Top Online Casino Review Sites

Top Online Casino Review Sites


In the past few years, iGaming has gone from a relatively new industry to a multi-billion-dollar entertainment giant. Online gambling has become a prevalent phenomenon. However, as popular as iGaming is, some people still have reservations about the business.

In 2023, top authorities will license and regulate most online casinos. Some notable commissions are the Malta Gambling Association, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, and the Curacao Gaming License. Still, many people need more than a license to commit to a casino fully.

We will look at the top online casino review sites for those who need more convincing. The websites mentioned on our list do an excellent job of covering the best gambling websites, discussing their games, and reviewing their bonuses. Anyone who needs convincing regarding the legitimacy of a casino need only take a gander at the following websites.

#1 Online United States Casinos

The US online gambling industry is a strange one. Online sports betting is legal in most 50 states. Online poker is quite prevalent too. However, owning and operating online casinos is only allowed in six 50 states. The six states where you can legally gamble online include the following:
· New Jersey
· Pennsylvania
· West Virginia
· Delaware
· Nevada
· Michigan

So, US gamblers are constantly looking for excellent websites with a wide game selection and generous bonuses. And this is where comes in.

Undoubtedly the best website for American gamblers, OUSC covers everything you might be interested in, from online slots to real money casinos to live dealer games and even different banking methods you can use when gambling online.

Under the banking category, they cover everything you might be interested in, from e-wallets and credit cards to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which have gotten quite popular in the past decade. So, if you are a US-based gambler looking for excellent online casinos, check out You will undoubtedly find a casino worth your time.

#2 might be the most popular casino review site on the internet. They cover games for every gambling fan, including those who don’t like gambling. That may seem like a bit of an oxymoron. But once you learn what social casinos are, the concept won’t seem as strange.

Social or free game casinos are online websites where players can participate in their favorite games without placing wagers. Long-time gamblers might scoff at these sites. However, they are a great way to introduce newbies to the casino world.

However, that is not all covers. The website focuses on all forms of online gambling, from online casinos to table games to slots. For anyone interested in the latest in gambling, the website has a “news” section where you can learn more about the goings on in the gambling world.
Sports fans will be glad to learn that also has a sports betting section, where they review the best bookies for each of the most popular sports events. Popular categories include the following:

· Football bookies
· Basketball bookies
· MMA and Boxing bookies
· Cricket bookies
· NFL bookies is one of the oldest online casino review websites, if not the oldest. They’ve been operating since 1995, so they’ve garnered a loyal following.


Finally, we are looking at The review site launched in 2016; since then, they’ve reviewed over 3000 casinos. has a few unique features that set it apart from the competition. Most notable are the user reviews, which the website introduced in 2021.

The website allows fans and gamblers to share their personal experiences with the websites they’ve used. While user reviews may not be as detailed as professional ones, they offer an alternative point of view on the gambling websites we love to visit.

And speaking of gambling websites, certainly covers many of them. The website reviews slots, table games, live casinos, and bonuses. They compile lists for their readers detailing the best websites for various games.

Like and, also has a dedicated news section sharing the latest events in the gambling world. They also have a guide detailing different strategies and tactics for managing your bankroll or playing table games like blackjack, baccarat, and poker.

Final Thoughts

The three websites listed in this article are the best online casino review sites. They will tell you everything you need to know about the online gambling industry in 2023. covers the broadest range of topics, from the best digital banking methods to the various gambling games and important casino news. is incredibly popular and one of the oldest casino review sites, which opened the door for others. And offers some excellent services as well. So, if you have doubts about a gambling site, you should check out the websites mentioned above and confirm whether you can trust the online casino.