Triple H steps back in the ring $10,500 poorer

Triple H steps back in the ring $10,500 poorer, by Phil Speer 12th Aug 2002
(Credit: World Wrestling Entertainment)

Triple H knew he was going to be wrestling in his first match in six weeks at last weekend's Global Warning Tour Melbourne event in Australia. What he didn't know is that he'd have to write a check for $10,500 the night before the event.

The Game competed in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Undisputed Championship against The Rock and Brock Lesnar Saturday night at Colonial Stadium in Melbourne. It was his first match since June's King of the Ring, when he battled the Undertaker one night before having surgery to remove bone chips from his right arm.

"It's not 100 percent, but it didn't bother me at all in the ring (Saturday)," Triple H told "It's going to take me a while to get my timing back."

But overall, Triple H said he was pleased with the match, especially considering that it was Lesnar's first Triple Threat Match, and it was only the second time that the Game has been in the ring with "The Next Big Thing." Triple H added that he'll "most definitely" be fully recovered by the time he steps into the ring with Shawn Michaels at SummerSlam.

But did we mention he'll be $10,500 poorer? That's because Triple H spent that amount at a black-tie charity dinner Friday in Melbourne - even though he didn't mean to. An artist had painted three life-size portraits - one of Triple H, one of The Rock and one of Hulk Hogan - which were up for auction at the event, to raise money for children's cancer research. Several of the superstars who were in town for the Global Warning Tour Melbourne - including Kurt Angle, The Rock, Edge, Stephanie McMahon and Brock Lesnar - attended the event. Even though "black tie" was optional for the superstars, the Game packed a suit and went in his formal attire. So did The Rock.

"Rocky had a suit made out of corduroy," Triple H said as his customary smirk appeared, "which worked for The Rock. I would have looked like 'Dumb & Dumber.' Guys as white as me can't get away with that."

Triple H added that others dressed more casual, including Angle, who wore jeans.

"He was razzed for it by all of us," Triple H said.

But not as much as the Game was razzed when he ended up winning the Hogan painting.

"Everybody looked at me like I had five heads for bidding," he said. "Then I looked at myself like I had five heads when the guy said, 'Going once, going twice, sold!' I thought for sure somebody was going to bid $11,000."

The Game laughs about it now because the money went to a good cause. But it doesn't look like the Hogan painting will find a place in The Game's home.

"I believe I'll give it to WWE," he said. "No offense to Hogan, but what am I going to do? Put it over my bed?"


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