TV production boon

TV production boon, by Garry Maddox - 13th May 2004
(Credit: The Sydney Morning Herald)

Hardly noticed among the family giveaways in the federal budget was an initiative to encourage more international television production to Australia.

In a move long sought by marketer AusFilm, the 12.5 per cent tax offset for films has been extended to big-budget television series.

AusFilm's chief executive, Trisha Rothkrans, said yesterday she was encouraged the Government had addressed the crisis in production levels.

"This announcement will make us competitive with other destinations around the world," she said.

After offshore and co-produced television production worth $158 million in 2000-01, the work has dried up in the past two financial years.

"The extension of the offset to television means more employment for cast and crew and gives opportunities for training, especially in the visual effects sector," said Rothkrans.




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