Warney set to spin some magic in Vegas

Warney set to spin some magic in Vegas - 1st July 2008
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He's played on some dustbowl grounds before, so we are prepared to assume Shane Warne will have little trouble turning the ball from leg to off in the Nevada desert. Er, what? That statement only makes sense when you learn that our dexterous texter and possible future prime minister of India is about to bowl a few overs in Las Vegas this week.

Why on earth would he do that? Thought you'd never ask. Warne is in Las Vegas as captain of 888poker, an Australian cards team competing in the World Series of Poker, but the former scourge of batsmen the world over can barely travel anywhere without being asked to send down a few overs of unplayables. Thus, before the serious poker begins, Warne will turn out at Sunset Park, Las Vegas, to demonstrate his ripper flipper to members of the Las Vegas Cricket Club.

The club was established in 2002. According to its website, its members are mostly from the subcontinent, and play in a league of three teams (you'd feel pretty ordinary if you didn't make the finals).

Information rearing up at Temporary Diary from off a good length is that fellow poker players and "Hollywood celebrities" will also be mesmerised by a few Warne deliveries.

Who could they be? Everyone knows Cameron Diaz — possibly preoccupied wondering why she has a boy's name — is hopeless with anything fizzing out of the rough. And as for Tom Cruise, he once faced Warne in the nets and was bowled around his legs six balls in a row. What a hopeless joke.

The problem is, Warne will, the next day, be expected to guide punchy Jeff Fenech through the early rounds of the poker series, "Love youse all" having earned his seat at the fold-out card table by winning at Crown last month.

And if Warne starts bleating mid-hand about the atrocious pitch he was expected to bowl on at Sunset Park, we merely refer him to a photo of David Hookes stepping out to bat on the red earth at Uluru in 1997. He was finally out, caught at deep fine Darwin.


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