Web Is Jericho vs PopCulture.com and the rest

Web Is Jericho vs PopCulture.com and the rest

Web Is Jericho vs PopCulture.com and the rest

Chris Jericho's web has a cool, hip and Rolling Stone feel and attitude to it says Media Man agency

Sports Illustrated: Wrestling battles on despite S.I. staff cuts

Diversity in news media, sports media, pop culture remains a very good and important thing says Media Man agency

WWE to ramp up podcast efforts with 'After The Bell'; Well respected Corey Graves tipped to be major weapon in WWE push

PopCulture.com with ComicBook.com and GameSpot.com is formidable competitor; Jericho remains one of the strongest and most respected names in entire wrestling and pop culture sector

Advertisers, brand managers prefer names they know and have seen over the decades; Doing website traffic, SEO research of their own to cut through fake web stats being pitched around town


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Music themed Facebook launched by Media Man Group; Inspired by Rolling Stone, MTV and Chris Jericho's 'Web Is Jericho'

Chris Jericho launches Web Is Jericho - August 2019

Chris Jericho Reveals That He Pitched A WWE Vs. NJPW Inter-Promotional Match - 17th August 2018

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Interviews with Dan 'The Beast' Severn, Lanny Poffo and Media Man founder, Greg Tingle



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