UFC VS WWE: Dana white mocks Vince McMahon after UFC 265 success

UFC VS WWE: Dana white mocks Vince McMahon after UFC 265 success


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UFC President Dana White and WWE Kingpin Vince McMahon have been running two of the biggest sports entities on a global scale for several years. Although both the companies with high-level combat and life-threatening action, UFC and WWE are highly different.

Representing the culture of sports and entertainment, WWE is merely a wresting based-program that is pre-scripted. However, UFC is strictly an MMA-based promotion, which unveils professional combat to the mass audience.

eanwhile, WWE was formed much before UFC came live into our television screens, and on comparing them both, Vince McMahon’s WWE has produced many more household figures.

However, the reality-based feature in Ultimate Fighting Championship is what urged Dana White to take a dig at Vince McMahon. After a nail-biting Interim heavyweight championship fight at UFC 265, White expressed his views on the event and revealed why Vince McMahon can never do something similar like that.

In the post-fight presser of UFC 265, Dana White said, “It doesn’t get any better than this. You couldn’t write it, you couldn’t script it. F**** Vince McMahon couldn’t have wrote a better script for this whole thing. It’s beautiful.”

While WWE and UFC are known for producing their popular PPVs every month they hardly compete against each other. Both the companies have their fixed fan bases, which guarantee a particular benchmark of success for both. However, several athletes have embraced both promotions throughout the year.

WWE VS UFC: Dana White and Vince McMahon managing same fighters

Throughout the years, fighters like Ronda Rousey, Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, and even Cain Velasquez have explored through both companies. While a few of them, like Rousey and Lesnar, could have their moments in both areas, it wasn’t really well for Velasquez and CM Punk.

CM Punk faced a harsh reality after entering the UFC cage and two fights back-to-back, before accepting retirement. Similarly, Velasquez was doomed by Brick Lesnar inside the WWE ring, whereas he could easily beat the’ Beast in the UFC cage. Hence, the prime differences and nature of both the sports have showcased different scenarios, which validate a prevailing debate about WWE and UFC.

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