, log in and watch what you wish.


You must watch this drama if you have always been fascinated by Marilyn Monroe. Played by Ana de Armas, the character of Monroe is well-represented in the movie that tells the story of one of the most charming women and her tragic life,

Love in the Villa

Another amazing movie you should give a try that tells a story about a young woman taking a trip to Italy after a break up and finding that the villa she booked is actually booked by a charming British man. As you can imagine, the story unfolds romantically which is worth watching.

The Woman in the Window

It is about a child psychologist who has agoraphobia and will not leave her apartment. She witnesses a crime from her second-story apartment window. Amy Adams, who plays the main character, tries to find the truth while still suffering from her illness. It is an interesting watch that will give you many emotions.

Hubie Halloween

If you want to laugh for an hour and a half, this should be the choice of movie you watch. It stars Adam Sandler, who plays Hubie, who is the town's hero after saving one of his neighbors from a kidnapper. You are sure to smile all the way through the movie and laugh harder than you have for a long time

If you fancy a thriller to watch with your mouth open, Interceptor this is the one to watch. It is led by a female character played by Elsa Pataky. It is about a group of terrorists who plan a nuclear attack on the country. There are plenty of action scenes and heart-dropping stunts. It is an adrenaline-filled movie worthy of your time.



These are all great ways to spend some time this fall on your sofa, enjoying brilliant movies. Through the Netflix platform, you can watch incredible shows, movies, and documentaries conveniently with just a monthly subscription. With a host of quality titles worldwide, there will always be a good choice available.